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Found 727 results

  1. Immortals have pledged to put our effort into increasing activity in W308 during the week. 14 biggin's pulled up. Thanks to Fudog & his gang over @ F2P Hybrids for the Monday action today, was super fun. We also killed some xL & 5 of Divine's pull lmfao & other snipe units beforehand. Was overall a good time.
  2. XL thought they Could Take on Are elite Apes They Was Wrong !!!! GG"S
  3. Discord: https://discord.gg/tUg2Hrj Pm any rank on discord to Join or to make quick $$$ We fucked imt lol. Your merge is almost as bad as control pker and pkerus shit clan. thanks for the boys who showed up ­čśë
  4. Discord: https://discord.gg/tUg2Hrj Pm any rank on discord to Join or to make quick $$$ Smoked Apocashit, I can't really tell who is weighing who down. AC or TP? They both are trash, put your predictions in the comments to tell me your thoughts. @snipergang1k Pov: @@Fujii Pov
  5. Discord: https://discord.gg/tUg2Hrj Pm any rank on discord to Join or to make quick $$$ On this Glorious Tuesday we got Intel that the newly merged clan Apocalypse was out in our wild so we swiftly massed up 20 shooters peaking at 26 to smoke this clan in 2 hits before there Leader raged and got off leaving his incapable ranks to do so making them crumble.
  6. -------Pulled a quick 25 killers in the matter in 5 minutes to smoke the wildy---- Expect us @dusse
  7. Interested In Joining Divine #1 xLPC? PM a High Council+ Rank For More Info! Discord: https://discord.gg/BJx3DMC ´╗┐| Clan Chat: Divine Clan | Clan Cape: Team-18 -
  8. On this Wonderful Wednesday we pulled 16 spark plugs maintaining about 18 shooters to smoke the wild. We heard our pets at BT massed up to fight XL so we had to do a quick mass to hit them and quickly pushed them off the map moving south to hit xl pushing them to south fog where they gave up and teled out. GF to BT and XL. Dm Brock#4834 to setup events or make quick GP. snipergang1k pov
  9. Website´╗┐: https://clan-nrg.com ~ coming soon. TS: ts.clan-nrg.com Discord: https://discord.gg/78mhquq We are currently not accepting applications and are invitation only, please PM a High Council+ via our discord if you are interested in joining. Monday, January 15th Got Intel that clan's tried massing. We sent out a quick mass poke once they entered the wilderness, and went out with 17 warriors maintaining 25. Thanks for the fights!
  10. Website´╗┐: https://clan-nrg.com ~ coming soon. TS: ts.clan-nrg.com Discord: https://discord.gg/bnTuCPc We are currently not accepting applications and are invitation only, please PM a High Council+ via our discord if you are interested in joining. Friday, January 11th (LATE EST) Got Intel that clan's tried re-massing once we ended our earlier trip. We sent out a quick mass poke once they entered the wilderness, and went out with 35 warriors. Thanks for the fights!
  11. On this snowy Friday night, Mother Ascent massed up 26, later peaking at 30, Ascentians to fuck up everyone in w308. We ended up smoking Noxshit three separate times until they ended after 30 minutes of regrouping. Thanks for the fights Ambush, FH, and OD. After clearing Noxshit the first time:
  12. Forums: | CC: Dmk Social | IRC: #Clan-dmk This evening 24 Kingz massed up ready to head out and clear the wildy. We found ST at Easts and cleared them twice before RD shortly rushing from 26hill, we managed to quickly clear them aswell on the same Inventory Apart from that there wasn't any clans out so we headed to lavas and glory hill to get some loot off mains Shoutout ma Kingz Ty ST,RD for fights. Killa's POV Nerdy's POV
  13. Today, Envy asked us for a fight so we gladly accepted and ended up fighting them down 12 bringing it close to matched until Doom crashed. We then got some more people on and peaked at 45 pures, fighting Doom x3 pretty much matched and clearing them with ease. Thanks for the fights Doom but drop those tanks please very hypocritical of you. Vids: Vito's POV: Pixel's POV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZWRTv2R-R8 Bud's POV: Screenshots:
  14. On this Monday, Our BeeHive Informations and Analytics Team informed us of some fried chicken out in the wilderness that we can add to our Greens, Beans, Potatoes, and Tomatoes. We massed up a humble 20 PrimeTimeKillerBz, later peaking at 24 for some juicy dinner hehehe MISFITS vs PHOENIX vs EOP Found Phoenix fighting the Eruption Of Pures at Chaos Dwarves and decided to go ahead on crash it. We attacked from the west side, forcing Phoenix to clump inside the trees at Chaos dwarves. After they all died, being down opts, we moved back west to ruins and held it there for a bit. We continued to hit Phoenix as they tried to return and fried the fuck out of them. Finally, after Eruption Of Pure claimed the clear, Phoenix returned and tried to hit us but we caught in multiple clumps east of ruins haha. Easiest clear of my life. MISFITS vs PHOENIX vs EOP Phoenix and the Eruption Of Pures opted to have another rematch, being at 26 hill. Eruption Of Pures rushed them from the south, and after a bit of strategical maneuvering, we rushed from the north and then controlled the east. We continued to body slam Phoenix until they were forced to defend at sperm. Eruption Of Pures and Phoenix continued to fight, and we countied to hit Phoenix until they were cleared. Eruption Of Pures then chased us up with like a +10.. Boi im gone MISFITS vs PHOENIX vs EOP Phoenix and the Eruption Of Pures opted to have round 3 at Chaos Altar haha. Welp, you know damn well Misfits was in there with the sauce. Once again we rushed the west side of CA and broke Phoenix's ankles like . . We continued to fuck them up and hit Eruption Of Pures when we had the chance. Phoenix was eventually cleared and ended their trip. They got so angry on ts when my friend said that their opening trip was 45 minutes.. VIDEOS Bryan pov Jean pov Jaya B pov uploading PICTURES
  15. We were out making bank at Lavas when we heard Misfits were PKing around CA. We quickly ran down and perfected them in a 10v10. Immediately they began to mass up, spam their kik and call a mandatory. We matched their pull at 27 men and began a fight at CA. We caught major clumps on the southeast side until EOP crashed and FI/FOE sniped. We quickly pulled away then re-fought at CA. We took over the fight, pushing them southwest of CA where we got our second full clear on them. Thanks for the fights, everyone. thnx for ballista btw
  16. Disclaimer: This topic was written by the same Dutch who stayed up well into EST timezone to kill the bee people. After misfits flaming us, avoiding us, and refusing to come out in our timezone (we pk everyday btw) we decided to come to them. We massed up a quick 23 Firebirds (Later peaking at 28 phoenixes) who massacred Misfits over and over again at Chaos Alter. After 30 minutes of dying, Misfits called off returns and ended their trip. They dipped, died and will never return to the wildy again. ~ Spiral POV / / / \ More pictures (ez loot)
  17. www.px-rs.com | ts.px-rs.com | px clanchat Phoenix gathered 20 Firebirds together for a P2P outing, later peaking at 25. We destroyed Misfits x2 and had a long return fight heavily down opts against SF. We ended our trip with a matched PKRI against Outlaws matched. Phoenix vs Misfits Part 1. We knew Misfits were out trying to crash us, so we baited them out pretending to rush SF at GAP, then quickly turning on the bees. We pushed them from gap to boneyard where we fully cleared them, killing every single bee. Phoenix vs Misfits Part 2. We then began to fight SF at Dwarves to bait out Misfits once again. Once the fight began, Misfits tele'd up to GDZ. We immediately left our fight vs SF and ran north to GDZ. We pushed Misfits back down to gap then back up to GDZ - killing every single MF member yet again. After this, Misfits quickly dipped to clan wars and did inners lmfao. Phoenix vs Special Forces We then set up a PKRI at GDZ against SF. We started the fight down 8-9, but quickly gained with a masspoke, bringing the fight to down around 4-5. We started weak but quickly turned the tides of the fight, taking over when Outlaws followed by JAJA crashed and all clans dipped. Phoenix vs Outlaws At this point in the trip we had around 25 men when we approached OL for a PKRI. They only had 18, so we sat 7 men and had a matched PKRI at FOG. We took over the fight fairly easily without a single death on our end. Thanks for the fight, OL.
  18. My network informed me that penix was roaming around the bee's wild, d-bow luring and wandering around. Knowing that they haven't paid their taxes this month I massed 15 bees in 3 minutes later peaking 29 within 10 minutes to literally close their clan. We caught PX DD'd in multi d bow luring in GWAS, we cleared them in a 20 minute return fight even though they had mains and ragged and as well we smited over 50M (SOTD/Ballistas/etc.) THE GWAS Misfits has been d-bowing often this past month, being phoenix's inspiration they decided to go out and do the same, but not on the bee's watch lmfao. We quickly grouped up a few killer bees and found them in DEATH DOT west of mossies. We logged in and barraged/chinned the 12 PENIS members in the DD smiting over 4 DARK BOWS and 2 Ballistas! They had no escape as they couldn't teleport lmfao! You can't outsmart the BEELLUMINATI VID of the GWAS THE PKRI ft. PX Mains AND Rag & SMITES As for the PKRI, PX was defending south of chaos dwarves with about 4 mains and they had 10 PX members logged out to the east thinking they can be sly. PX being networked by the Bee clan, we rushed quickly from the boneyard speccing and killing that main group of PX even before their other squad reached to them (nice tactic fucking tomato, you killed your clan.) Even though they had mains and rag that was no issue, their mains were dropping as fast as their pures. They literally kept returning just to die over and over again. We pushed the penis clan all the way down from south of Dwarves to Corp then down to CA. (I personally didn't die once lmfao and I'm a 1 bang) We had cleared them about 4x but we stayed because we knew they would keep offering themselves as sacrifice and giving us free loot. We pked over 3 SOTD and 10 ballistas and a brown sticky stuff ton of other loot MISFITS IS THE CHEMOTHERAPY CLEANSING THE TUMOR FROM THIS COMMUNITY. JOIN THE ONE AND ONLY REAL 1 DEF MOVEMENT Matched Opts' POV Danrics POV JOEY's POV
  19. On our daily wilderness patrol Misfits headed out with 17 killer bees to go and make bank and that's exactly what we did! We PKed 2 ZGS and 1 ballista in less than 80 minutes! The Penis clan came in our wild too and we reduced them to rag within 30 minutes of their pk trip lmao and while attempting to rag they donated a light ballista to me, thanks for monies. We encountered RDv500 like 3 times and they died too quickly every time, they spent more time massing then actually pking and they peaked at like 12 lol. Misfits vs RDv500 We were hopping around GDZ and one of our members found PX north of GAP, we quickly logged in and rushed. They had more opts then we did in the beginning as we still had people at bank and some afk but still managed to clear them in 2 mins lol. They quickly returned in rag, which we killed again and smited their dds and dscims. Stay dead chicken clan. The BBQ chicken was really good thanks! Pure-V-M POV Backwoods POV AND PX FUCKING MAD LOOOOOOOOOOL
  20. Today TheHive massed up a sexy 25-30 PrimeTimeKillerBeez We had some sexy pkri action against Intense Redemption We setup a long return fight against Intense Redemption. We fought for about an hour+ or so and managed to keep the fight going back and forth. We had the upper hand for the majority of the fight although Intense Redemption had it's dangerous moments throughout. We continued to fight at boneyard and controlled western/ tree area. We were being ragged by Phoenix in 1 item but managed to stay in the fight regardless of the fact. It was really fun and we finally took the victory after Intense Redemption decided to teleport out claiming a clear on their point of view. We were north of boneyard rushing south once again, and killed a fair amount of Intense Redemption members with maximum opts. We followed Intense Redemption to edge bank and said ty for fight etc Thanks Intense Redemption for the good fight! Thanks for joining the party Phoenix but please crash the fight in gear like we do. You're always invited my guys VIDEOS Backwoods pov Jean pov Bryan pov Jordon pov uploading PICTURES
  21. www.px-rs.com | ts.px-rs.com | px clanchat Phoenix went out with around 26 firebirds for a P2P unofficial PK trip. After some time of hopping and fighting at several places like CA,26,SPERM,GDZ,LAVA'S we found out some zerk clans were out. We caught Elite Zerks 2 times on the 26 hill and fought them, the same thing counts for Vengeance. After those two fights we checked out GDZ (World 25) again and found Elite Zerks around gap. Some MainClan found our location and decided to focus both clans, this ended up in a long return fight. Respect to them both for fighting us, many thanks for the action, rune and the shoutouts! Thanks to every firebird for coming! Spiral POV ~
  22. The beautiful, the exotic and the very dangerous killer bees hit the wilderness tonight from 6:30pm AEST - 8:30pm AEST with a strong unit of 10-12 throughout the night. We started off at 21 Hills and venenatis before heading into the deep wilderness clearing Lava dragons, GDZ's and Glory hill. please enjoy some phat loots below. Misfits wins again Video Backwoods POV: Pictures
  23. After our PKRI vs IR TheHive set out with 30 KIllaBees to go see what we could find in the wilderness We found a main fight at GDZ and Glory hill and sniped it for bank loot! Our trip started at 12pm EST and last roughly an hour. Video Pictures
  24. www.px-rs.com | px_clanchat | ts.px-rs.com On this fine Wednesday evening we set out with 12 flamebirds, later peaking at 21 for a glorious midweek trip. We ran into randoms, and eventually into FOE, wiping them off the map with ease. We then proceeded to set up a planned PKRI w/ FOE at chaos altar, which turned into a ~20 minute return fight. Both clans had highs and lows but in the end FOE decided to teleport out due to the appearance of some EOP 1 itemers while PX was holding the advantage. Thanks for the fights, FOE.
  25. AAO set out around 12am not expecting to run into any major clans today, but surprisingly we would have a good return fight vs misfits and then two encounters vs Outlaws.