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  1. 1720 // Meshh (VENG/BA)

    midweek Tuesday Cave,Altar Gdz and Glory hill madness!

    big owners
  2. 1720 // Meshh (VENG/BA)

    cwa Vengeance vs Legacy (3-0)

    yes the comedic part of this video was where zsj flew in with his compadres to ags me out, while in fact, our viking granite maul specialist (jack Regal) saw this coming. He used this intel to quickly double gmaul ags ZSJ out before his ags could even touch this snipe freezing god, depicted in the "L0l" afterwards from his teammates this was quite the show.
  3. Happening this Sunday, be sure to check out the discord server for updated rules ^^
  4. 1720 // Meshh (VENG/BA)

    pkri Vengeance vs VR

    was fun, both had big clumps
  5. 1720 // Meshh (VENG/BA)


    Brutal Awakening
  6. 1720 // Meshh (VENG/BA)

    pkri Veng upping the ballista farm ft. Resurgence smoked x3

    imagine res leaders tryna keep their morale high on teamspeak "just regear boys we only got smoked 2x, cant get smoked 3x in a row" LMFAO
  7. 1720 // Meshh (VENG/BA)

    @Vengeance? @Legacy?

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ all these pures brainwashed af hes got teh dms right here 😂
  8. 1720 // Meshh (VENG/BA)

    pkri Veng Collects 9,543,684KG of Rune.

    wish i was there smoking these retards lmfao this comment section is lit @ me if mad pures l000000000000000000000000l
  9. 1720 // Meshh (VENG/BA)

    Brutal Awakening | Main GMT Clan | 110+

    Brutal Awakening is a Main clan most recognized for their macing. Today we are more than that. A PvP clan that's moving more into warring and CWA. We're a GMT/Late GMT Discord-based clan meaning that all our trips are run in discord, we also rank you accordingly there. Requirements Gear: Unlocked: Barrows Gloves/Crystal shield (i)/Heavy Ballista Quests: RFD/Roving Elves/Monkey Madness 2 Stats: 110 Combat (94+ Magic & 90+ Range)/Piety/Augury/Ancient Magicks Desirable: Mythical cape (DS2)/Dwarven Helmet (Grim Tales)/Rigour/Obelisk in POH & Wilderness hard diary. note this is just for a recruit rank, member rank includes proper return sets and mace setups for macing. For More information add either of these discord tags: J4LB#4023, Jewlz#6977, Tak#4515, Meshh/1720#6839 If you decide you want to be more involved in Warring and CWA we have an elite rank you can sign up for. Mentionable Mace trips:
  10. gl to everyone!
  11. 1720 // Meshh (VENG/BA)

    midweek Vengeance Small man GMT sweep

    clean sweep
  12. 1720 // Meshh (VENG/BA)

    weekend Vengeance EZ Sunday ft. Clan World

    anti veng clowns 🤡🤡 strategizing when during this (hours long) war/trip to hit us maybe next time we will see some action from you
  13. 1720 // Meshh (VENG/BA)

    midweek Vengeance GMT ownage ft. Liths, Vitality, BP & More

    its really that easy
  14. 1720 // Meshh (VENG/BA)

    pkri Sundays Prep vs VR ft. Soverence + Carnage

    sv clowned on by meds YIKES gf vr
  15. 1720 // Meshh (VENG/BA)

    cwa Vengeance vs Team Potent 3-0 CWA

    gf TP you guys did hella good.