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  1. Might as well make this public, i am 416 toronto and i snaked a brother that was a friend of mine for 20m by exposing him to a clan that did both of us wrong , i might as well make this topic and just admit that i did him wrong & gave him the idea to do something & i snaked him in the process by setting him up, ive said a lot of bad shit to everyone on this site & sorry if i flamed u guys, call me a downy or whatever but i needed to make this post just to take some shit off my chest, majority will flame but whatever just thought id make a formal apology to a friend i once had, the trust is broken but i need to do this for the sake of doing something right for [email protected]
  2. Shiekh


    Lmao now every clan uses it
  3. Shiekh

    watfuk is this lmao

    I support my father tannie in any post he makes, right or wrong, go dad go!
  4. Shiekh

    what apex needs

    Hello my father
  5. Your flames are absolute dog shit lmaoooo which schizophrenia family member raised you? You basically used part of my flame into your response, how broken are you lmaoo @Satans
  6. U must wear skinny jeans and dirty vans, i can tell your one of those geeky white kids that slit their wrist because the girl of your dreams in elementary school shut you down & the thought of it still haunts you LOOOOL @Satans
  7. Great action, i love blktiger
  8. People like me ruin the scene tbh, i am starting to think about if i should become apart of this cleansing process.... o wait, i fkn hate apex theres no way thats happening LMAO.
  9. Shiekh

    Haz/Scims Scamming Accusations

    If he scammed an apex member id be much more happier.
  10. Shiekh

    Best Speech

    Even tho i hate eop they had one of the most funniest speeches, that rajjjj patel shit had me grasping onto my belly due to extreme laughter
  11. Shiekh

    apex reminder

    Lmaooo how delusional, no wonder nox told his members to leave sharkbrew lmaooo hide from the truth !loc truth
  12. Shiekh

    Castle wars xlpc red vs blue

    not made public would potentially be the best idea then. So i guess ranks just mass for an “ important “ event & later on within that day tell everyone to head to cwars. Worth a shot
  13. Ir still plays this game? I thought they closed into apex
  14. Change ur name to “ Infamous Legend Jet” its time to upgrade ur name my friend