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  1. thank you to all the clans for the action we couldn't find legacy probably doing minis with 7 people
  2. legashit massed up just to end lmfao nice action

  3. fk me I see y ly needs mains in f2p lmfao

  4. just made ly end again lmfao 

  5. for the 2nd weekend in a row legashit vid shows them being in single 80% of the time gratz zenith

    1. James


      Only time we were in single was when we were flaming your dumbass in edge bank. How was fighting Rage at ruins or foe at green hill. Stfu idiot

  6. no wins today for ly dogshit clan

  7. zenith 2-0 legashit today was easy

    1. George Soros

      George Soros

      Stop lying to yourself, its pathetic at this point. Nice job losing by 120 kills.. LMFAO 

    2. Big Meat

      Big Meat

      I can tell from the way you type that you sound dirty.

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