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  1. When is purges 10th opening weekend, get closed again
  2. Loyal or die... For some of you that don't know Intolerance and Detrimental have joined forces to create a new project called... ONSLAUGHT...
  3. "props to 0vl getting one banged everytime" I tanked your whole clan in this video, and every other day no wonder eyesocket and half of your members left DC Lol.
  4. Join intolerance, heaps of kiwis and aussies my dude hit up "Mafia cc"
  5. Will get mad if you dont merge, musn't have any members XD
  6. Before EOC, Pixel Mafia (now known as Intolerance) was called Pixel Mafia - and one of the founding members was a guy called "Pixel Pigeon".. When I took a hiatus he had just joined Foe.. Then Ive heard since then he had joined EOP then the trail kinda goes cold (youtube deleted etc) Does anyone know if he still plays or his new IGN? Feel free to PM 0vl#8123
  7. Just a recruitment post, thanks though appreciate the constructive critiscism.
  8. Thanks lad! Yeah its taken a while to get to this point so the only way is up! Thanks mate! Cheers homie
  9. Thanks mate! Appreicate it! Awesome name btw reminds me of my own
  10. INTOLERANCE 500+ IN DISCORD / WEEKLY DROP PARTIES / DAILY REV - PK TRIPS / WEEKLY MASSES Hey guys, this is a recruitment topic for intolerance.. You may have heard us being referred to as "Pixel Mafia".. we've been kind of... Undercover and not posting on sharkbrew or coming to official events while we've been building up numbers and momentum. We are now happy to say we are officially open with this weekend being our official opening weekend! (Vids incoming) https://youtu.be/-H_M46He1Uk We are happy to take this first step to becoming an official clan, as we're really active in the wilderness and with inners events. Staff Member List Leader: 0vl High Council: Hi7 High Council: Chicken Talk Warlord:Ree_Skrtw00f Council:LORD_MAGICKZ Captain:KittieSpit Captain:L42D If this is something that interests you, please feel free to Pop into our official channels: Clanchat: Mafia_CC Discord: https://discord.gg/HVge3v - or add 0vl#8123 Thanks for reading guys, looking forward to attending official events and weekend masses with ya'll... 0vl
  11. hmu for 1 banana misfit homies
  12. At least get our name right - its Pixel Mafia..(We're rebranding from this name next week on open weekend) this isn't even our opening weekend haha, tbh Im just pissed @ Marcsaw for inviting half of my discord to WaR and being a more toxic member of the community.. I have nothing against vendetta personally but this weekend should be interesting to say the least... bol @everyone
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