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  1. yh in singles rather than asking for fight/going multi when we asked 19x that's gonna make us mad indeed but that's probably mostly on Dull's dumbass oh well good 4 us
  2. Yes again i started caring after you weirdos hit us in single for no reason. Nothing before that was posted in public Same can be said about the people that left talking shit about some of the people in fatality in the siege discord/foe discord bro literally the exact same. Now you got that weirdo Dull hitting us in single for no reason just cause he was ex eop and we leaked their teamspeak with him being cringe and he hasn't gotten over that 1 yet but that backfired quickly as u saw and now it probably won't stop as it got most of Fatality hyped up again.
  3. Not at all i see people talking about me 24/7 on siege discord from people that pm me saying "look lmao!" and i either don't reply or say yh idc. So i really dont care about "me". The moment i cared was when u rejects hit us in single for no reason at all & then it indeed shown what that can do w/fatality so thanks for that 1. Im not even talking about u weirdo im talking about other kids that were ranks in fatality and play the blame game when they fucked up themself lots of times which again shows now looking at sieges pull again read what i said above. I wasn't mentioning you or robby i was pointing at the ex ranks. We do not have invites at all & if so show proof? We had 0 clanfriends or guests or other clans last sunday w/ 60-65 people hmm yes that's what hitting us in single for no reason does. Goodlucky
  4. The difference is that we didn't pull 20-30 for 2-3 years lmfao. We had 0 cf's on the weekend trip indeed. We also literally smashed ir for 2 weeks straight now on weekends w/o you. Same people that left thought rivaling misfits was a really bad idea when they pulled 70 and we pulled 35 (just before i cameback wow) then we pulled 80 and now steady 60s to p2p .. hmm yes. Same people that left thought a 2v2 vs apex with the worst clanwars clan in history (ir) was a very good idea despite smarter/older people saying it wasn't and guess what we got smashed then wow! Same people are now trying to lead siege and guess what ? they pulled 25. Same people are blaming someone just because they want someone to blame but those people are the ones that have no idea on how to actually lead a clan which is clearly shown now.
  5. you literally made a topic asking people to stop spamming cause ur so easy to break by my boy @Elve LOL
  6. We don't prep clans that only use mass invites (literally can't deny this) and always have. Also the fact u are saying "3years slump" on one thread "2years" on a different one.. figure out which one u wanna use and keep using the same one rather than making shit up. We pulled 63 without the clanhoppers that left we r doing fine. You on the other hand as shown by the picture we leaked not so much despite saying you don't care about the wild L O L Just merge with misfits or close into EOP already.. seems like the way that team/clan w.E the fuck siege is is going towards now anyways. Imagine having to team with misfits the clan u literally flamed for months/killed for months.. just for a second imagine that LOL
  7. Yes cause it's a joke of a clan. Then you decide to hit us in single only to get smashed and the next day u pull 25 ofcourse people are gonna flame u fat fuck LOL
  8. Says the person that just mentioned me and constantly lies about their clans pulls to try to make them look a bit better LOL
  9. 5 man pk trips and one mandatory sunday where u pull -30 isn't keeping it active
  10. lmfao these people keep the lies up @0bbyx literally haven't seen a single picture in months where mf had over 35 let alone 40 keep dreaming u weirdo. I actually watched your video to try and figure out how delusional u kids are.. and it's literally running to single/cutting clip out when big daddy fi rushes in. Literally lol.
  11. They flamed pretty hard Saturday and now they got put in their place so yes it matters
  12. One ?? yikes Meh explains the -30 the day after weeeoweooo - kawaii
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