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  1. and you still got fucking smoked l0000000l apex quality r0000000fl
  2. ouch. fom members can deny deny deny all they want but the proof is in the pudding
  3. i mean what do you expect from a discord clan named fucking blunt purez
  4. also @Deserie whoever was calling for your sorry excuse of a clan today deserves to get powerbombed thru a folding table dudley boy style
  5. ah yes foe getting absolutely bullied by some bears while i have a clean 1v1 with fatality for 45 minutes
  6. looks like zenith and apex are both really good at going up/down ladders while not retaliating against those who are farming them
  7. @Deserie your clan has absolutely nothing left. quit wasting your time and close you putrid fuck btw tell nox to get back behind the geeksquad counter hes got work to do
  8. not a good look for fom. wonder what [email protected] has to say about this matter
  9. @Deserie gl rebuilding lmfa000000000 peg dying and there's absolutely NOTHING you or your geek squad agent leader can do about it! haha!
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