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  1. BearDown

    lol ly

  2. BearDown

    IMT + SKO pls ead this

    Blocked you bye bye
  3. BearDown

    IMT + SKO pls ead this

    Ignore the idiots full of stupidity comment on my post. They do not understand they killing scene with their tanks!
  4. BearDown

    IMT + SKO pls ead this

    I am white you american bald eagle fucker. Go back to KFC
  5. BearDown

    IMT + SKO pls ead this

    Propogonda from IMT slave
  6. BearDown

    IMT + SKO pls ead this

    Americans all fat and eating KFC daily
  7. BearDown

    IMT + SKO pls ead this

    I am 19 FYI
  8. BearDown

    IMT + SKO pls ead this

    Rampage dog speak up? I kill ur clanners for 2 year
  9. BearDown

    IMT + SKO pls ead this

    To all the shitty XLPC clans there. This is my message you need know before your clan fucking die. You think team on us will help you survive the war? To Cp reject over at IMT: Your wash up ranks are cumming on each other off while clan dies. Keep bringing mains they fucking save you wont retards. Your clan has no history and was always knowning in the past as shitter masser clan. KYP retards dont wake up the hidden beast in us. To SKO: Go back to Battlescape you nerds you will not last in Runescape.com clanning warring. Your clan is full of 308 2k19 shitter quality members. KEEP BRINGING MORE MAIN U kanker clan! Youre shit level 65 tanks with 45 def wont save you clan. You think your all bad ass with mains? We are a main clan full of LPCers in Supremacy? Take a look at this fucking picture and think again about what real main clan is! Before you try to ruin the scene with tanks! Know your places shitters losers and if I see any more IMT/SKO tanks next weekend, bad punishment will follow.
  10. BearDown

    Lone wolf is lonely.

    Hi there!
  11. BearDown

    Im Whip

  12. BearDown

    hi sharkbrew