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  1. A elek


    Lolol, gl bro !
  2. A elek

    ir audio leak ft. run with me

    Gz sup was ez from what i saw
  3. A elek

    How to improve SB/Pure clanning

    I think this is a great idea tbh. U can code it so it give points depending on the clan you fought . on the kills difference... This gonna make a huge diff
  4. Greta work bro . i think a bank chest near the varrock church gonna make a huge difference in the scene especially for the snipe teams ...
  5. A elek

    The Return.

    Good luck !!!
  6. A elek

    Hey @Vendetta

    How it s gonna take you 5 clans and a 1:30 hour regroupe to match a one month old clan lololol
  7. Extra cringe . no one laughed to this i promise
  8. A elek

    Daily reminder

  9. A elek

    Whats more sucessful?

    Successful??? That s not the word buddy
  10. A elek

    What's more Demoralizing

    Kuno got kicked from rp ? Not surprised at all