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  1. Thursday 18th October Swept the fuq out of the wild, caves and deep, eventually clashed heads with liths at GDZ who had around even ops Fought them for around 40 mins SV starting ~20 Liths starting ~20 Tyff Liths was fun clean action blnt jaja hopefully next time you won't take 45 minutes to crash a 30-minute cap
  2. It's no secret that Jaja, Pd and cumthroat among with a few other garbage clans have formed a horrendous alliance known as "the anti-sv alliance". These trash quality clans typically have to have joint pk trips, calling eachother at the mere sight of sv. Proud of being the most hated and most active clan sv laughed this special alliance off, knowing that all of them combined couldn't compete with the sheer will of sv members. This is a compilation of Sovereign's activity throughout the week by date in which they happened summed up in a few pictures per topic. [click the link if you wish to see the full topic] original full topic: http://sv-rs.net/forums/index.php?/topic/6795-thursday-jaja-gets-violently-fisted-for-2hours/ 10/4/18 The Pentagon recieved intel that yaya planned to crash Rev VS CT, so we fired out a few masspokes and gained to 20 goons in seconds. We logged in and quickly caught a few straggling yaya members around rev entrance and dragons, where a fight began. Devastating transitions and unmatched quality allowed us to dominate the fight from the beginning. Our performance proved to be too much for yaya and as a result several of their members were smited for +1s Multiple clans rushed fight at the ~2 hour mark by which jaja had 0 ingame, so we took our win and peaced out. Smites: Fez J for AGS (yaya council) 2x ZGS 3x Tent Sovereign starting ~20 Sovereign ending ~33 on TS Jaja starting ~30 Jaja ending ~0 Pics: PD reject slammed in single: Kept pking and swept caves uncontested that same day for 20hrs killed everyone including a scrap with CL who tapped out after 2hrs despite having x2 our opts - gf Vid: Original full topic: http://sv-rs.net/forums/index.php?/topic/6797-thursday-2-gwasing-and-ending-jajas-est-pk-trip/ Sunday 10/7/18 We got word 2 Anti-SV clans were out PKing and massed up to hit both of them. We started off in ironman, but as the trip went on our members geared up from the loot of fallen Anti-SV infidels. We caught JaJa and Renegades fighting at Revenant caves and GWAsballed em, giving them no chance to retaliate. Afterwards, we caught JaJa in est and had an exceptionally short 1v1 with them for about 2 minutes before they decided to run with their tail between their legs handing us a quick victory. heard jaja were trying to pk again so we massed up 20 men real quick and went on the hunt. found em at caves and killed 4 of em for stank which demoralized them so they left to try something else. they were trying to port lure at 35s when the lil cards team would tele up. knowing they were doing this we sent a bait which got them all ported up and gwased. got 4-5 kills while chasing the last man killing him in single at hobs. after this jaja decided to 1 item some stream after a while they gave up killing no1 and dying 50 times before they officially ended their trip 30 seconds later... original full topic: http://sv-rs.net/forums/index.php?/topic/6828-monday-scrap-vs-rev-ft-jaja-in-single/ Monday 10/8/18 - Got word JaJa was trying to PK so we decided to mass to chase them out of the wilderness. After 20 minutes of searching for them we ran into Revenant who gave us a clean battle with little to no interference from the anti-sv alliance. Sovereign Starting: 30 Revenant Starting: 15-20~ We knew we would heavily outnumber them, but we also knew the clan we were fighting were notoriously decent in terms of quality. However due to our numbers, spams, and transitioning through piles we completely ripped them into pieces, catching them in huge barrage piles wiping them off the map. Before we could end the fight JaJa rushed through the corridor attempting to crash our fight so we turned our focus on them chasing them to singles and ending their pk. Good fight, Revenant. Vid: original topic: http://sv-rs.net/forums/index.php?/topic/6831-tuesday-aest-ft-pd-for-20m-and-1v1-vs-cl/ Tuesday 10/9/18 - Aest Ft Pd For 20M And 1V1 Vs Cl Like many other days, our AEST unit went out and made absolute bank in the caves. After a 5 hour cave sweep we ran in to Chivalry Legion and a fight commenced. We dominated the fight from start to finish and smited Kanger0o for a ZGS. Thanks for a fun fight CL, better luck next time! Vid: Also caught a few rat coons in a mouse trap earlier that same night. We got pissdead Flossin(18m) and Dak (2m) both dead for 20m combined Ct jr was not the only anti-sv victims as we caught and steamrolled pissdead/caca's mommy clan cumthroat on many different occasions throughout the week - ct crash attempt gone wrong 10/11/18 - cumthroat for max 10/10/18 - Ct member/2018 vng clanner smited for zgs by two purple warriors 10/6/18 Other misc pics of the active week: Ty for all the bank loot anti-sv was really easy WWW.SV-RS.NET to join the most active and most hated main clan #SV If you are in one of the bottom tier anti-sv clans and you are tired of losing you can always pm Im_sobeast#0280 and we can work something out with you
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