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  1. Zewy

    pkri Veng Collects 9,543,684KG of Rune.

    Posted the topic with a 45min vid sped to 13mins. you posted 1min later. LOL what.
  2. Zewy

    pkri Veng Collects 9,543,684KG of Rune.

    lol... watch the video.
  3. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Massed up a solid 18 blood thirsty vikings to go hit all the mains in this weekends pure fights. We were in contact with several pure clan leaderships about keeping mains from the fights. We organized an AC with 2 of the clans fighting and went to work on anyone over 26+ Defence. We got a mixed reactions as some clans were happy to see there scene being cleaned up while others were a bit bitter Gz on all the action and Congratulations to FI for your 13 year Anniversary.
  4. Zewy

    pkri Vengeance Late Night Fun

    Lots of loot here. GJ Vikings
  5. Good clean action is a good way to end day after chasing "rivals" into hiding all day.
  6. Veng makes more money. EZPZ
  7. Black mystic and no name =p
  8. Great action tonight. Good to veng. I like res +1 staff pic. Wrong color mystic and no name =p
  9. Zewy

    Sunday Funday ft. Beating a dead horse

    Ask tyler to stop lying to you about 1v1s. When he can learn to play by the rules you can get clean action. As you did when you were being good boys. Of course if your willing to log in 27 people in middle of our 40 man pull i don't mind sending you back to your mass location. 200 IQ. We don't reward scum behavior, 3 chances to play clean was plenty. Anyway good shit Veng and keep up good work.
  10. Actually sound like your crying while typing this. Btw joined CC with AE to anticrash. But you don't get any other facts straight so to be expected. Keeping crying.
  11. Zewy

    Late Night PKRI vs Paragon

    Good action as always. Ready for the next. Look who can't help but stalk our posts. Pretty cute how all we did is mention NH activities (mentioning no names/clans) and resurgence members fly in all up in arms. lol.
  12. Lets go boys. #VengOnMyChest
  13. Had a lot of fun. Making a good bit of coin is never bad.