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  1. been waiting on a prep from fo for 14 months now.
  2. Oh yeah we been doing like 2-3 big minis a week lately, been very fun tbh. I'm pretty sure we have another one lined up for tonight.
  3. We fought Fo who had 70+, Sam knew you sandcrabbers couldn't fight Apex in multi down 15.
  4. "FI/CD FORCED TO USE THE SAME CAPE" Fatality was wearing CD capes to avoid ROT, not Legacy. Also the most I see in game in these pictures is 53, no need to lie about your pull. 2/10 propaganda at best. By the way, why didn't you have an aftermath yesterday? 🤣
  5. Was a grade-A trip with plenty of clean fights with CD, thanks for the action. Legacy really is dead l000l.
  6. "feels good being undefeated in p2p for the last 400 days don't @ me" - Lil Nerdy

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