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  1. Was a good fight for awhile even down ops. Was quite a bit of fun. Shame mains had to crash. Think that might be it for res.. Av reopening sounds interesting for sure. If that rumor is real hopefully we can start off on the right foot and get some clean action.
  2. Was very fun Sunday even when we didn't have much planned. Imagine getting boddied for 30mins vs NL. Had to ask for a restart. What?? Then "suicide crashed" our fight. Respect though that your suicide sets involve torags, mystic, and staff +1s I guess. Anyways was good time ready for next week of pking around the clock.
  3. What nistly said. Been trying to fight cleanly for 10 months. Always 2 sides of every story but I think even @Stl Arrow might agree here. He's to set in his ways and refuses to trust me
  4. Had a lot of really good action lately. Let's keep it rolling.
  5. Was hell of a lot of fun. Was very excited to see mains not flying in and res willing to take an L for sake of clean action. Really hope the trend continues. Will definitely help grow and promote a non toxic scene.
  6. Ha just noticed all of their spam pics are with 25-30 ops when they joined cc with sv. Noce
  7. If res doesn't pay their main clans then main clans getting screwed lol. Seems tedious to continually bail them out so they can get fake clear pics 🤣 Also keep fooling your members with bank spam towers
  8. What a shitty attitude. @FLOWERgl brother. I think slush is making a positive move tbf. Maybe it doesn't work, but at least he's trying. I for one will try and do my part to represent the osrs community in a positive light.
  9. Not a very good way to talk to the community you want to represent
  10. Yes. @Stl Arrowyour right, we do flame you daily. But I can guarentee we don't flame any other clan in this game. Biased obviously but are very respectable and honorable when it comes to others. But when you provoked us and treat us with flame, doxing, leaking, and however else you define toxic. We are going to retaliate. Only willing to play good guy for so long. So no we aren't innocent. But your the reason for that. Same goes for propaganda.
  11. Needs to be more of a discussion on why clans don't use sharkbrew. Not just saying they don't. But your a good dude and could see you improving it. GL
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