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  1. Lmao rangetap putting in work Rip the rat alloance, cpuldnt compete vs legends who make 6 figures
  2. Imagine getting muted by fucking hassan on trips lmfa0, you are that bad Imagine being forced to become a snipe team 2 lmfa0
  3. Youre no1 to be flaming voices or audio leak, you legit have the wosrt calling and voice out of any xlpc leader ive heard in a long time lmfao Dont make me release your audio again Eat shit btw, was easy slumping divine lmfao
  4. Gf rage was fun, !loc crumbling rat alliance divine
    1. keefn


      They are scared to fight you after that demoralizing prepperino

    2. Enza


      Goop closed nrg and killed divine.. and that's facts

  5. ahahahhaahahahhhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhaahahahhhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhaahahahhhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhaahahahhhahahahahahahhahahah
  6. https://gyazo.com/aee3222764e0ee9df58aedd1b4595b58
  7. https://gyazo.com/fae9927d7a337d1cb10f3297d25ee0a5
  8. Thank god youre not nrg, you saved yourself from embarassment
  9. bite a door knob retards
  10. Hey guys I have to close my clan because I'm having a kid in 9 months

    1. N uts ack

      N uts ack

      Ur kinda fucked up 

    2. Goop


      ur soft

  11. lmao stop being nice, get smoked retards lmfao I closed you, took 2 weeks l00000000000000000000000l your excuse is Lalo is having a kid, half our ranks are 35 with 5 kids lmfa000000 gonna put another ring on my finger
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