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  1. @Dillon Howlettsuspended yikes scummy doxxer

  2. @slushpuppythis guy @Dillon Howlettdoxxed his own clan member (Dillon Howlett is an actual Cd member named Ruon3bs), you should change his sharkbrew name.

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    2. Fishsticks
    3. ParaCommando


      cd is the most respectable clan

    4. Fishsticks


      @ParaCommandono doxxers allowed on sharkbrew buddy

  3. Fishsticks

    Biggest Joke of 2019

    Imagine doxxing your own members lmfao
  4. So TBR got banned from SB discord a few days ago for racist irl flames, and now CD ranks are making IRL threats

    Horrible clan, every version always the same

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    2. jay.
    3. Fishsticks


      @Finest Imagine supporting a doxxing clan just because they're your allies, 2 wrongs dont make a right buddy

    4. Finest


      Nobody supports doxing other than your braindead & brainwashed members lol fucking weirdo, imagine being obsessed with people over the internet to the point that you want to find out what they look like! Haha freak 

  5. Fishsticks

    Biggest Joke of 2019

    Yikes you seem triggered
  6. Fishsticks

    Biggest Joke of 2019

    Imagine naming yourself after the irl name of your own clan member. A clan doxxing their own members big yikers, who would want to join Cd?
  7. haha you responded to my bait! How do you get triggered so easily? Big yikes.
  8. Fishsticks

    Biggest Joke of 2019

    Nice hider account moron, your clan sucks
  9. Fishsticks

    Biggest Joke of 2019

    Imagine being a clan that gets baited by Ace Krave LOOL
  10. @Dillon Howlettwhen will Cd close for the 11th time?  Heard this time around you kids will merge with Fi LMFAO

  11. Fishsticks

    Biggest Joke of 2019

    Big yikes how long did it take you do make this? Looks like you're obsessed with Ly aka a 5 month old clan LOOOOL
  12. Cd such a good clan they've closed over 10 times even though they were opened before pre-eoc, then you have fatality who haven't been relevant since 2015 and been in the shadows of Foe and Eop and constantly losing in preps against lower-pulling clans like Sup and Apex in f2p and p2p respectively.... but ah yes lets flame a 5 month old clan xD