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  1. A clan wars battle would be interesting between Zoom and Litmob @Warbow
  2. @N uts ack This singles kid is a low life, he literally joined the army but cant even do 5 pushups cause hes so fat. He deadass looks like a camel with his ugly face and ugly freckles. His ears is literally shaped like an Elfs ear lmfao
  3. If you say another racist comment, youre gonna regret it. Its 2018 dumbass
  4. Paki and Guyanese is actually not the same thing lmfao, and I didnt know being brown is bad fking racist fuck
  5. I have more friends than you irl, so how can i be weird lmfao
  6. LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Im guyanese and now Paki lmfao ??????? Which one is it ? And I literally do not own any snapbacks, nor any clothing thats under 100$ uok ? LMFAO KINSE "@416 Magic can u not.. its a game and im trying to chill like tf grow up" You got scared of me getting your irl lmfao lol
  7. I made you cry on formus lol.... I have a feeling youre super ugly irl lmfao Ah another judgement fanboy just like naalado
  8. I wasnt triggered by that lol.... and stop pipe up fallen reject
  9. Hi my name is shife and I [email protected] little pee pees  @narc

  10. awee you crying already little guy ? Ill flame off you if you never pipe up to me ever again. Just need a lil bit of fun since my prey in fs is too sacred to face me and all he does is spam my name lmfao
  11. This Kinse kid is living a dream life, he thinks hes the best in rs and has the best irl, dont make me laugh
  12. You do care about judgement though.. You are always talking about them, stop lying fanboy lmaoo
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