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  1. vs Wilderness Guardians vs Paragon It's been a little while since WG had a planned fight, and recently we set up a fight with med clan Paragon. Rules were 30 min cap, single spells, matched opts with a couple extra for Paragon due to level differences. We cut to match their numbers, but still took the upper hand immediately, and after just 5 minutes of fighting, Paragon retreated to single. Respect to Paragon for making a good effort, but we all know who the kings of P2P really are 😉 After the fight, WG hit up the rev caves for several hours for some bank loot, and cleared several teams including a new group called Tranquility. Thanks for the fights and loots everyone :D wildernessguardians.com
  2. We did that thing again where we took 5k weapons into the rev caves and left with over 200m.
  3. On this day in 2003, a little noob called His Lordship was PKed in the Wilderness, and decided to start a clan to PK PKers, calling it the PK PKs. Thankfully he quickly realised that name sucked, and changed it to the Wilderness Guardians. Fifteen years on and that clan is still here today - the oldest clan in Old-School RuneScape. This is our story. A very special thank you to the Guardians, past and present, and to the wider clan community for all your support throughout our long history. It's been an amazing fifteen years. Here's to the next fifteen.
  4. Wilderness Guardians. Macing. Yep. Video:
  5. Pure clans have excellent, high quality graphics like signatures and video intros. Main clans steal logos from real life film studios and put them in their Runescape videos, and it's the possibly the cringiest thing I've ever seen in regards to RS. You know who you are. Stop it.
  6. Good scrap lads, think we had more numbers but yall's DPS was OP. Also RIP Mushy's AGS lmao
  7. VS Tonight Wilderness Guardians were out on a late night, small-man PK trip when Vanguard asked if we were up for a small scrap. Both clans had pretty low numbers compared to our usual pulls, but we decided to give it a shot anyway. We originally tried fighting at Gdz, but the fight was interrupted by Avalon, so we decided to restart at Ghorrock, despite both sides losing a few of our original opts. Fight vid: The fight was pretty even at the start, though VNG took the lead after a while and at one point had WG down to a 3-man pile, but we managed to recover our numbers and eventually come back on par. After half an hour of fighting, we realised that our low numbers meant that neither clan was going to get a win, and decided to call it a tie with both clans ending with the same numbers we started with. Many thanks for a clean and fun scrap from VNG as always, looking forward to more fights with you guys in the future, and hopefully with a few more opts Note to self: turn off ground items on Runelite before a PKRI lol
  8. >Yall catch us in a b pile >I run in in mystics like a fuckin hero and catch my own b pile >No one else in WG gets mage out >ok gf lads, was a good scrap but those barrages and chins are beyond us
  9. Apparently it's supposed to be pronounced "haha", and the vast majority of the clan world has been saying it wrong for some 10 years, or so I heard.
  10. No change in the main clan community since Zybez, huh.
  11. Two videos for yall today! Vid one is of our fights up in deep wild. We had a brief scrap with Wild Might and got in a few nice KOs, but their superior levels and skill quickly proved too much for us. Still a good fight - maybe we'll be able to challenge you guys again in the near future We also had several skirmishes with the new Mercy CC, giving them their first ever battle! At one point they even managed to clear us (though WG won 2 out of 3 encounters) - as with our fight with RBH earlier this week, it's always nice to fight a group that's on par with us. Great fights, and definitely looking forward to seeing more of you guys in the future! Second video is when we decided to hit up the Rev Caves after, and is one of my usual style vids, more casual and humourous. Lots of fun was had and lots of loot collected, including a normal whip from some idiot who was too busy flaming us to keep his prayer up, and a few small teams were cleared as well.
  12. Yup, Sk8 is back to bring us back into the PvP scene (I'm also in RBH as well as WG) Sadly not much these days, as he's busy going on holidays left right and center. I don't doubt he'll end up in space before the end of the decade.
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