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    1. Current RuneScape Display Name/Past Display Name(s) Klotho 2. Tell Us About Yourself I first played runescape in 2003 when I was in middle school, played on and off until around 2009 but never that seriously. Started playing OSRS in 2017 and played a few months at a time since. I'm sort of interested in learning more about PvP and clanning. 3. How Did You Hear About SharkBrew? From Zybez 4. What PvP Communities Are You Part Of? (xlpc, lpc, zerk, main, etc? List all that apply) None, but I'm currently a range-tank in progress. I have 99 range and def, need to train mage, get rigour, and do a bunch of quests/diaries. 5. Clan History I've never been in one. 6. Additional Comments Not really looking for a clan right now, kinda just here to lurk I guess.
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