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  1. I M A G E

    What happened to Vendetta?

    Sent back to xLPC lmao
  2. Team literally opens for a month then closes to envy yikes. Gl to all the v niggas wit no clan now lol
  3. I M A G E

    Where are the sunday topics these days

    what happened to vendetta
  4. Did p2p die out? where's the smoke.. where is the action
  5. I M A G E

    Excel says hi

  6. I M A G E


  7. What u said? U wanna c a big leak?? view eop forum 2mrw at 4st lol i give u some leak baby on debbs fat mom iraqi ass u fucked with the wrong clan my nigga tell danny he has 2hrs to figure it out or you're the 1st one getting smoked out ON GOD i know you're reading this lol i am fucking INSANE you stupid mother FUCKER
  8. looks like war and beenbetta got fucked on this fine sunday
  9. Where is the sunday chismes and drama? Slow sunday