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  1. i like how Z spam "l000000l" because of a 5 man BP clump an then this happens not even 5 seconds later
  2. Thanks all for attending! I had a blast hosting this!
  3. Crazy! All you do is complain instead of trying to be a part of solving the problems!
  4. do you have something to share with the group? maybe it's the age of some of your clanners
  5. gz everyone. but most importantly, gz me.
  6. my dead clan still has you typing to me l0000000000l my dead clan is still better than yours
  7. funny how you took that so literal l00000000l. you're holding on to anything you can to make yourself feel relevant
  8. the fact that you think you had any influence on that is the cutest thing ever keep giving the remnants of your clan false hope
  9. what do you mean man? they had 85, surely there was a spam off the screen
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