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  1. Your acting like your going to do anything.
  2. Went out on this fine Sunday and bullied the living shit out of Jaja. https://imgur.com/CNp2LCF s
  3. Dont think we were ever in gear buddy
  4. Arrived at the caves with a peak nigger count of 35. Even though we were pking normally we still hit the 2k total worlds multiple times to keep them sweating. For two to three hours clans were completely avoiding making it completely free reign for us. Eventually we got a rare sighting of rev as their two hour pk window was finally open due to rot being in the middle of closing foe (Press F) we decided to punish them by taking the fight to single where their opt advantage and lil card/jaja alliance couldn't help them needless to say they soon crawled back into their hole. Once rev had spiralled into depression and fucked off we thought it would be funny to get inside lil cards head by baiting him into a return fight due to their track record of breaking at the one hour mark and history soon repeated itself despite being down around 30 opts. We rounded the trip off by out numbering jaja in one item and running them down to level one from 50 ports. (literally) Stay mad, stay easy, stay dead. victory dance by nigger greg IMG]https://i.gyazo.com/580655188704faf7bf4d86bf01d335e8.png[/IMG]
  5. lo. you had 1 fight for the entire day and lost...
  6. Went out on this fine Sunday and swept the rev caves, started off pretty dead then we ran into the likes of Resurgence and Veng. After clearing them many times we found Jaja who we butchered over and over again. At around 10pm Jaja made their final stand only to get raped, too bad rev couldn't save u. s
  7. Swept up AE at GDZ for the motherload of loot, we later turned our attention to the caves as we heard that Violent Resolution and Jaja were trespassing. After looking around for about an hour with no signs of clans only deceptions and PVM whales we finally caught VR lacking and quickly dispatched them to Edge. During our ending picture jaja tried to gwas us and ended up getting baited into another fight where they got curb stomped for the entire duration of the fight. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7iHftKP7rk&feature=youtu.be
  8. gz resurgence - leader spoontech will soon outplay u
  9. I can confirm that rev tried inviting me to league mid fight because they couldnt pull
  10. A1v1

    Saturday - Crushing Ct X2

    Sunday 20/10/2018 Went out with the usual aussie cunts for our daily AEST sweep, killed everyone and everything in our paths with no clans out to stop us. Towards the end of our trip CT finally found the courage to hit our ~20 with around even numbers. After a quick mass-poke we gained to 30 goons and railed CT from the get-go. Not surprised by the weak performance from CT who struggled to drop any piles, spam or have any impact on the fight. Our ferocious attitude allowed us to dominate from start to finish. After 2 hours CT realised their fate and their remaining 3 members teled out. No sign of jaja or the anti-sv alliance, BLNT,