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  1. You should probably refund the $10 before opening purge again.
  2. Forums (Under Dev) | Teamspeak (Under Dev) | Discord (Under Dev / PM "Andre#2078") Welcome To Chivalry, The Home Of The True Knights! Chivalry was founded in 2012 by Mick, City, R10 and myself. We were previously known for our dominance in the RSPS scene across multiple different servers back in the day. A handful of our Ex-Ranks and previous members have come together to start a new chapter in CH and carry on our childhood memories. We will be re-opening Chivalry as an xLPC Clan with our account levels starting between 30-40 CB's. If anyone wishes to give us a challenge, PM "Andre#2078" on Discord. Andre Mick City ZzSLICKzZ
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