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  1. A1v1

    pkri Monday - Bullying Jaja

    @Zouafrispeak up tranny
  2. A1v1

    pkri Monday - Bullying Jaja

    Got word that JAJA was crashing CT vs WM so we massed up 25 warriors and fucked them up not once, not twice BUT 3 TIMES IN A ROW. https://youtu.be/vK4KepLllro pics:
  3. A1v1

    Biggest Joke of 2019

    If you think UB didn't bring mains then you are just delusional. You used mains against us, and we used mains against you. Just because we are better than using mains than most clan, dosen't excuse the fact that you brought mains. By all means show me pictures of CD using mains against clans thats not legacy/FS within the time of our reopening. I doubt you will find many if any.
  4. A1v1

    Biggest Joke of 2019

    We reopened with the intentions of being a pure clan. Legacy decided to bring mains so we decided to counter, as they are not allowed to use mains in our scene. There has only been one occasion where we used mains against another clan and that was FS, as that kind of escalated to mains on both sides. Not claiming we haven't used mains before, but that's not what we are aiming to do this time around. And you cannot sit on a high horse and say ur clan doesn't use mains, cause they 100% do.
  5. A1v1

    Biggest Joke of 2019

    > Pulls 90 slumps down to 40. Gets smashed by every single clan. bUt aTlEaSt wE oUtPuLlEd cD CD doesn't use mains against anyone else than legacy. Get off the bandwagon you dog.
  6. Ae asked us for a fight and we gladly accepted, the fight started at white plat were we instantly caught them in a bclump taking 1 for a sotd. AE fought bravely but called it at 30 mins and we both took endings. AE Starting : 38 SV starting : 40 Ae ending : 0 SV ending: 56 https://youtu.be/5SKneWJzRak
  7. A1v1

    showcase Recent Showcase/Work #10

    looks like u use a bunch of random shit and throw it on top some pretty bad color grading
  8. A1v1

    pkri Killed ct again

    You really try to make yourself look alot more relevant then you really are
  9. A1v1

    pkri Killed ct again

    wasn't on just realised we [email protected] again... Whats the score? 23-2? Jesus u suck.
  10. Daily reminder @Alan Rickmanstarted late 2017 after being recruited of a private server, just like the rest of the stinky transgenders. Yikes!

    1. Alan Rickman

      Alan Rickman

      daily reminder, i'm killing your clan

    2. A1v1


      daily reminder, buy some shampoo and get a haircut

  11. A1v1

    next best p2p clan?

    eop is about as relevant as fools, aka non existent.
  12. A1v1

    Dear CD

    write me another essay crying about SV that nobody gives a fuck about lmfao loser