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Found 757 results

  1. www.px-rs.com | ts.px-rs.com | px clanchat Phoenix went out with around 26 firebirds for a P2P unofficial PK trip. After some time of hopping and fighting at several places like CA,26,SPERM,GDZ,LAVA'S we found out some zerk clans were out. We caught Elite Zerks 2 times on the 26 hill and fought them, the same thing counts for Vengeance. After those two fights we checked out GDZ (World 25) again and found Elite Zerks around gap. Some MainClan found our location and decided to focus both clans, this ended up in a long return fight. Respect to them both for fighting us, many thanks for the action, rune and the shoutouts! Thanks to every firebird for coming! Spiral POV ~
  2. The beautiful, the exotic and the very dangerous killer bees hit the wilderness tonight from 6:30pm AEST - 8:30pm AEST with a strong unit of 10-12 throughout the night. We started off at 21 Hills and venenatis before heading into the deep wilderness clearing Lava dragons, GDZ's and Glory hill. please enjoy some phat loots below. Misfits wins again Video Backwoods POV: Pictures
  3. After our PKRI vs IR TheHive set out with 30 KIllaBees to go see what we could find in the wilderness We found a main fight at GDZ and Glory hill and sniped it for bank loot! Our trip started at 12pm EST and last roughly an hour. Video Pictures
  4. www.px-rs.com | px_clanchat | ts.px-rs.com On this fine Wednesday evening we set out with 12 flamebirds, later peaking at 21 for a glorious midweek trip. We ran into randoms, and eventually into FOE, wiping them off the map with ease. We then proceeded to set up a planned PKRI w/ FOE at chaos altar, which turned into a ~20 minute return fight. Both clans had highs and lows but in the end FOE decided to teleport out due to the appearance of some EOP 1 itemers while PX was holding the advantage. Thanks for the fights, FOE.
  5. AAO set out around 12am not expecting to run into any major clans today, but surprisingly we would have a good return fight vs misfits and then two encounters vs Outlaws.
  6. Our Scouting Bees informed us that some clans were out, so we decided to quickly get the Swarm together to hit them. We started at Venonatis Safe-Spot, but things started off a bit slow. We decided to move to Glory Hill/Lava Drags later to clear up some mains for BANK LOOT, but still no luck on any clans. Finally, just as we were about to end we ended up running into Intense Redemption, then Rampage, and finally Intense Redemption again (All FULL CLEARS). Time: 10PM-1AM (EST) The fight vs. IR started at 21 HILLS, where we ended up clearing them. Getting THREE SARA SWORDS from the SAME IR KID: Later, we ran into RP for another full clear at 21 HILLS again. Finally, the last fight ended by The Swarm clearing IR again on SPERM HILL. @IwentBee POV: 3m L00tationz: The Bees did not have enough action on our trip for one day, so we got a quick hit on some noobs camping Bandit Camp and ended up getting an AGS SMITE off them. We finished off our trip with a quick DBOW Lure Sesh and got some fat loots from this aswell. Overall, top notch day for Misfits as usual. MORE PICTURES DOWN BELOW:
  7. The Bees quickly got together to have two quick 15v15's Vs. Outlaws. These ended in quick clears so we decided to go out for a little pk trip. We ended up pulling 30 PrimeTimeKillerBeez for this midweek. We started off going deep where we ran into Elite Zerks who ended up getting cleared and SMITED FOR ZGS. Time: 10:30 PM - 1 AM EST Next, we ran into Fi at Venonatis and easily cleared them aswell. Later, we ended up running into Outlaws again to clear them once again, but AAOcrashed and so we cleared them instead, all while Outlaws teleported out to save themselves from another massacre. @IwentBee POV: @BackWoodsL POV: @MySuicidalGhost POV: PICTURE DOWN BELOW:
  8. Today The Hornets massed up a humble 18, later peaking at 22 PrimeTimeKillaBeez Time: 5:00pm - 7:45pm Est. We ran into Apex 2-3 times, clearing them and Savage pures in the same inventory at one point on 26 hill lol. We also ran into JAJA which lead us to moving back to 26 hill and running into said clans. 2.5 hours of pking, somewhat decent action but it was nothing crazy because no return fight ;( VIDEOS PICTURES
  9. www.px-rs.com | ts.px-rs.com | px clanchat Phoenix went out pking for a bit with around 28 firebirds and found some action around CA,Easts,26Hill and GDZ. We killed some mains, pures, raggers and other scum around these places since no other clans were out during the time. Afterwards Vengeance approached our ranks, so we sat some of our members and did a 20v15 PKRI versus them and easily won - left with the loot. Spiral POV ~
  10. http://ub-rs.com/ | ts.ub-rs.com | ub rs cc | http://ub-rs.com/ Discord: https://discord.gg/82jDTk6 Quality Above All 6x Clan of The Month Winner Most Prep Wins Highest Quality Best Community Best Leadership Had a couple guys out that wanted some more numbers to take on Apex. Not long after, about 15 of us had two random PKRI's vs Apex both at sperm. The first fight was lengthy with extended returning from both sides until our numbers prevailed. A second PKRI took place on sperm again seeing Apex teleing out much more quickly than the last. With our numbers approaching the 20's, IR took a shot at the Apes. Twice we fought at Sperm & the surrounding hills and twice they fell. Down opts, we got one last fight for them where they defended at 26 hill and despite the disadvantage persevered for the clean up. Thanks to both clans for the action, we'll see you all tomorrow. Yours Truly: Deziqn: Apeus Spoiler:
  11. http://ub-rs.com/ | ts.ub-rs.com | ub rs cc | http://ub-rs.com/ Discord: https://discord.gg/82jDTk6 Quality Above All 6x Clan of The Month Winner Most Prep Wins Highest Quality Best Community Best Leadership Best Core SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 4th - 48 Apes leave North GE and later peak at 56, ready to kill all. Today we did just that, with multiple cluster engagements, a 1v1 with IR, and as always, ensuring cd is indeed dead. For the first half of the trip, IR/Apex/cd continually found themselves on various parts of the battlefield northeast of ruins, where we were happy to intervene. Focusing cd whenever they chose to interrupt, the Apes kept the runite losers out of multi while Apex/IR repeatedly fought with us and amongst themselves on and off. foeop would repeatedly crash instead of fighting one another but only served to briefly interrupt the fighting. Midway through, IR sat at high altar and a relatively even scrap began. Putting up a rather decent fight, both of us traded kills down into the mid 30's at which point successive knockouts on our behalf finished them to 20's and under at which point they tapped out. The rest of the trip took place around corp/ca/13's/bandits where IR/Apex and ourselves repeatedly fought one another. cd bravely attempted to engage multiple times with a whopping 27 which was shut down each and every time they tried to step into multi. After 90 minutes of solid action the day was called - thanks to all that came out, we'll see you tomorrow! Yours Truly: Apeus Legend Maaku: Big focus ownage:
  12. The Aussie Bees grouped up to start a PK Trip since they were not able to make our EST Midweek. Originally, the trip started out as mostly Aussie's trying to pk some B0nk L00tz as usual, but it ended up turning into a full on return fight vs. AAO at 26 Hill after getting some good smites. Our trip consisted of clearing noobs at 21 Hills for a Berserker Ring Smite and later a few mostly clean fights against AAO. Time: 11:00 pm - 1:30 am Est. We originally encountered AAO on 26 Hill, when they logged in on us. After clearing them twice from just running into them we decided to set up a fight with them. Thankfully, they accepted the fight and we decided on a 12v12 where The Strong Bees would defend on 26 Hill. We defended on 26 Hill for the set up run-in and full cleared them down to Sperm Hill. They decided to re-rush us at Ghost Hut while we were still looting and we ended up looting some of their food and full cleared them down to CA AGAIN IN THE SAME INVENTORY. @pants POV: @Venom Blitz POV: Just before this massive beat down we got some sick kills with the Aussie Unit at 21 Hills including a B Ring + Wizard Boots Smite: MORE PICTURES DOWN BELOW: On a side note, just some extra AAO fails/unacceptable behavior: https://i.gyazo.com/...ed97ef5875a.mp4 https://i.gyazo.com/...493d6270b4f.mp4
  13. The Bees decided that winning a prep was not enough action for a Friday, so we decided to move up to Pk for a bit. The trip ended up lasting about 2-3 hours and it started at 7 PM EST. Luckily, we were able to quickly reach 25-27 Strong Bees ready to clear anything in our path. After pking for a little bit and not really finding anything near 21 Hills we decided to move things to Venonatis Safe-Spot. This is where all the action started. Just as we moved to Venonatis Safe-Spot, we ran into Fatality. After a quick scrap we decided to set up a fight with them, but of course their ranks would not respond. Later, we ran into them again near Boneyard where they were forced to fight. They pulled similar opts with about 20-25, but we quickly pushed them to CA from Boneyard. The fight kept getting dragged back and forth from CA to Graves. While at CA, APEX rushed, attempting to crash, but it was a FAILED CRASH ATTEMPT as everyone had ALREADY TELED OUT. The fight vs. Fi continued at Graves we ended up getting a full clear on Fatality just South East of Graves. We quickly rushed CA and waited a few minutes to see if any clan would re-rush, but it seemed we cleared them all out. Fi quickly ended afterwards and APEX went back into hiding. @BackWoodsL POV: MORE PICTURES DOWN BELOW:
  14. On this Friday, 18 bestfriends went out frolicking in the wilderness. We fought Unbreakable multiple times, exchanging blows and taking a toxic staff off a poor member. IR then logged on top of us at 21 hill and were quickly cleared up. Thanks for the action on this fine Friday.
  15. 11/1/2017: Tonight the undisputed strongest alliance known to mankind (px and sf) massed up for a F2P Pkri. We quickly received from Contr0l Pjers sidekick that the fight was going to take place around Corp Hill. We massed up a quick 37 Pirates to stop any action they planned on having. Better luck next time. Message to a bvg to pay my 7m btw @Deviants POV
  16. www.px-rs.com | px_clanchat | ts.px-rs.com Phoenix massed up around 34 firebirds for this PK session, we killed what we found and moved on to the next clan. After some quick smokes vs ST/IR/APEX/PRESTIGE/UB at easts - we found misfits in singles and scouted them, We lured them into multi and cleared them very easily at 26 hill/boneyard, looted the drops and ended their trip. Overheads POV ~ (Full smoke on misfits) Spiral POV ~ (All fights)
  17. Special Forces Set out with 15 later peaking 20 to our stream killing at lava dragons. Time 5:30pm-7:00pm Check These Clips out! https://clips.twitch.tv/DullRockyAnacondaGOWSkull https://clips.twitch.tv/ArborealRacyStarlingKippa https://clips.twitch.tv/TolerantFineCardKreygasm More pics to come. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDijKYKEuk4
  18. TOPIC BY TINY After a long day of PKing and Clan Wars events we decided to go out PKing again for the third time today with 20+ Strong Bees. Our trip consisted of an original 30 PrimeTimeKillerBeez ready to take the wildy. Our pull fluctuated between 20-30 throughout the entire trip. Our Scouting Bees got word that IR and EOP were massing so we took advantage of this and quickly massed up 30 Killer Bees to hunt them down. After sending our location to EOP and waiting around for 10 minutes, we decided they were scared of the BEE GANG since we ended their trip. We just decided to hop around and ended up finding Fatality. They were a quick clear as they only had about 15. The Bees came out victorious as usual and continued to hop around to make sure nobody was wandering our Wildy. Thankfully we ran into IR and collected our loot quickly since they, too, could not compete. After clearing IR's 15 people within seconds, we decided to go deep after not being able to find them for a while. Quickly clearing out deep Wildy, we returned to 21 Hills to make sure nothing remained. Again, we ran into Fatality and cleared them once again. SF also showed their faces with only about 9 -10 with them. More Pictures Down Below:
  19. On this glorious Friday Morning at roughly 2pm EST we decided to pk so we massed up 13 sexy Misfits to rule the wilderness later peaking at 23. We meet up with APEX at Venenatis and clear them up really quick. Later they mass up to hit us at 21 hills were we were blindsided and down 6-7 max we put up a great fight and decided to get a tele out as they had numbers on us. We got in touch with APEX and asked for a pkri but they avoided us after they scouted and saw our numbers. They decided to end their trip and not get the smokey smokey from Misfits Spoiler We continued our Pk trip after we got 23 People online and went deep where we pked a lot of mains and made an outstanding 12Million unescape Gold coins Pk! Gratz Misfits [Videos] Jean's Pov Backwoods Pov [Pictures]
  20. This cold, snowy Thursday's evening we massed 16 foxes and simply took over the GMT wilderness. Sent some mains to lumby, then scouted and cleared Blunt Purez at lavas, making them end their trip, then bumped into Striketeam at maze for a quick steamroll, later eliminating them again x2 at GDZ. Was fun! @farmeris POV www.pr-rs.lt
  21. After getting home from making money in these mean streets of NewYork, I hung up my NewYorkTimbs above my bedroom next to my NewYorkYankees Hat because TheHive was hungry We found out IR were out there grinding in the wilderness so we put on our jesus pieces on to spread cristianity #Facts We peaked at a solid 33 PrimeTimeKillerBeez and ran into both IR (x3) and Savage Pures x1 We ran into a few clans, clearing absolutely all of them without any contest. We went as far as looting and waiting in multi for clans to return, and rushed teleport spots I.e:(CA) We killed Savage Pures (x1) at 23 hills and it was pretty quick and easy being up by alot more opts. We then ran into, and cleared Intense Redemption (x3) The first run happened when they rushed us while we were looting off the Savage Pures clear. We called some simple movements, and managed to smoke them and rush CA in hopes of a return fight but to no avail. We ran into them again after scouting them on 26 hill. We rushed north and pretty much cleared them after a fun little tussle. We found them for the third time again, at Lava gate and cleared them quickly. We ran into IR for a fourth time at 21 hills again, and.. the same result once again, a quick fight, simple kills. Lastly, we ran into IR a 5th and final time when they found us at rune rocks. Anyways TY FOR FIGHTS IR! VIDEOS Bryan pov PICTURES [spoilers]
  22. Heard Fo were out in the wilderness trying to get some p2p action so we decided to mass up to end another one of their trips. We headed out with 34 pirates, hit a up a few clusters and smoked Fo in a clean 1v1 ending their midweek.
  23. Eruption of Pures quickly massed up the murder squad going from 0 to 44 niggas real quick after receiving intel from one of our own that the low tier main clan Damage Incorporated was out PKing in our wilderness. We caught them bitches slipping like baby penguins on ice at GDZ pushing them all the way down to single strip where they chose to dip out. We also had some brief encounters with Vanguard as well as some other randoms while we were out patrolling the skreets.
  24. On this Monday night, I was brushing my eyes brows but then TheHive called me to kill some alleged clans that were out. To our unpleasant surprise no clan wanted to have a pkri so we proceeded to kill random ugly main teams. We went to glory hill, Lava gate, and lastly, rune rocks. Got some juicy loots and dipped. Massed up 34 yellow fucks for this one. Peaking at 35. After about 30+ minutes of mass recruiting dragon bot killers, we found Fuckton of Apex on 26 hill who decided to teleport out completely, instead of fighting back for a "organic" pkri (el oh elle) After avoiding for 30+ minutes again, we found them again south of glory hill in singles. We literally grabbed by the hand, in a very romantic fashion and pushed them from lvl 40 wild SS, to lvl 1 SS. We procceeded to take a steamy shet on Apex in a singles pkri apperantly, for about an hour lmao. They brought lvl 80-90 zerkers, and even an account in full rune, and rune cbow, like nigga wat. They then gained the courage to actually step into multi . ? I'm high off all the fucking smoke, the loud is too strong. They actually moved west into multi and we proceeded to eat them like the asian sushi @Jordon loves We then went to the bank and hurt their feelings harder than Kyrie hurt Lebron :/ Ty for B ring, Ballistas, and the free honey money you gave my men Btw Matched opts is 17 and buff VIDEOS Bryan pov Matched opts pov uploading Brandon pov Vexity pov uploading Rob pov uploading PICTURES
  25. Special Forces set out with 10 later peaking 16 to the P2P Wilderness Once again. Time: 11:30pm Eastern - 1:30am We decided to go out and claim our last points of the day. We quickly rounded up a bunch of fellas and decided to roam the wilderness. Was a great night and we got lots of pictures of our lootations.
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