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  1. Kudo

    Resurgence Thursday Night Lights

    Last fight I saw you guys up ops and still going even with them. 🤔
  2. Intro kinda cringy, but nice trip.
  3. Kudo

    Vengeance Canadian Wednesday - Profit Pking

    Yikes Vng really is a PvM clan. Gz Veng.
  4. Kudo

    Vengeance - Profit Pking Kings

    Gz veng warriors
  5. Kudo

    Single spells Renegades vs Playdead

    Good opinion, although it's irreverent just like you. Ot: Was fun PD
  6. Kudo

    Avalon Scraps VNG ft. Craw's Bow

    Well done, put that PvM clan in their place.
  7. Kudo

    Friday: ~Uncontested PK~

    Ez for Renegades.
  8. Kudo

    midweek Turmoil's First Midweek

    Aye, love that my former EZ brothers made a good choice. Good luck mates. PS. EZ is not going to re-open