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  1. I'm leaving on vacation for a week but I will definitely drop by once I'm back. Happy New Year everyone!
  2. 😍 Do you still play? Other ex-E still around? How can we catch up?
  3. Hello everyone, I just recently came back to the game out of nostalgia. The last time I've played was roughly 10 years ago. I was very involved in the pure clan scene. Firstly, I'm looking for a cool pure clan for a low level pure. My current stats are 40/57/1, 50 ranged after 4 days of playing. My very next objective is to get 40/65/1 with 70 ranged and F2P Pk. Secondly, I'm wondering if anyone here was around the pure clan scene pre-2010? I would love to catch up. Thanks,
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