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  1. Robbert

    lpc EnVy #1 XLPC Pure Clan 50-65 Combat!!

    aight envy gl
  2. Robbert

    Resurgence's Wednesday Hunt Ft. Vengeance Exploded

    The only ones digging the grave are you guys starving without action lmfaooo
  3. Robbert

    Resurgence's Wednesday Pt. 2 Ft. Veng in Singles

    How about ur vidder learns how to pk so its actually amusing to watch a vid?
  4. Lmfao keep eating our ass resurgence, ty for return sets
  5. Robbert

    unofficial Vengeance November Highlights

    Oh yes veng baby
  6. Robbert

    midweek Turmoil's First Midweek

    gl in the scene turm
  7. Robbert

    main Vengeance - We still here.

    Veng never dies
  8. Robbert

    pure/pkri PURGE: SLAMS ENVY P2P PKRI - 22 VS 30

    Yikes looked easy
  9. Nice pull, gratz on big win vs Turmites. Looking forward to a matched opts CWA/ pkri
  10. Robbert

    new Gear Cap in Clan Wars

    Gear cap def would be great and useful for zerk scene
  11. Robbert


    YOU What is your IRL name or nickname? Robbert / ROBB3RT What are your web/gaming interests? Runescape Do you have any IRL hobbies? I do, ty for asking RUNESCAPE/CLANNING Are you a clanner? If so, which clan? If not, are you interested in clanning? Currently in Vengeance on my zerk Do you have a RuneScape account? If so, show us. What are your goals with your account or clanning career? Keep clanning in Vengeance whilst maxing it to 99attack and 77pray, also this summer I'll be making a pure account. Clans I'm interested in are Outburst or Supremacy
  12. Lost track of how many mains I can see in these pics alone
  13. Robbert


    dont bite more than u can chew or im done sending u love letters