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  1. Sv was making bold claims on TS about 1v1'ing us so we decided to rush them at Gdz knowing they'd need multiple clans to help them to even stand a chance. Before we even rushed them Dk had already joined their cc, and soon after Ibilys followed them. They had a combined of 92 people in the cc but still couldn't last more than 2 hours fighting us. PM Marky #7465 or Jibs#5296 for a way out. JaJa Starting: 75 SV Starting: 75 DK Starting: 60 Ibilys Starting: 60 mfw @ZOG died 63 times in 2 hours lmfao JaJa Ending: 132 opts SV: 0 DK: 0 Ibilys: 0 Rev: didn't even bother
  2. >be in a dead rag clan (sv)

    >call lil_cards and liths
    >still get cleared after 2 hours


    1. FakeNews Spotter

      FakeNews Spotter



      >Be mad jaja member who calls a other clan a rag clan

      >Started claning 2017

      >Cry about lil cards showing up 20 minutes late after jaja caled PeeD rng and ba in the first 5 minutes

      >mute council smited 4 ags wit 2 people on him  


      >4 clans vs 1 clan but only 5 ingame D: >minimap is snow white


      >more in bank than ingame


      >fuck sv is good clearly cant compete


      >CumThroat shows up late jaja already lost D:

      >Trys to hit sv in singles cause fuck it we cant posibly lose again rite?

      >gets 9-0ed by sv alliance member planks for 5m D:

      >est trip ended by sv

      wow what a rough day for yu. ur proly goin to have to change ur sb name to save ureself the embarasment 

  3. honest opinion : this is the worst remake of sv so far
  4. Sv was out with 20 men so we paid them a quick visit taxxing them for an Ags in the process, second time we caught them in a fall in in the middle of revs completely wiping them off the map and telling rev to log in literally as soon as the fight started Part 1 - Taking SV for an AGS Part 2 - SV Hit on Login
  5. ty sv 4 ags + ball and about 60 rune sets LMFAO

    1. jaja init fam

      jaja init fam

      2 bad rev cudnt save ya!

  6. CD was arguably the most successful wildy mpc of 2016 so idk what ur talkin about lol
  7. 10 ct dont make a difference when we constantly fight against 30 sv and 30 rev lmfao
  8. @Zeke @We1 what happened yesterday dogs LMFAO

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