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  1. @SteezeWhy doesn’t Res crawl out from the rock they’ve been hiding under and try multi spells against a good pure clan or better yet cwa multi spell us. Oh wait you guys have no balls and would get smoked and close right after.
  2. Imagine bringing old Avalon vh and all the ez fruit loops back hyping how your gunna close veng. Dox our ranks irl and get fucking slapped so bad you have to call SV just to compete sit the fuck down.
  3. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Today 32 Vikings showed up for our CWA Vs Foe where we fought -7 ops at 23Veng Vs 30 Foe. We were performed alright but ended up having an off day and foe took us for 2-1. We are already scheduling the rematch! thanks for the action and Good fights. But the real story for Veng was the PK afterwards. We took 27 Vikings to the cave following our fight and were hopping around when we found our old friends Resurgence. They killed our scout and flamed it with there usual toxicity of n words...etc. So we logged in and caught a few of them but they didn't dare stick around to fight us. So of course the hunt was on and it didn't take us long to find them. They donated sets and many reduced to rag for a straight hour before calling in there main friends. Anyways enjoyed the action! Enjoy: @angels POV:
  4. Great fight foe looking forward to more in the future you got the best of us today enjoy the W
  5. Always good when we have clean action , good job CT looking forward to more fights in the future
  6. Gf VR now Come fight us CWA multi spells so we can see true numbers
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