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  1. ubermensch

    Hpc, lpc and now f2p main cwa team?

    More power to them tbh, if that's what they want to do that's more action for them.
  2. if you think we started with 90+ pures and ended with 40, I feel sorry for you lmao

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Jimi


      115->90->50 next weekend? hhihi doom ded :P

    3. ChrisKush


      gf slaughter .. were not new to lpc ..we fought months for number 1 and look who chases Fearless for topics..

    4. Furious


      nobody asked or gives a brown sticky stuff bundle of twigsgot lmfao

  3. We ended with well over 70 ty tho Cya next weekend
  4. #1 Dominant LPC Monk robes for life
  5. Gj today IV, happy 6 months here's to another 6!
  6. ubermensch

    LPC Scene Today! Basically....

    lost it lmfao great movie
  7. you call 60 slumping? l0l thats more than most LPCs pull
  8. ubermensch

    not counted rockman trip 3.12.2016

    So your goal is to lose bank to doom? L000000l
  9. 100 pures in monk robes

    1. Cody9204


      100 mpc's, tanks and level 50s in monk robes not bad maybe try pulling levels in the actual lpc cap and not relying on 50 invites moron

  10. ubermensch


    100 pures in monk robes
  11. 100 pures in monk robes

  12. ubermensch

    not counted rockman trip 3.12.2016

    i dont see you killing anyone or looting anything lmao 100 pures vs 3 mains was ez
  13. ubermensch

    Ty Rockmen

    ty for monies lmao