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  1. I got Cd shaking in their boots lmao @Satanseop closed hahaha

  2. All your members double logged and you still only pulled 44? Lmfao Cd really be slumping. Lets see if you can maintain 44 tomorrow.
  3. Cd cleared 3x today lmfao was very ez

  4. Cd v11 is really bad! How does a 11 year old clan lose to a 8 month cp remake??

  5. Fat Scott

    cwa [CWA] Vengeance vs Apex 3-0

    Apex smoked
  6. Is @TBRreally piping up?  This guy is legit in his 40's and still leading a runescape clan, not to mention he's reopened the same clan for the 10th time now LMFAO.

  7. Fat Scott


    @Satans!seen Cd's p2p sunday topic lmfao, your f2p tanks cant help you on sunday
  8. tbr for ags and Fi member for elder maul, ez p2p sunday for Ly

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    2. Jez


      lol tbr lost ags again 

    3. Satans


      Hahahahah yeah bro!! :) 

    4. Fat Scott

      Fat Scott

      cd kids are braindead in p2p lmfao

  9. Fat Scott

    yo legacy

    Stop doxxing my members and I might consider giving you action.
  10. Cd keeps declining my prep requests lmfao beta clan.

  11. Zeke has either a low iq or a personality disorder LMFAO the loser thinks he's a famous youtuber yikes

  12. Imagine being obsessed with Legacy LMFAO.
  13. Fat Scott

    Make P2p Sundays Fun Again.

    That's not what actually happens. Clan A will fight Clan B, and if Clan C crashes (with a 20 man pull), Clan D also crashes followed by Clan E and Clan F. Thats why clans constantly tele.
  14. Fat Scott

    Make P2p Sundays Fun Again.

    Won't happen, how else would Cd and their 20 man pulls on sunday get any action? They would get steamrolled by every clan.