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  1. gz, nice to see old clans still around and thrive.
  2. nice work, something unique in cwa for a change
  3. Go to your profile (I’m on mobile rn, press the 3 lines on the top right > Profile) and click the picture icon. Not your profile picture itself but the one on the banner. Then upload a photo.
  4. Sounds fun, hope you eventually train up and give action to the normal pure scene.
  5. Nice, not sure what FOE was doing in the beginning of the first video.
  6. RAW would be sick and a very nice change to the community. Of course there would need to be a way for clans to not only fight whomever is above them in ranking.
  7. #1 wild for sure, they’ve been pretty consistent with very high pulls.
  8. welcome man, glad to have you here.
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