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  1. Brimstone ring and tormented brace allowed? Don't think those are old school items
  2. Team name: Damage Control (DC) Team Leader Discord ID(Point of contact): Runs#3412 Member roster (include both RSN/Discord ID) 1. Jonny 2. Mattie 3. Bowl 4. Pixel 5. Obligated 6. Teal 7. Flower
  3. Ladies and Gentlemen, today is a good day to be Damage Control. I am happy to shine light into recent questionable events Venom leader decided to get involved in. Our heart goes out to all the members of Venom that are misrepresented by his actions. Lets get on with the story... Yesterday, Venom's leader decided to recover an account we bought from him during the Exodus days. Easily enough, we were able to get into his main account and return the favor. As a good gesture we decided to give his account back, only with a few modifications. A lot of lessons to be learned here, mainly to never underestimate Damage Control. *We included a few more screenshots of Malo and co. admitting to recovering the account (and ofc admitting to using mains)
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