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  1. A elek


    I forgive you amigos
  2. They deserved it . no freedom when u cross the red line
  3. A elek

    Legacy Trip Audio * Angry AAO members

    Did someone ask ?
  4. A elek

    watfuk is this lmao

    ? Y is that cringe . they re doing great as a clan plus they helped the scene alot lately
  5. Looked ez hopefully u guys start pulling more
  6. A elek

    Apex is doomed

    Very proud of urself ha?
  7. Sad , hope it s gonna get better for everyone soon
  8. A elek

    When Fom realise they cant win

    U r taking pics of those mains on a main ez life
  9. A elek

    weekend Anonymous xLPC 2k19 First Official Trip

    Looking strong but control pker still a retard
  10. A elek

    Future of xlpc

    Jet u gotta jet brother too many useless topics. Still luv u
  11. A elek

    ir audio leak ft. run with me

    Gz sup was ez from what i saw
  12. A elek

    How to improve SB/Pure clanning

    I think this is a great idea tbh. U can code it so it give points depending on the clan you fought . on the kills difference... This gonna make a huge diff