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  1. Eugene

    Foe Vs Apex | 27v27 | 2-1 Sets

    Oh yeah we been doing like 2-3 big minis a week lately, been very fun tbh. I'm pretty sure we have another one lined up for tonight.
  2. 67 Sharks today wym l0l
  3. We fought Fo who had 70+, Sam knew you sandcrabbers couldn't fight Apex in multi down 15.
  4. "FI/CD FORCED TO USE THE SAME CAPE" Fatality was wearing CD capes to avoid ROT, not Legacy. Also the most I see in game in these pictures is 53, no need to lie about your pull. 2/10 propaganda at best. By the way, why didn't you have an aftermath yesterday? 🤣
  5. Was a grade-A trip with plenty of clean fights with CD, thanks for the action. Legacy really is dead l000l.
  6. Your clan is last place p2p lmfao
  7. Eugene

    cwa Supremacy vs Apex | F2P | [2-1]

    can relate
  8. Eugene

    Rage Vs Apex | 20v20 F2P CWA [2-1]

    looked like fun gz rage
  9. "feels good being undefeated in p2p for the last 400 days don't @ me" - Lil Nerdy

  10. perfected 3x 🤣 nice outrage
  11. Eugene

    Rage vs Outrage 2-0 | 10V10 P2P

    nice guys
  12. looked fun gz outrage