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  1. Please note; If you are affiliated with rev you have most likely been doxed by their officials because of their paranoia and "safety" concern.
  2. Doxing is BAD but you know whats more fucked up? Your own FRIENDS and RANKS doxing you. This is ludicrous!
  3. This is SICKENING. rev officials are out of control and action needs to be taken!
  4. The real question is; Why not?
  5. Set up a fight with Vengeance a few days ago and as expected they gave us a respectful and clean fight. Thanks for the battle. Always a pleasure 👍 >> Full Topic: http://cutthroat-rs.com/forums/topic/23042/ << Mayhaps POV Hari POV >> Full Topic: http://cutthroat-rs.com/forums/topic/23042/ <<
  6. >> Forums: http://cutthroat-rs.com/forums/ <<
  7. >> Full Topic: http://cutthroat-rs.com/forums/topic/22998/ << Set up a fight vs the Danish Empire clan. Clean.
  8. Yes cleared! Lmfao typical low-iq vr retard
  9. hahaha why are you so triggered 🤣
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