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  1. Zewy

    Late Night PKRI vs Paragon

    Good action as always. Ready for the next. Look who can't help but stalk our posts. Pretty cute how all we did is mention NH activities (mentioning no names/clans) and resurgence members fly in all up in arms. lol.
  2. Lets go boys. #VengOnMyChest
  3. Had a lot of fun. Making a good bit of coin is never bad.
  4. A lot of Action this week! The 4th week of Vengeance rebuild is in the books and momentum continues in the right direction. Plenty of pking, community events, and good times had. We acquired our 8th AGS in 4 weeks along with a bunch of other +1s, singles pkers, and juicy looties. For you Zerks/Tanks/Meds its never to late to join in on the action head over to Veng forums and get that app in today Couple of our loots from the week and a short little video of a 12 v 22 that we baited into a an ez clear.
  5. 18 Days since the Veng makeover/Rebuild. Wanted to put together a little highlight real to let y'all know we still here and Apps are open Enjoy: AND I figured I would throw a congrats to a couple of our members on some nerdy 99s. GZ buddies
  6. So we started out in early EST with a small crew of hungry Turmoilians after a good 30minutes of loot we quickly gained to roughly 745 Strong. We cleared the usual small groups hoping to find our alleged rivals but as usual we couldn't manage to draw them out. We found some action with misfits + mains although outnumbered we cleared them with relative ease X2. After about 1.5hours we headed to alter for a few kills and finished the night off with a few PKs at callisto and quick fight with PD. Enjoy the bank made. PS: Make sure to see last picture for one of our fearless leaders in action. Our leader demonstrating to the trials how to tank:
  7. Tuesday rolled around and with nothing to do and no forums yet to post on we figured we would go do a sweep of the wilderness. Massed up the gang in mere minutes and ran straight into caves. Immediately we feasted on pure clans left and right before cleared a couple small/medium sized main teams. Towards the middle of the trip we ran into Vengeance three times but they opted not to fight back, so we just picked off the stragglers. Glad to get a little action in our community and ended the trip with a juicy kill at altar. Thanks for all who came out.
  8. Clan Chat: CC_Empire || Home World: 341 || Forums Scheduled a "Pk - bananza" tonight (sequel to the pk-palooza for those of you keeping track). We massed up 25 Strong warriors and headed out to rev caves where for first hour we found non stop looties in the form of: Pures (gf IR and misfits small mans), dbow/ballista team (x4?), and a few random groups of mains. Ran into a small man EVO team and cleared them for a few return sets. The last bit of action came when we found VR. The first 2 fights were won by Empire with absolute Ease (see clear pics). The last fight involved about 15minutes of returning before VR gained a few ops on us and we decided to call it. Enjoy: Until next time
  9. Zewy

    zerk/tank Empire Wednesday Out

    Do it I have a pure for clanning as well but the action is way better in zerk/tank scene imo. not as much standing around waiting for 2minute fight
  10. Zewy

    zerk/tank Empire clean 1v1 Vengeance

    Was awesome. More clean action from vengeance. 1hour+ and no crash?? That’s rare these days.
  11. Zewy

    zerk/tank Empire vs Vengeance [3-0]

    Was fun fight. Sad I could only bethere for first.
  12. Zewy

    Zewy coming in hot

    What is your IRL name or nickname? Just call me Zewy What are your web/gaming interests? OSRS obviously. PUBG atm. That's pretty much my e-nets interest =D Do you have any IRL hobbies? Play a lot of sports (mainly soccer). Weight lift. I am married and have my Mechanical engineering degree. Currently doing sports construction. RUNESCAPE/CLANNING Are you a clanner? If so, which clan? If not, are you interested in clanning? Co-Leader of Empire Do you have a RuneScape account? If so, show us. What are your goals with your account or clanning career? Not much else account wise on my tank. Skill when I'm motivated. Clan wise to keep trending upwards with Empire