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  1. Thanks man hope the med scene is treating you right!
  2. I think CD would be fun would just hate know any of them had my IP l0l
  3. I hung around rage for a few days after purge shutdown. Seems to be some really good folks in there just didn't ever hit caves so it wasn't for me
  4. I was a rank in purge and when they shut down me and another rank started a rev team. We eventually merged into hydra when my co founder quit the game. I was elite in there. Unfortunately I am at the higher end of CB's in there. Ill be 88 cb in 3 more hp lvls (maxed pure) and want a team in my bracket. Personally im not to big on wars more of a rev guy and some solos here and there. Looking to make a move to a team that can more closely line up with my tz (EST) my bracket and game play.
  5. Update on RD. We now have over 30 in discord and are pulling over 10 in caves! Thank you all for the support and encouragement! Looking forward to seeing you guys out there!
  6. Everybody seems a little salty about my post l0l.
  7. @Monithanks brother! looking forward to being more involved in the community!
  8. @xyp9xHey man thanks for replying! I was a member in TF then was a leader in Purge. The clan is currently led by me and another former Purge rank!
  9. @'Jamiewe started yesterday l0l of course we need callers.
  10. Hey everybody new pure clan starting up! We are called Rogue District because most of us have come from other clans. We are tired of bad callers, inactivity, and poor pkers. Requirements to join: 70+ CB 85+ mage 1-20 def. Currently looking for potential callers and trip leaders. We will be most active on EST. PM me RSN G05! Come join the family!
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