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  1. didnt you slave recruit in sup for a rank you never got l0l You're the biggest joke of the pure community go slave recruit 60s, you might get a rank one day
  2. what is the reason of 25 defence ? it should be 1-5 xd
  3. You clearly dont even know what a full out is... the 65v65 wasn't a full out lmfao... We closed IR after we bullied them for more then 1 year.. just remember this: 100v100: [ONLY PURES] 130v170 [yes you got cleared with 40+] IR IS DEAD stop talking about dead clans focus on your shitty clan because it wont take long till rage is dead too imagine having a prep win as your biggest achievement in your clans ''12'' year history...
  4. the clans that are bringing the most mains are still losing the rivalry... ir and apex
  5. was fun, next time we should do 3 rounds of single spells
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