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Found 174 results

  1. Today Fearless mass up 30 piglets and later peaked at 40 piglets. Shout to Apex for the f2p pkri. Vid explains all thank you. ~ @Ramie ~ @exzrts Join Fearless today!! https://discord.gg/RuNuxnW PM Godae#9828 on discord to leak!!!!!
  2. Went out on our daily pk trip, pked uncontested for 4 hours until we found Rev, after finding Rev we scrapped for a minute and the they dipped, after we cleared em we headed to GDZ were we found Rev again but in 1 item so we nsed them for 30 minutes and they called their trip a day. After Rev ended their trip we went back to revs and ran into CT, we cleared them in .5. We repeated this 4 times until they also ended. https://youtu.be/JPO9sY3AVXA
  3. Original Topic Written By Thomas, View Here Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ After our successfull smallman trip earlier today, we decided to head out again. Started with about 8-9 at altar, ended with 15ish. We fought multiple teams, clearing every single one. Also baited some big ass single whales. EZ money for the VengaCHADs.
  4. Today started off with a pop for the Surgers after we massed up some men for our daily PK trip. We started off at altar where we instantly ran into those sea rat Dolphins. Amongst the lot we saw they were taking the Veng kiddos for a drive, we knew it wouldn't be hard to bait the scrubs into to multi, its legit fucking textbook. We bagged some kills, escorted them down and drilled that embarrassing feeling of being last place straight into their faces. Our trip continued with collecting easy buck for the purses, our smites were trashing backpacks today. Alter was juiced so we relocated to GDZ where we bumped into Vanguard, was a good surprise and a sick scrap for the lads, thanks for the action men! We scuffled deep for awhile clearing what was there, eventually going caves to see what was poppin. We hit a few small mans & pures but were outnumbered by most other company. Resurgence finished off with some last minute snacks back at alter where we called it on a high note to finish off the trip. This is what it's like to actually be #1 in your scene. Thanks all for the action!
  5. Called the lads to hit PD in their own timezone... 31 purple bleeders ended up flying into the channel. The Mexican Rats aka Latinos flew in to help their dying friends, PD, to try to take the fight back. After a painful 30 minutes their union was broken and little to no purple blood was shed. Beautiful spams by the brothers allowed for a clean sweep in #OURCAVES.
  6. we started the trip with 35 and peaked at 66 during the rot fight starting vs rot : 58 ending vs rot : 66 we started our trip making sure venge doesn't have any fights we ended their fight x3 and after the third time they decided to call jaja for aid (lmao) which as expected ended up in Jaja + veng getting deleted. We then asked all clans for a quick 30 minute scrap but not a single clan had the balls to step up besides rot, we fought rot for 30 minutes with jaja embarrasing themself once again (crashing 120+ with 10 ppl lmfao) and no sign of the alliance. we then heard ct were out so we wanted to see if they would fight back but they lasted 2 minutes and went ballista pking after getting smoked, guess they know their place after last sunday. we then swept caves for 30 mins and called it a day vid: pics:
  7. topic created by @ZewyView original topic here Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Today after the inners session we decided to head out to do some pking. We didn't stay anywhere long. Deep wild, Altar, revs, lava gate... Nowhere was safe from the Viking quality tonight. We found a good little return fight at gdz vs some mains (not sure who) for about 20 minutes before the late night vikings grabbed the W. Revs was pretty much dead but we did find what appeared to be a strong misfits reunion which gave us a good fight for a few minutes but we got the clear without too much trouble. Enjoy the loot:
  8. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Flew up the rev caves for a bit of smallman action this afternoon, had a small run in with SV and put an end to their trip after smacking them around for a few minutes. Rest of afternoon day consisted of clearing out smallmans and making money. #Vengup
  9. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ 35 Strong vikings massed up for our scheduled prep vs VR, about 5 minutes into our battle we were crashed by SV and Resurgence on their mains as Res doesn't seem to have the morale to crash us on their actual med accounts anymore (You can hardly blame them after repeatedly suiciding to us the past few Sundays). Our agreement with VR was to team on crash which we did, resulting in SV and Res getting trampled on making their way back to singles where we tried to initiate some clan to clan banter, there was no response from the opposition though. We knew this would be a good time to restart our prep as SV and co would be licking their wounds and we were not wrong. We teled back up for another 15 minutes of action against VR who were down a few ops on us (Respect to them) and we eventually took a win against them. Good fight and thanks for the action VR. Our second part of the the trip took us to altar where we ran into singles team Carnage, due to their superior numbers they thought it would be a good idea to rush into multi however they didn't seem to take into account that they'd be tanking on brews. We focused targets with the highest risk killing their leader for 20m+ and killing several members for bank before they eventually gave up returning. Respect to those guys for trying and not being afraid to run into multi with risk. Another great Sunday in the books for the Vikings #Vengup
  10. We setup a 1 day prep for tonight to fight Purge in a Wilderness PKRI. Soon enough we were informed of Purge's snake tactics, Lowriders, various other teams and also them bringing a Rev main team ALL focusing CD. 7:48 PM] Moi Orchid: @everyone Purge are doing a 25v25 against CD, we will be Aiding purge as Nemesis , I would like everyone to turn up. 9pm GMT ????? We weren't phased, we knew we were up against a clan full of retards considering they still listen to the guy whos scams his own members for $10 Mass time came around and we mustered up 35 Abdullah's ready to go, while Ace Krave was still begging everyone who would listen to go with him, but still only able to gain to 39 people between 3 clans. Long story short, We smoked Purge over and over. Fight lasted for little over and hour before Ace Krave's pebble brain couldn't take the beating anymore and called it a day. Videos: Imagine getting outpulled (without invites) and losing in your own server to a f2p based clan LOL
  11. started off single pking ran into team sweden hybrids got the quick 3-0 thanks for the friendly battle went out to multi after and sweeped everything that was out jaja nowhere to be found =/ made 36m myself heres my pics cba to post everyhing
  12. Started the day off by fighting liths, who we raped. After raping liths we ran into dk/liths/wm/jaja/ who all teamed up on us, after fucking them for 30 minutes CT thought it would be a great idea to crash our fight so we turned on them and cleared them. After clearing CT, the rest crumbled and all ran for their lives, giving us the win
  13. Setup a 23 vs 23 Vs "Onslaught" Onslaught is a merge between Intolerance & Determinantal
  14. Went out Yet again on Sunday expecting action and action is what we found, starting off with the trip we ran into DF2 who we cleared almost immediately then JAJA who we also cleared. After clearing up JAJA, CT thought it would be a great idea to hit our returners so we rushed them and that is where the fight began. We dominated the fight from start to end, our spams were better, our callers were better, our pull was better and our members were better. We peaked at 60 and maintained 50 people for 4 hours while CT could barely gain to 40 and at the final stretch of the fight CT tried outlasting us by going into dhide barrage and full tank, it didn't end well for them and so after 8 long hours for CutThroat Christy called the fight off. TY ROT FOR AC
  15. Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat Twitter: http://twitter.com/OSRS_VR Twitch: http://twitch.tv/OSRS_VR VR Discord: https://discord.me/OSRS_VR Was playing some league of legends with Kaochin and little keef was getting bullied by Supremes, saying VR was dead and to mass up so.. we did. We headed up with 10 people and found TS on our first world at the entrance. We singled them out until they ran away. We came back south and waited for them to hop worlds, logging into their world as they were on the 30 line and started a small fight. After about 5 minutes, TS was cleared. We hopped again and got told Supremes next world, logging in on them on the 30 line again as they piled me and we 1 hit their leader. After another 5 minute fight, TS was cleared. We teleported out, getting some banter off at edgeville as they ended their rev trip and we continued with a sweep. Hopped around and ran into Veng who outnumbered us the first time around as we were spread. We got everyone back together and re-rushed Veng. After a 5 minutes fight, we had veng cleared from the world and as we took ending, Lil Cards logged in with a shitload and we dipped. Hopped around some more, killing Veng again along with 4-5 anti teams that we managed to clear easily. Found AE kids and cleared them easily. Finally decided to join Lil Cards with their capes as they fought Veng. We cleared Veng with them and then 1 hit few of their mages and called it a day to mace. -------------------------------------------- Went macing for a few hours got some loot -------------------------------------------- Held a second sweep late at night and helped ibliys fight PD or CT or whoever the fuck they were. Cleared them easily and then continued to sweep ourselves, clearing a small team x3 times and a few other teams along with PvMers. Pics:
  16. Forgot to post Monday went macing: Tuesday ft. clearing DK/AE x3 Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat Twitter: http://twitter.com/OSRS_VR Twitch: http://twitch.tv/OSRS_VR VR Discord: https://discord.me/OSRS_VR Like most Tuesdays we decided to go or an early GMT swep to see what was out. Ended up running into Divine Kings who put up a small fight but nothing too seriously, managing to clear them pretty easily after a few minutes. Eventually they attempted to mass in full but without Derek around, they managed to pull a whole 10 people while we were walking aronud with 15. After a short 5 minute scrap with NO ONE dying, we cleared DK off the field and ended their trip. Continued hopping through the worlds, clearing any small teams and PvMers making some bank. We ran into Team Sweden for a fight and cleard them pretty easily as well before running into Lil Cards who didn't have too many and we cleared. After running into Lil Cards a second time, they had all their numbers and we left to go back to sweeping. After about 2.5 hours of PKing we decided to call it as not too much was out. Had a little east multi team at Venenatis for a bit with Roger/Hibrid/Skimer and had a few decent kills after that. Pics:
  17. We ran into Brigada in the wildy and asked them for a matched pkri With precise calling and really strong returns we took the win Ty for clean fight Brigada UTC pov Asap pov Northern is a new finnish country team consisting of finnish pure clanners from every LPC. During our first week we've had over 50 finnish clanners join our discord and we're looking to gain even more. We're going to be looking for events like cw minis and wildy pkris against any clan so contact me in discord to set something up (Asap #0460)
  18. Got told that Revenant was hitting our small man and so we quickly massed up 25 men and fucking beat the living shit out of Rev, clearing them within minutes.
  19. Forum l Discord We started off small manning altar and found some idot single PKers who ran into multi and generously donated some +1s. After about 30 minutes we ran into Resurgence who had a few more than us and started fighting. They began to gain though and tried to get an ending pic before we flew into multi again, now with some extra warriors, and cleared them from altar. Once altar was dead we moved to caves and swept 1750 and 2K worlds as we usually do. While we were waiting in a 1750 world for a bit Revenant started to log in, and we one hit about 5 of their members in a row because they were logging in one at a time lmfao. They eventually gained way more than us though and we decided to end the trip. Of course there was no sign of SV. wuu2 lmfao?
  20. Heard SV had a week long prep and had been massing for an entire hour, so we in turn did a quick 5 minute mass and gained 40 niggas. As usual, we bullied the shit out of them, catching them in barrage pile after barrage pile (learn to spread lmfao) and forced Rat to come help them multiple times. After a while CT and SV ran into each other, so we logged in and gave both of them the smoke until Rat were forced to once again help their slaves lmfao. Finished up sweeping the Wildy clean, running into Resurgence, WG, Lil Cards, and 2K/1750 CC. Part 1: Hitting SV While Outnumbering Them Twice (daddy came to help lol) Part 2: Raping CT (you all masturbate to my little pony lmfao) Part 3: Clearing Resurgence
  21. Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat Twitter: http://twitter.com/OSRS_VR Twitch: http://twitch.tv/OSRS_VR VR Discord: https://discord.me/OSRS_VR Got on today to hear that the men were around doing a sweep. Tagged along and made some bank killing some PvMers, killed a Rev kid for a ZGS then dipped from their main good lol, then got word that SV vs CT was going down in World 3. We decided to camp the south with TBs and freezes, killing everyone that was attempting to bank their loot. After making a killing there, ROT decided to rush us as they were anti-crashing for Rev. At this point we were told that Adenina and some JaJa/DK merged CC was at 50 portals with 5 so teleported up and killed Adenina for a toxic staff. After this bunch more JaJa showed so we dipped out and went back to the fight. Camped there some more before we got bored and had potential action in F2P so we left to gear up for that. We massed up in F2P small man with some CP and was told that "OG Unit" was PKing deep and looking for a fight at GDS. We accepted their fight and fought for about 10 minutes 18 v 23 as we cleared them preeeeetty easily as we outleveled them. They attempted to regroup at hill giants and we rushed them there as well, killing a few before deciding to call it. VR then headed over to P2P where a few of our members were already PKing at alter in single. Got some decent sized kills in multi at alter and then headed back over to revs where we swept south until everyone got bored and called it a night. Overall, very entertaining night with VR pretty much everywhere in the SV fight, F2P and P2P single. Fun shit. Pics:
  22. Forum l Discord Gathered the boys to do our daily 2K + 1750s sweep for a few hours and raped the shit out of these dumb monkeys. Eventually they got tired of getting cleared tho, and PD (newly minted RoT slaves), 1750+2K CC, as well as some RoT members all massed up to try and fight us. They only lasted 10 minutes sadly, and we railed them the entire time. As expected from Anti-Jaja quality, they were all one hits and could not stop planking lmfao. After a few hours more of bullying these idots, we got word that PD was going to PK at altar at 11PM GMT, thinking we wouldn't come since all of Anti-Jaja was massed up. Sadly for them, this wasn't the case. We logged into them at altar and beat the shit out of these stupid animals as SV kids watched from singles lmfao. Keep piping up on our Discord and see what happens. PART 1: PD PART 2: SKILL WORLDS
  23. Clan chat: Arroz CC | Discord: https://discord.gg/az3vpuW We were approached by The Supremes for a short prep fight today in F2P, we gladly accepted. Rules were simple, we asked them not to go single everytime since we're looking for a real fight and at least 30 min cap. We took control of the fight from start to end, after the cap was over they tried to outlast us so we kept beating them. There was some minor crashers on both sides, with some VR/DK sniping each other and also attacking the CT members at the fight, overall it was very clean. Good fight TS/CT, respect from brazil. Starting: The Supremes starting: no pic, around 16 ppl Ending Picture:
  24. Supremacy starting off this beautiful Wednesday afternoon with 15 big dick tigers later peaking at 29. After a couple hours of free loot in the caves we were challenged by a reformed version of misfits called "Revolution". The following is a clear depiction of what happen. Shout out to Revolution for the clean action today. Respek https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=52&v=50G5CS7begk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRu2PrDsIzs&feature=youtu.be Supremacy vs Revolution We scouted out these off-brand bee's in rev caves and logged into them with about 5~ less than them. We knew this would be an easy take as we had big dick @@Pillow calling. We managed to clear up all 20~ of the them in the southern end of the cave. Supremacy vs Revolution After we cleared them the first time we were excited to find their location again. They hid for about 30 minutes then I received a PM from their leader asking if we wanted to set up a PKRI. We rushed sperm hill with about 20~ and we quickly realized that the faggots lied about opts and actually had 30~ with them. We sent out a mass poke and quickly had 27 big dick supremacy tigers pulling up. We dragged the fight to chaos alter for returns and held the west side. As soon as reinforcements came in to make it matched we controlled the fight. We bounced back and forth between corp hill and chaos alter taking all of their return sets. After fully clearing them twice they decided that they had enough and tele'd out. This was a very clear victory.
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