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  1. Not gonna lie, it feels good to be an ape 🦍.

  2. Shut up retard before I give you these ape hands
  3. Chalu when you going to send me the contract
  4. Ub= winner clan. If you aren’t ub you’re doing it wrong
  5. Ngl rage has 30 people with quality and 45 rev shooters that don’t know how to eat pizzas lol
  6. !seen legacy Sunday topic?

  7. 3 hour trip.... 3 min video idk how you Managed to make an f2p aftermath video look like a p2p one with all that hit and tele shit LOL
  8. Lol he did you a favour you won’t be there, Ly getting camped till they pay for off lmao
  9. LY turning into a rev clan after this weekend lmfao

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