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  1. You're better off closing vr and starting anew...fresh. Vr's named ruined forever just look at this dumb topic
  2. Tova

    pkri Violent Resolution's Tuesday - GMT + PST

    Water you doing cera
  3. Tova

    pkri Vengeance vs VR

  4. Tova

    cwa Vengeance vs Cutthroat (1-2) Multispells CWA

    Thanks for the fight. Respect.
  5. Tova

    pkri Cutthroat Destroys FOUR Clans At Once

    Hey why is rev so ineffective at crashing and shit overall? 🤑
  6. Tova

    pkri Cutthroat Destroys FOUR Clans At Once

    Upset that ur clan failed to do anything and embarrassed yourselves when you came to crash? 🤣
  7. At around 10 PM Est our singles squad scouted Unk at GDZ with a decent few opts so we quickly massed up looking for a fight. We hit them right at GDZ and absolutely destroyed them for about 30 minutes till PD crashed us with their mandatory 15 man pull (LOL) turning it into a 1v2. From here on both of these clans suicided to us for about 1 hour and 30 mins till the 3rd clan logged in to crash us in 1 item (Rev+their CL minions). At this point we had gained to 40+ on teamspeak and their attempt to 1v4 us made no impact on our performance. We continued to farm these low-quality clans for about 2 hours in total. Unk was the first clan to break followed by rev and then pd, handing us the win. Our far superior quality will always win at the end of the day - 1v4 eyes closed. >> Full Topic: http://cutthroat-rs.com/forums/topic/22677/ << Y'all are too weak
  8. keep making dumb mistakes, that's why you're reduced to recruiting at the grand exchange LOL
  9. Tova

    midweek Veng EST adventures