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  1. Clan Awards Best CWA Clan: Adversity, Tempest Best Wilderness Clan: Revenant, Tempest Best F2P Clan: Tempest, Ancient Fury Best P2P Clan: Ancient Fury, Revenant Most Active Clan: Playdead, Tempest Most likely to be a meatshield: Violent Resolution, Deathrow Most Victimized Clan: Reign of Terror Most Missed Clan: Wilderland, Sovereign Clan With Most Stamina: Reign of Terror, Revenant Clan with most delusional members: Violent Resolution, Reign of Terror Most Improved Clan: Playdead, Beyond Control Most Honorable Clan: Tempest, Divine Forces Upcoming Clan of 2022: N/A
  2. might as well all just go main and double the number of main clans
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