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  1. Lmfao rev is fucking dead and I got all the clout - fight back VIXTIM LMFAOOOO
  2. Literally took me 2 seconds to make the topic. Running up my niggas clout 💯
  3. You leak our boards and get cleared when u crash pure fights? 60+ Mains crashing all of your fights: Remarks, Foe
  4. 4 weeks ago: Today (lmfao): Fudog wins again (1 down 4 more to go)
  5. The guy under me takes too much dick up the ass and has a lisp sweatier than hanufags pubeless armpits


    1. Killer Kamal

      Killer Kamal

      oh no apex don't take that moron onboard

  7. heard foe has beef because there’s been a lot of bsing going on!
  8. You don’t realize that my second hider account is still in FOE. While you were barkin I had my hider account in Foe Maxed107 combat ready to pk catch me if u can
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