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  1. Divine [dead] Nrg [10% battery low pattery mode] 😂
  2. Goop

    cwa Immortal vs Apocalypse F2P Prep [ 3 - 0 ]

    Better than the divine energy alliance
  3. Goop

    PVP Return fight Vs Imt

    I am ex eop so ik which of these are ex eop tanks currently used in nrg
  4. Goop

    Another Hilarious Broken Clan Audio Leak

    that was actually hard to watch
  5. You got tricked by some1 still in algebra 2
  6. Goop

    Any IMT Rank+

    why blur a public discord channel? its been 3 weeks and you claimed to have rank chat yet are begging for leaks after you retired from rs for 3 days just to come back to leak, and havent leaked 1 thing https://gyazo.com/ac75e2405507fe6aa1c2e21ba44d974a
  7. https://gyazo.com/bbeb6e58504ab3348ca3bbb923b66770 https://gyazo.com/73de7959a3c294e4a107e50e8abcc100
  8. My hardon is Immortal rn