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  1. Kudo

    pkri GMT PK TRIP Feat. JaJa & Rev

    How hard is it to right click a pile. I'll never understand. Obligatory WhErE wAs ReSuRgeNcE!?
  2. Lmfao TR died
  3. Kudo

    pkri Resurgence EST Sweep Ft. DL

    Res looks like old Av, in shambles. Yikes.
  4. Did I just see "quality" and "sv" in the same sentence? Lmao April fools was yesterday retards.
  5. Yikes, SV calls zerks to bail them out. Imagine being this braindead in 2019. 🍿🍿
  6. Kudo

    Sunday Funday ft. Beating a dead horse

  7. Kudo

    Midweek Madness ft. PD, Every Main Clan

    Thanks for the fight veng. Lmfao at CT and RoT suiciding.
  8. Kudo

    Synergy PvM

    Best PvM clan out there 100%.
  9. Kudo

    Resurgence Thursday Night Lights

    Last fight I saw you guys up ops and still going even with them. 🤔
  10. Intro kinda cringy, but nice trip.
  11. Kudo

    Vengeance Canadian Wednesday - Profit Pking

    Yikes Vng really is a PvM clan. Gz Veng.