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  1. Imagine being 25+ and still catching feelings over this game, just IMAGINE, how many of you are grinding numerous hours & not taking a shower to dedicate your life to this game? How bad does your belly button smell? Go touch it and smell & tell me what dog shit comes out on your fingers. Remember, www.runescape.com
  2. @NLronaldlemme see your yellow teeth again lmaoo, hows the crystal meth treating you & your family?
  3. @NLronaldspeak up u dog lmao, u still sweat on ur chair for this game, wuu2 dutchy
  4. Imagine having lowriders as your PK MIDWEEK LEADER & finding out he was leaking to eop for 5m per trip lmao
  5. Shiekh

    Inshallah we will kill these infidels

    20+ of age and yall still take runescape hella serious. Ask yourself this, would you tell someone irl when your 25 years old that you play competitive runescape? Ill wait. If you say yes, consider becoming apart of the LGBT community.
  6. Shiekh

    lol stop killing urself

    I didnt even @ ur name weirdo lmfao, u scrolled through the comments & decided to show me attention you no neck goofball
  7. Shiekh

    Inshallah we will kill these infidels

    Cdwinsagain all day bye
  8. Shiekh

    lol stop killing urself

    Idk but this cody kid aka deviants is a fkn weeeeeirdo lmfao!!!!
  9. Bro arent you supposed to be in a war? Shut tf up and get off sb u loser, u used to poke ppl on ts asking people to kiss you lmao
  10. Imagine getting muted for a week for burping & imagine finding out who leaked ur clan just for them to be in ur clan again lmao gz toronto ty for 5m leaks.
  11. LMFAOO why tf is apex piping up now???? You werent doing this when u had 40 man pulls, all of a sudden when 2 clans close into you, yall wanna come on sb and talk shit lmfao, your whole clan is fake asf.
  12. Shiekh

    There's just no excuses Apex...

    Its so easy to leak apex, been leaking apex ever since i heard hormone used them for a doom retiring home.
  13. !loc IR sup wins again idiots.
  14. Shiekh

    2k19 - expect us

    Imagine that you think you play a competitive game but its runescape LOLOL
  15. Shiekh

    Update on pure clans

    imagine claiming you play competitive runescape lmao