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Found 190 results

  1. Forums | Discord Early this afternoon we got word Vengeance was out with 20 for a fight. We quickly massed up to go pop in and say hello. We instantly started wiping them off the map and taking their mystic sets. We then spotted them in caves and smoked them time and time again. This forced them to use their usual tactic - the rev cave entrance pking (LMFAO). Like usual, their pulled started to drop at this point and after another hit they decided to move to altar in search of safety. We hit them again and fought them in singles at this point. Towards the end we smited a trial member for claws. Sybren will NOT be happy another +1 lost! 🤣
  2. We got word ct (no capitals as a sign of disrespect) was in our caves without a permission slip, we could obviously not allow that. So we quickly hit them 16v25 knowing that we would gain in the next 5 minutes (none of that pussy wait till we gain like ct) ct tried to take a ending before we even logged in knowing they would lose the fight from the start in hope they can brainwash their reddit recruits, sadly enough nobody is that fucking stupid lmao. Just as usual we dominated these twitter rats from start to finish sadly they only donated for 1 hour this time before 30 year old groomer christy (no capital as a sign of disrespect) called it off. we ended with 48/48 pretty much shows how one sided these fights are. Shoutouts: RoT for the AC ct for the fake +1's spams ct for losing a rivarly to lil cards jaja for freezing our returners just to die to them ct for claiming lil cards was there (very poor propaganda) ct for killing their own members 720P vid we apologise, it would of been to graphic in 1080P @Tova thats loss #18
  3. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord  Final Ownage Elite approached Rage for a matched 38V38 P2P wilderness PKRI and Rage thankfully accepted. The event consisted of 1x defending at dwarves and 1x attacking round at CA. Both of which Final Ownage Elite were victorious after very strong performances. Thanks for the PKRI Rage, see you next time for future events. Fight 1: Defending North Dwarves - Victory A 30 minute cap fight which resulted in FOE clearing Rage in under 5 minutes after strong control of the map. Fight 2: Attacking North CA - Victory A 20 minute cap fight, full return fight in which both clans stayed until the end, with FOE having control of the fight for the majority. ~Ryan ~Erik ~Utc ~Dean
  4. Want to make bank like this on the regular? Join the #1 RunePure/Med/Tank Clan Today! Forums | Discord What a fucking day lads! We started pking early in GMT at Altar, running into Veng & their single squad body shields off the bat. They lasted about 15 seconds on the map before we dropped/escorted them out of our wild. We kept clearing world after world but the loot kept fucking coming, legit was no stopping it today. The evening came closer so we took a two hour break to gain a bit of men from our EST squad. We came back & continued to snipe the single kiddos who thought they could single to multi us but we always ended up with the loot. We spotted VR leader doing in singles with a little squad that we scrapped with for a few minutes, grabbing a kill or two before ducking to the bank. Thanks for fight lads. One team tried their luck with us and rushed into multi, ultimately getting cleared and providing an easy AGS/Staff pk. Eaaaaaaaaasy fucking bank today boys. Good work. Thanks to all who came out!
  5. Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat Twitter: http://twitter.com/OSRS_VR Twitch: http://twitch.tv/OSRS_VR VR Discord: https://discord.me/OSRS_VR P2P Rev Cluster Action Got off work early today and saw a bunch of V2R on so, we decided to head up for a little PK trip. Beginning of the trip was slow with us clearing PvM loot but as time went on, CT/ROT/Sweden/Liths/JaJa/AE/DK all came out and started fighting to the south. VR logged in north in the corridor and cleared anyone attempting to return through us. We kept a scout south and as we saw there wasn't much left in the fight (no idea who won), we rushed in and cleared the remaining kids, and took our ending. Clearing Divine Forces PvM Trip We continued our PK trip and found Divine Forces attempting to PvM, clearing their trip. Hopped around some more killing some more PvMers. Violent Resolution vs Lil Cards Since we had the numbers and Cards was out on a Private PK, we decided to go hit them up. We rushed them as they were fighting Vitality and cleared both clans from the world. Vitality ended up returning but we dipped out. We hopped again and hit Lil Cards x3 more times throughout the night to the point they just ran when they saw us log in even thought we had 16 to their 30. Violent Resolution vs Ansatsu Empire We then ran into AE and started a small scrap vs them. After 10 minutes of fighting, we were told to wait on the same world and they would re-rush. We waited but nothing ever happened. We contacted their leader asking for a fight and they accepted but then started messing around saying they were getting hit and doing random shit when really, we were scouting them sitting around hopping worlds sweeping (lol). Seeing this, we decided to start hunting them. We hopped to their world and they put up a small 2 minute fight but nothing serious and we took our ending. We then scouted AE coming down on a world and barraged them all out at the bottom of the corridor. At this point, AE ended their PK trip. Hitting 1250s We hopped around looking for more action and ended up running into the 1250s CC (Rendual) and cleared them 2-3 worlds in a row. Violent Resolution vs KID We then were told that a random team was in World 494 and hopped in. At first we thought it was Veng as they were mainly Zerks and had the same kites, but after fighting for a bit we found they were KID (no idea who still but ok cool welcome to the clan world if you're new lol). KID put up a decent as we started fighting 13 vs 18 or so of them. After 10 minutes of fighting, they were cleared and we took our ending. Hopped around some more and found KID again, clearing them easily. Killed Rendual's CC again and then decided to hit up the 1500s CC. We hit them for 3-4 worlds before they just sat at edge regrouping. Cleared out 1750s and then High Risk worlds but with nothing else out, we decided to call it a night after 4 hours of PKing. Good job to all VR who attended. Was fun 25 kills 5 deaths 7m profit Pics: 
  6. Had our weekly event and then took the lads pking, we smoked PD's attempt at macing one of our members with a quick gwass & picking off the survivors. We hopped a few worlds & cleared some small man teams then took it to altar. Altar provided easy bank for the lads so we camped it until it was juiced. Thanks for the action
  7. Started our trip an hour early knowing that JAJA was out.We ran into JAJA instantly clearing them within 5 minutes. After the first fight JAJA didn't seem to get the message so they decided to go out again where we yet again cleared them. After clearing them we got word that AE and Veng were fighting at GDZ. So we went ahead and crashed the fight, fighting them 2v1. Jaja showed up for abit but we cleared them. After clearing JAJA we rushed AE where they would fight us for around 1 hour before they dipped. After clearing AE we rushed Veng who run on sight. After that we made our way to Revs where we ran into AE yet again we scrapped for around 20 mins before they dipped again. After that we ran into DF fighting them for an hour before they ran. https://youtu.be/2gnfc7b_viw
  8. Today we massed a bit late after planning to take the day off but it turned out for the boys! Resurgence took over altar after getting quick intel of Veng hopping around there. We instantly bumped into them not long of being there and the fight broke off. It was matched ops at the beginning of the fight (around 12-15) as we slowly gained and started to out maneuver them. We eventually sniped an AGS mid fight and then the momentum kept pumping, unfortunately but not surprisingly, RoT flew in and crashed the fight (SAME REASON THEY SHOW UP TO ALL YOUR FIGHTS VENG!). So maybe instead of day dreaming & pointing fingers (see pic below), MAYBE you should just face the fact that you have multiple clans out to shut you down. Shame you didn't put this part of the fight in your video! Good fight VengScrubs, appreciate the scrap & easy money. We ended our trip with taking a quick sweep of caves, clearing what was there and filling the sacks. Thanks all for the action. I'm not quite sure if you realize ?realise? how bad it looks when your clan goes out and loses 100m in +1s every Sunday. I'll take my well experienced members over your bottom tier body shields any day.
  9. Forums | Discord Resurgentz took it to the altar this evening for yet another successful sweep and collection of dues. Bopped some kid for an AGS, then creeped over to GDZ for some quick action with some small squads that were there. Quick and easy night for us, erreeday Res gets to feast.
  10. FORUMS | DISCORD On this fine holiday Sunday we massed up to go hit the caves, peaking at 27 strong surgeons despite it being a holiday. We were hoping a certain clan might rise from the dead, but alas we were let down as they cancelled another Sunday trip right before. I guess if you can't stop the inevitable you can just completely avoid it? Not much to say besides we PKed for about 2 hours and got some decent +1s. The highlight of the trip had to be the first gwas on Lil cards which caught 15+ of them in a clump getting deleted. We hit them again and got a messier gwas and then transitioned through each of them to clear the rest.
  11. Had intel that SV was hopping around thinking they could pk freely in our timezone. Poked TS real quick and gained to 40+ strong gamers and waited for the moment to strike. We caught SV completely off-guard and literally farmed them in a CLEAN 1v1 for about an hour and a half straight. The whole map literally purple from start to finish (see video below). Knowing that SV's leader was @ing every discord he could get his hands on to mass anyone he could while his TS went dead silent for the whole fight, we continued the slaughter, 1 hitting every single one of their members back to back. Stick to your open CC low tier PKing, that's all you will ever be good for. >> Full Topic: http://cutthroat-rs.com/forums/topic/22470/ << Site: http://cutthroat-rs.com | Discord: https://discord.gg/gWGBTjs
  12. Topic Originally Written By @wolffffView Original Topic Here. Decided to go out on a smallman, hit up altar and did a bit of singles to multi at cave entrance. Needless to say the VengaCHADS made absolute bank again grabbin +1's all over the place. Also had a little run in with Res at altar who seemed to have about 10-15 to our 5-6. We caught a couple of them in multi before they ran out into singles where we killed 1 of them while the rest tellied out or ran away
  13. Started off the day GMT small-man ragging 1750s till we massed around EST timezone, uncontested PKing for multiple hours clearing Lil cards and some random clans/teams till PlayDead thought it was a good idea to log in on us where they got demolished for 30 minutes before they teleported. After out spamming them at edge we decided to go for round 2 which ended up with them suiciding for another 30 minutes to 35 great SV warriors before they teleported and took the L, PD smoked in their own timezone was very ez for SV. https://youtu.be/7VOs1dBHHhg
  14. FORUMS | DISCORD We massed some soldiers up and hit altar for awhile, it was producing big bucks for Resurgence tonight. Most of the worlds were pretty dead but we sniped most we came across. We transitioned to GDZ for a bit and had a few scraps with a couple main squads who were lurking about. Easy night for the men.
  15. The Vengachads massed up for a quick sweep of the rev caves, didn't run into much competition. We found Rage who were out in force. They were not match for our superior builds though and were quickly cleared. We also caught wind that Wild Might were out macing, we decided to bait them into a clump were we gwassed them for 10m+ in a single barrage pile, including a full set of obsidian. Finished our trip at altar to make some monies. #Vengup
  16. Another amazing show up by the PURPLE LADS. Peaked at 53 while PERSON KILLING for over 3 hours. Our 40 minute capped prepped fight with AE, which some described it as "RAPE" was clean and enjoyable as a result of no crashing. TY for the fight regardless. Patrolled the caves for another 2 hours+ to find no clans out, but made stank. GOOD SHIT FOR SHOWING UP. https://youtu.be/bDY1lD3Kdc8
  17. Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat Twitter: http://twitter.com/OSRS_VRTwitch: http://twitch.tv/OSRS_VRVR Discord: https://discord.me/OSRS_VR Just like yesterday we decided to go out for a GMT friendly PK trip, looking for some looty. We hopped around clearing any and all PVMers, eventually running into small 2-5 man PK teams. After clearing a good chunk of those small teams, ended up running into Lil Cards off stream PK vs Liths. We rushed into the fight and cleared everything, 1 hitting a bunch of them under the 30 line before they managed to tele and TBed the rest of them as they attempted to escape. We hopped around some more, running into Liths in just rag ballistas so couldn't be fucked with it. Eventually ran back into Lil Cards and cleared them 11 vs 22. After another 15 minutes of sweeping we ran into Divine Kings who had ~15 to our 11. We fought for 5 minutes south of the rev caves before clearing all of them and took our ending. We were then PMed by citrus asking if we'd be interested in a round 2. We accepted and set up south side of the rev caves. As we were waiting, Lil Cards rushed us again 10 v 15 and we cleared them and got everyone back together and told DK our world. DK logged in and the fight started south. I was told the fight was going to be 13 VR vs 15 DK so we decided to do it. Was fun for a bit until DK gained to over 20 people and we decided to call it as people had to go for Easter family stuff and we weren't gaining as people were with family. Thanks for the action DK/Cards. Good job to all VR who attended, did work fighting outnumbered both fights. Pics: ty for dragon crossbow 
  18. Today Fearless mass up 30 piglets and later peaked at 40 piglets. Shout to Apex for the f2p pkri. Vid explains all thank you. ~ @Ramie ~ @exzrts Join Fearless today!! https://discord.gg/RuNuxnW PM Godae#9828 on discord to leak!!!!!
  19. Went out on our daily pk trip, pked uncontested for 4 hours until we found Rev, after finding Rev we scrapped for a minute and the they dipped, after we cleared em we headed to GDZ were we found Rev again but in 1 item so we nsed them for 30 minutes and they called their trip a day. After Rev ended their trip we went back to revs and ran into CT, we cleared them in .5. We repeated this 4 times until they also ended. https://youtu.be/JPO9sY3AVXA
  20. Original Topic Written By Thomas, View Here Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ After our successfull smallman trip earlier today, we decided to head out again. Started with about 8-9 at altar, ended with 15ish. We fought multiple teams, clearing every single one. Also baited some big ass single whales. EZ money for the VengaCHADs.
  21. Today started off with a pop for the Surgers after we massed up some men for our daily PK trip. We started off at altar where we instantly ran into those sea rat Dolphins. Amongst the lot we saw they were taking the Veng kiddos for a drive, we knew it wouldn't be hard to bait the scrubs into to multi, its legit fucking textbook. We bagged some kills, escorted them down and drilled that embarrassing feeling of being last place straight into their faces. Our trip continued with collecting easy buck for the purses, our smites were trashing backpacks today. Alter was juiced so we relocated to GDZ where we bumped into Vanguard, was a good surprise and a sick scrap for the lads, thanks for the action men! We scuffled deep for awhile clearing what was there, eventually going caves to see what was poppin. We hit a few small mans & pures but were outnumbered by most other company. Resurgence finished off with some last minute snacks back at alter where we called it on a high note to finish off the trip. This is what it's like to actually be #1 in your scene. Thanks all for the action!
  22. Called the lads to hit PD in their own timezone... 31 purple bleeders ended up flying into the channel. The Mexican Rats aka Latinos flew in to help their dying friends, PD, to try to take the fight back. After a painful 30 minutes their union was broken and little to no purple blood was shed. Beautiful spams by the brothers allowed for a clean sweep in #OURCAVES.
  23. we started the trip with 35 and peaked at 66 during the rot fight starting vs rot : 58 ending vs rot : 66 we started our trip making sure venge doesn't have any fights we ended their fight x3 and after the third time they decided to call jaja for aid (lmao) which as expected ended up in Jaja + veng getting deleted. We then asked all clans for a quick 30 minute scrap but not a single clan had the balls to step up besides rot, we fought rot for 30 minutes with jaja embarrasing themself once again (crashing 120+ with 10 ppl lmfao) and no sign of the alliance. we then heard ct were out so we wanted to see if they would fight back but they lasted 2 minutes and went ballista pking after getting smoked, guess they know their place after last sunday. we then swept caves for 30 mins and called it a day vid: pics:
  24. topic created by @ZewyView original topic here Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Today after the inners session we decided to head out to do some pking. We didn't stay anywhere long. Deep wild, Altar, revs, lava gate... Nowhere was safe from the Viking quality tonight. We found a good little return fight at gdz vs some mains (not sure who) for about 20 minutes before the late night vikings grabbed the W. Revs was pretty much dead but we did find what appeared to be a strong misfits reunion which gave us a good fight for a few minutes but we got the clear without too much trouble. Enjoy the loot:
  25. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Flew up the rev caves for a bit of smallman action this afternoon, had a small run in with SV and put an end to their trip after smacking them around for a few minutes. Rest of afternoon day consisted of clearing out smallmans and making money. #Vengup
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