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  1. Ofrran

    announcement 2018 Sharkbrew Awards

    JJs sweeping up tytyt
  2. Ofrran

    Thursday: Scrap with TS FT Sweep

    gf TS blnt SV
  3. Ofrran

    Top 10 Main Clans 2018

    P2P MULTI - Nov 2018 1. rot/rev 2. rev/rot 3. ct 4. jaja 5. pd 6. rng 7. dk 8. sv
  4. Yeah, you make good points tbf; you're right that anglers are rarely used at 99hp, but it's still an option I'd rather have than not. I'm probably overly concerned.
  5. Ofrran

    SV Fights back for the 1st time in a month

    The 1v1 with SV before DK arrived was actually disgusting. Was still pretty easy when DK arrived too tho lmfao....
  6. They need to re-think the anglerfish nerf for multi PvP areas. I get why they want to restrict safing in 1v1 situations (to encourage risk taking, increase KOs, etc..) but multi is completely different. Anglers are one of the few things that actually assist in tanking in a game which sees constant and gradual powercreep.
  7. Ofrran

    jaja est cave sweep

    Swapping addy for bandos lmfao
  8. Ofrran

    Monday: Forcing SV To End

    no rams no will no kattri
  9. Ofrran

    Sunday 2: 1Hour 30 vs DF2

    Rag clan is #2 lmao.... state of the clan world.
  10. Ofrran

    Sunday 1: GMT

    Undisputed most active clan.
  11. Ofrran

    Single spells Renegades vs Playdead

    Good shit but who was Whip calling for?? Both??
  12. Ofrran

    Friday: GMT Domination (Rev Smoked)

    How can a rag clan dominate "#2" so easily?!???