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  1. What are you gonna do about it? You mained up, now you're realizing you can't compete LOL peek minimap btw
  2. peep minimap at 1:23 dogshit POV, dogshit topic, dogshit clan LMFAO
  3. Clans will still avoid, etc. A change for the sake of change might be fun, but I don't see a drastically different outcome
  4. Good job to both clans LY pulls 35 to a prep and Zenith pulls 24 🤔 @Zenith do you believe in your members?
  5. I'd recommend just training up a bit to get into xLPC, which is more active than it's been in a while good luck whatever way you decide to go, always good to see new clans
  6. LOL Zenith pulled 150 on Sunday and couldn't even muster 30 for a prep, I guess they don't want all their level 50s to prep I bet they could get an xLPC prep if they wanted to invite the average member Grats Rage, looked easy as expected
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