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  1. Ez pz veng shitheads. Imagine calling PD for help and then fucking off to skribble when they needed your help 😂
  2. Ez night out again for the big bad victim bullies. Wonder where Veng was? Maybe they were trying to find more pures to cwa with lmfao
  3. I would legit rather bank stand flaming you retards than cwa pures lmfao 😂 but I suppose you have to raise your spirits after all the +1's you donkeys have donated to us recently We've been out for hours tonight in GMT, no sign of you faggots anywhere - nice action LMFAO
  4. https://resurgence-rs.com/community/index.php?/topic/644-resurgence-defeats-vengeance-3-0/ This is what happened last time they did
  5. Legit no one gives a shit about your cwa'ing vs pures lmfao
  6. lmfao @ paying to use a public world, fuck off retard
  7. Allow me to remind you https://resurgence-rs.com/community/index.php?/topic/644-resurgence-defeats-vengeance-3-0/ And something a little more recent lmfao plank more faggot
  8. They only do that with pures now. And still lose a round 😂
  9. Imagine piping up purely because you didn't get bullied. Not because you killed any of us or even fought us, but purely because we didn't bully the fuck out of you 😂 But I suppose after recent events, the fact we let you have a night out should be considered a success and celebrated. Gotta throw our dogs a bone once in a while.
  10. #1 Quality right here You guys are a fucking joke and you know it. Stay hiding, we'll still find you 😂
  11. @[email protected]@[email protected] ignore us all you want, it won't stop us, it only makes your clan look defeated and broken to the rest of SB when you won't dare comment here to defend yourselves 😂
  12. Seen their recent vid? Basically them 1v1ing each other in edge - we have officially broken them LMFAO Ez pz night for the surgeons
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