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  1. Yo CD prep me 30v30 oh wait you cant even pull 30 lmfao!!

  2. Rage losing a rivalry to Supremacy lmfao 20 bears btw
  3. Rage has posted 1 weekend aftermath topic in the last 3 weeks safe to say Sup is winning the rivalry against Rage LOOOL
  4. @Jamzis umemployed and spends his day counting forum posts on his rival's website l0000l i legit feel bad for this weirdo someone get him some help ASAP
  5. dude you're seriously obsessed with foe... I'd suggest you take a break from the game, playing 18-22 hours a day is harmful to your health and may cause you to become physically ill. Go take a walk outside for once or maybe consider getting a job instead of spending your life clicking on a computer screen.
  6. you had one decent trip (not even an official sat/sun trip) and are hyping it up this much yikes you really are desperate l0l
  7. Rage is shit lmfao but honestly Ly in tough times with Cookiez leaving for DC
  8. You left a rank in your old clan to become a member in another lmfao you have no loyalty
  9. imagine leaving your clan to join a jamz remake haha no loyalty
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