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  1. old, overweight, high stress, potential high blood pressure and diabetes? odds are against him, but i'm sure he has the best medical anyone could ask for.
  2. One of the most scummy people in the community. Zenith needs to get rid of him before things go south for their clan reputation.
  3. Clearly provoked by Elve. It's no way I'd support of retaliation, but if Elve picks the fight then it's not Fatality's fault.
  4. good luck, hope to see you do well.
  5. Zenith needs to get their council in check. No reason to get IRL involved. We don't see the entire conversation of course, but things should never go outside of the game.
  6. Good video, not gonna lie. Could go without the suicide jokes though. Not funny and tasteless.
  7. ewby


    welcome man glad to see more mains on here
  8. Zenith and FOE need to accept. Glad to see some oldheads still around that understand the value of fullouts, welcome back Jamz and glad to see my old clan doing well under your lead.
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