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  1. when multiple clans are pulling 50 or less from over their usual 100, i'd call that a slump
  2. he's been bullied out of the pure scene all together.
  3. that's why end was in quotations. referring to everything opening back up.
  4. " only trash clans slump" as your clan is slumping. gg
  5. yeah i literally didn't ask. 2 clans pulled 100. and they're both down their normal numbers. so when you can do math and realize missing 1/3 your pull is a slump then you can @ me.
  6. 2 clans pulled 100+ and both of those clans are down about 50 from their normal pull
  7. you just described every clan
  8. well every clan is slumping rn, so i'm a little confused by your tactics
  9. as far as im aware, americans have been banned from travel outside of the US lol
  10. lock down is coming to an "end" with most places opening back up
  11. As expected, with corona virus coming to an "end" and most of the dutch community going on holiday, most clans seem to be slumping. With not all of the player base being neckbeards and staying inside, numbers have seemed to drop for everyone. Clan leaders secretly wanting another lockdown because activity was at an all time high. When are most expecting that pulls will be back to normal?
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