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  1. ty 4 action. IMT. respect.
  2. Julio

    midweek Energy vs Immortal PKRI

    gf imt. stop going to singles though.
  3. that was fun.... thx tp and xl for playing with the big boyz.
  4. dam... gf I guess. hopefully sunday I wont be picking my nose while pking like today.
  5. no banking was needed today. no return was needed.... no one died.... boring day... but ill take it. gf.
  6. Julio

    Why does nobody post on here.

    have not been in the scene long but from all I seen is politics, shit talking, tanks and no fights at the end.
  7. Julio

    midweek The Plague Tuesday Chain-Smoking 1v2 NP

    fun fun. I like sniping tps n xls lower lvls we will join the cluster someday.
  8. @Scimslol!!!!!! thats funny, y u tryna make me famous?. although the only pussy here its you. hmmm Lalo wasn't there when ascent fuked you no lube on clan wars. whats the difference between noxi and a snipe team? cus we can pull more then 9 without +1s lol. bro yall and every other clan in rs are delusional little boyz. but no worries. Dingalingers will make pking great again. @ me scim and make us famous. #DINGALINGERS 2019!!!
  9. @Scimsif only u did know we play the game for fun and dingalingers do whatever tha fuck we wanna do lol. pm for prep... we not even a clan and pull more then you lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. good job noxi u killing the wildy with ur 9 man pull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dayyyyymmmm!!
  11. yoooo this 40s be killin it I swear. love when we cluster up ascent, rampage and this yellow cape fuckers! fun ass fuck. hurry up and move to xlpc and keep pulling 40 ops so we can fight for 2+ hours.!!!!
  12. noxi be looking like a snipe team in all of the videos I seen today lol. wtf they doing. nice clean fights though.