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  1. You had +20 on us ofc you dominate the first hour, the second hour we dominated then you dipped when we got a +20 lead lmao, your mentality is weak Rev were also in z capes comping for, we stayed and still won, next excuse?
  2. No overreacting, rage are just getting called out for double standards it seems
  3. dam rage trying really hard to look like the good guys, you love to see it

    1. Rag Sets

      Rag Sets

      please provide proof of you refunding the vennys you promised protection but scammed 😕

    2. twxt


      we're not rage, we dont do venny protection!

    3. Rag Sets

      Rag Sets

      maybe tell your new found allies to not advertise 10m/24hours then!

  4. that's where ur wrong, we dont advertise protection take payment from them, we simply kill your venny worlds together, your intel is very bad! you should really look at yourself when we had your worlds, emply for hours on end! pvm is closed for gl pvm worlds
  5. LOL Try harder next time, you use vennys, we kill your vennys pvm
  6. your joint top clan of the month is a main clan! big main users, remove points!
  7. this is NOT a good look for rage! WHOS FUCKING IDEA WAS IT LLOOLLLLLLLLLLLO
  8. lost a shitty 30v30, then we forfeited one cos we couldn't do it and then dismantled you in a 50v50, take your 2 "prep" wins l0l everyone knows you're scared to p2p prep us
  9. p2p pls, we already know foe>rage f2p
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