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  1. Hello everyone, I am a runescape veteran of 18 years. I have been a huge PvP fan for the entirety of my rs career. I have several different accounts, each with a different build. (pure, zerk, med, main). I am looking to join an active pvp clan that does other activites as well such as bossing etc. I have discord as well as teamspeak, and about 6-7 years of active clan experience under my belt from all positions/ranks (admin to owner). Very experienced making calls during pvp trips and running inners etc. I was the owner of a clan called Rising Tide for a couple years; yet retired from the positon due to being busy with school/work. I am no longer affiliated with any clans or pvp groups. stats are as follows: combat: 123.3 att: 99 str: 99 def: 99 hp: 99 range: 93 magic: 97 fully quested with barrows gloves, voide, fire cape, etc. plenty of pvp gear and high level bossing gear to last me a long, long time. Looking forward to chatting with some of you about an opportunity to join your clan! - TooLegit
  2. Lankz, we are talking about OSRS, correct? So the length of time I have been playing Runescape is technically irrelevant since OSRS was released only a couple years ago. My original accounts on RS3 are all maxed including a maxed zerker with 17 99's and over 700 days of play time. But to answer your smartass question , on OSRS I do have a maxed main as well as a lvl 101 med and a lvl 114 med., and the pure I started not long ago which I am referring to on this thread.
  3. Cool, is Supremacy a pure clan? I regsitered an account on the website. awaiting confirmation from admin atm
  4. Hello, My name is Eli. I reside in Birmingham, AL (hints the OSRS IGN: 2O5, my area code). I am a pre-med major at the University of Alabama, and have been playing Runescape since 2002. I have been an avid pker since I started playing the game. I have extensive past clan experience, including Elite Zerks, Victorious, Rising Tide, and CrossFire. I am looking for an active PvP clan to join on my pure. I have high standards for the organizational and leadership qualities of the clans that I join. With that being said, while most clans are looking for a player who meets their clans standards, I am also looking for a clan that meets mine. I have Discord as well as Teamspeak 3, both of which I have downloaded on my 2 computers as well as my mobile phone. I am looking forward to speaking with you all about the possibility of joining your clan. Stats: Combat Level: 82 Attack: 75 Strength: 91 Range: 91 Magic: 99 Defence: 2 Other attributes: Fully quested, mith gloves, fire cape, imbued god capes, halo, excellent bank with optimal organization for PvP
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