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Found 748 results

  1. Immortal set out with 38 warriors & maintained that the whole duration of the trip (good shit boys). We started out fighting NRG in the wild just to have little azn Tom's (Xao Ming) team called Chiefs end up sniping us from the west, so we dipped north to corp & NRG ended up dipping the opposite way. Both ended at the same opts (31). After that, the whole xLPC scene ended up in Falador (stop doing this); with that said, we engaged in battle with xL whom had around 50 today & made them run like dogs east. Killed about 20 of them. Considering Immortal has completely slumped Divinity(they pulled 22 today,) we were able to get a 1v1 with NRG & ended up fighting them north of Falador and clearing them & their tanks to 1 item LMFAO. Here's a vid: After the NRG fight, Agent 4 of Divine informed us that they were upstairs in Falador Pub, we quickly went up the stairs with our scimitars and dicked them. RIP Divinity, you tried in this scene. We decided to end with 36 WARRIORS once Energy knew they couldn't compete with us & began multi logging on their tanks. Dear Energy: You've already been removed once for using Mains. Quit cancerizing the scene that we started to get AWAY from the mains. Your whole rank staff is ex-FS. You're fooling no one in the pure community saying you don't have mains with you 24/7. It's no secret this xLPC scene can't hang with Immortal. We've reduced you to one iteming and mains now twice. Be better.
  2. Video explains everything, no need for lumps of propaganda text for brown kids to feel better about having a shitty life.
  3. The Immortal ones went out on Sunday with 38 later peaking & maintaining 42 and showed the scene who runs this shit. Thanks Gaydrew for the fill in gfx ❤️ ^^ One of our 4 volunteers in Divine (We appreciate your services, Agent 3 ❤️) gave us word that they were just west of CA, at this same moment, we knew Energy was preoccupied with a fight at CA, *rubs hands* so we quickly hopped, pulled our scims out, and sent the rats to level 1 where their other friends are, QUICKLY. Your members now see why you HAVE to team with Energy to compete.You cannot compete 1v1 with the best wilderness xLPC. Immortals demoralized you. "You guys suck" "Get Organized" After digging Divine's grave for them, we caught their butt buddies, Energy, south of CA this time, fighting a masser cc LOL.. We killed some Excel kids, then hopped back onto Energy, and made those dumb dogs run north, where they were eventually attempting a regroup at CA. We chased them out of that territory of ours and went toward 18 ports where xL decided to focus the best green clan in the xLPC scene. We went onto Corp Hill where we battled until APOC ended up joining in. We let them handle the remaining xL and took our W's on NRG. After our #1 xLPC Wilderness Clan trip, we were approached by the one of the few respectable clans in the scene, Apocalypse, for a F2P Prep. We ended up taking them out, as well. We appreciate the flame free prep, APOC, and we plan on having many more in the future. Take your time now to sign the spade that continues to dig Divine's grave Do you enjoy dismantling alliances? Do you enjoy running the wilderness with respected leadership? Do you enjoy being #1? Join Immortal. PM an Overlord once you've joined Discord. 40 attack, 70+ str, 70+ range are requirements. https://discord.gg/dKdb4v
  4. Discord: https://discord.gg/tUg2Hrj Pm any rank on discord to Join or to make quick $$$ Massed up 30, later peaking at 40 motherfuckers to once again prove why no clan can compete verse us matched. With the most action with non stop fights, being down at the start most fights and clutching up, it was a non stop return fight verse the entire scene coming out on top. @snipergang1k @zigy 
  5. badtimingts.teamspeak3.com Today we pulled 30 strong baguettes lmfaooo later peaking at 38 very very strong baguettes Little shoutout: @Control Pker @Apocalypse Both of you really thought you could kill us? You just lost to my edge recruits bro you so shit First fight: We were massing at edge but these niggas XL kept on following us like little pussies So we decided to go west of 13 ports and rush 13 Wish they did and got fucked in the ass even tho they had opts on us, nrg crashed but we kept on focusing XL till we put them in their place wish is singles. Second fight: I don't know what happened to XL but they decided to grow some balls and go past fog but unfortunately we had to punish them So we dded, logged in to 308 and just starting to rape them one by one they ran south CX was there with some snipe team, we pushed cx and the snipe team to singles and cleared XL Third fight We knew that NRG was south of 13 ports so we decided to rush them We dropped a lot of them so they ran to ca and did a little return fight After a couple of minutes xl came in with 40 sniping us from behind we ran to corp hill and then Apocashit crashed cause that's how they can make a fake win Ty for action nrg was fun Fourth fight We fought Apocashit and XL and I'll be honest, I'm not going to comment on this since it was just a rape scene Apocashit and XL you both are fucking dog shit don't pipe up to me On that note Ty for the action it was a good day but fuck Apocashit and XL retards Shoutouts: Yes I want to shoutout my edge recruits who once again showed up and owned AP and XL @PICwarior381pov @Dzekopov
  6. -On our first Official trip, We quickly pulled 39 shooters later peaking at 42 getting the most action we could- -Being the most active, ruthless upcoming clan in the scene, we expected lots of focus- -Most of the action consist of different clans but in particular getting 2v1s, while bt called nrg any chance they could. it didn't faze us at all- cya next weekend in our upcoming opening trip BT @marcsaw @pkeru IF YOUR INTERESTED IN JOINING FEEL FREE TO PM ME FOR DISCORD AND TEAMSPEAK INFO OUR CURRENT CC IS "AP PUB"
  7. Massed up big 25 shooters for some quality xlpc action. Our action consist of xl, bt, ambush and climax. good fight guys except bt. wanted to set up a fight vs bt but they declided just because their quality is shit and wanted to crash fights. all bark no action. cya tomorrow retards.
  8. badtimingts.teamspeak3.com On this fine Saturday we massed up 27 strong apes later peaking at 31. Sadly today was a bad day, XL AP and CX were talking a lot of shit on that 308 discord or whatever but none of them had the balls to go past fog or being in multi when we were in multi. Everytime we ran to multi they all went to singles very very sad game Didn't really have much action today First fight Our intel told us that AP were west ca at the trees with 25 so we decided to go rush them They were dropping like flies but nrg came and crash. Second fight: We scouted xl fighting a snipe team and we were like fuck it lets kill them Third Fight: The same intel told us that AP were at the tree path in 308 so we decided to log in and rush them We got a very quick clear on them, XL came out and AP went east sniping my people After a little hit with xl that gold snipe team came from the north side sandwiching us so we pulled it east. Shoutouts: Special Shoutout to my edge recruits killing AP like it's nothing ! @PICwarior381pov @Dzekopov
  9. Interested In Joining Divine #1 xLPC? PM a High Council+ Rank For More Info! Discord: https://discord.gg/BJx3DMC | Clan Chat: Divine Clan | Clan Cape: Team-18 For our Official Saturday Pk Trip, Divine massed up 38 golden dicks later peaking at 44 to penetrate IMT's holes all day long. Our intel informed us that PissMortals were in desperate need attempting to call Apocalypse in their capes (AC/TP Clan) since 3hit didn't pull their regular 20 in their capes LOL. The whole trip consisted of 2 big fights (MATCHED OPTS) both resulting in PissMortals dropping opts quickly and scurrying away back into graves singles. Lastly, we had a few hits on other clans after the shitters ended vs XL/CX and snipe teams. GF everyone.
  10. Today we massed up 22 strong apes We setup a pkri against AC at 13 ports AC defended at 13 ports, we rushed them with scims with our 22 strong motherfuckers dropping them quick. We knew that they were returning at ca so we took our time to let them rg We rushed ca and just cleared them. Yo @Control Pkerwhy are you so salty man? I don't get it Anyways thank you for the fight looking for more in the future
  11. On Sunday 2/3/19, Climax stepped out into the wilderness with an unexpected 30 pull fighting clans like XL, PH, & BT. Overall, it was a great Sunday trip. CC: Cx Hq | Discord: https://discord.gg/QYxaYZ9 | Site: https://www.Climax-Rs.Com
  12. ' Today Immortal left mass with 60 members. Initially we rushed both clans in Varrock Sewers PvP and rolled over them. Afterwards they moved it to the wilderness in which we would rush either Divine or Energy and as expected they would off each other and only focus us. We managed to clear both clans in the few times they weren't standing next to each other in a fall in. After The Rat Alliance realised wilderness wasn't an option, Divine and Energy went back to their homeland, Varrock Sewers. What followed next was a 2 hour orgy of mains, high leveled pures, and shit clans teaming. The teaming continued inside their rat lair however we made easy work of them and ended our trip not wanting to get ragged by mains in our capes for the next 3 hours. Shoutout to Divine for dropping from their 60 pull last week to 35 this week. If you're interested in joining Immortal, go to www.Rs-Imt.com and click Discord. Message an Overlord to join. Please watch the video to make your own assessment.
  13. Interested In Joining Divine #1 xLPC? PM a High Council+ Rank For More Info! Discord: https://discord.gg/BJx3DMC | Clan Chat: Divine Clan | Clan Cape: Team-18 - GFX COMING SOON - Fun Fact of the Day: IMT ended only 1 hour after mass and losing 30 opts after one hit! - GFX COMING SOON - For our official Saturday trip, Divine massed up 37 gods later peaking at 42 to dismantle these virgins over at IMT for another weekend in a row. Majority of our fights were against IMT and NRG. Some small appearances by Ambush and Anonymous were made but nothing to faze us. Most of the day we fought in PvP worlds at Varrock sewers with plenty of IMT tanks gratz lmfao. GF to NRG for the fun 2 hour return fight IMT couldn't handle! - GFX COMING SOON - QUICK AUDIO LEAK FROM IMT's DEMORALIZING TRIP TODAY ENJOY LOL:
  14. On this Energized Saturday we MASSED up 40 peaking at 42 all day to smoke IMT Divine and AC. After a short while, we got intel at the imt hq that they have 3 snipe teams in their capes (yikes) So we set up a clean fights with Divine where IMT crashed so we bullied them to end there trip then kept on with our setup return fight ultimately where we stood our ground and beat them in a clean 30 min + fight GF Divine after that pushing AC back into there shells in Lumbrige. Pm Brock#4834 on discord to make quick $$$ @zig POV
  15. HYDRA's 4th P2P Sunday out. GF to everyone it was lot's of fun!! Date: 27/1/2019 Fight's were crazy in the wild & in p2p worlds, gf all! VIDEO 1: VIDEO 2:
  16. HYDRA's 3rd Sunday out around a 50 pull. Was fun and great. GF TO ALL! Date: 13/1/2019 HYDRA vs BP HYDRA vs DT Full fight video Another pov below
  17. Today Ascent massed up 24 Knights, later peaking at 28 Knights for another trip to smoke shit clan noxious and friends. they didn't help much lmfao. PM Brock#4834 to get paid $$$$ WANNA JOIN THE #1 XLPC - Click Here! @Brad
  18. Discord: http://eop-rs.org/discord Teamspeak: ts.eop-rs.org On this fine Saturday the Red Giant set sail with over 70 pirates looking for some quality F2P pking action with the boys. Fo spent the entire week chatting shit for some reason (even though they lost to supremacy in cwa again lmfao?) So we knew we had to give them the smoke. When the opportunity arose, we did just that. They spent the entire rest of the trip getting autistic spams at hollow tree while big eop was ready to fight high wildy in multi - fo is scared as usual! Congrats to all the other clans for their good trips, I wish I could say the same to you final ownage eggs! Stop hiding at Hollow Tree and spamming you fucking pussies l0000000000000000l. Got a 1v1 with our pussy ass rivals final "ownage" tanks after they tried to hit us when we were hitting a cluster. When they first rushed, they came in spamming thinking they'd just chase us out. You should have seen their fucking faces when we fought back. We made them run back and forth from hollow tree to corp, but we fucked them up no matter where those faggots ran. They would try their best to start logging in tanks to fight us back, but it didnt matter. They tried to call sup, but it didnt matter. We cleared those losers regardless. When we cleared them then came back from our RG, they fucking dipped away again to avoid embarrassment twice lol! ] Maybe the next time you clowns decide to fight us it won't be for 20 seconds and than run when you realize tanks+mains won't help you in this situation. Down 30, 20+ mains against us, we still win. Champions.
  19. www.px-rs.com | ts.px-rs.com | px_clanchat Phoenix massed up 46 Firebirds for our weekly Sunday trip. Our goal, yet again, was to ruin Misfits' trip - and that we did. We camped them for 2 hours straight, watching their pull plummet from a 45 start to a 23 man ending. You asked for this, and we're giving it to you. Your entire staff IRC is linked below. This is the intelligence and well coordinated genius of Misfits behind the scenes. http://px-rs.com/community/index.php?/topic/3368-misfits-staff-irc-for-111217-leaked-find-our-leak/page-2 Phoenix vs Misfits ft. Intense Redemption We started off our trip by clearing Misfits in single. Upon their defeat, we immediately teleported to bandit camp to fight Intense redemption. We got aggressive north, taking down everything in a T26 cape and getting a full clear. Phoenix vs Misfits Part 2. We then chased Misfits to Falador, where we fought north of the city. Several clans crashed and the fight moved more towards the city. We caught Misfits in massive clumps to the north of the gate, eventually pushing the yellow capes to Taverly gate where we took our win. Phoenix vs Against All Odds We found AAO sniping the return spot in a massive clump. We wrapped from all sides and caught a huge barrage pile, killing all. Phoenix vs Misfits Part 3. We then chased Misfits around west of 13s, graves, and more - staying on top of their regroups for a good 20 minute period, with no breathing room. At this point in the trip, they kicked 3 members and many more disconnected. Phoenix vs Misfits Part 4. Then Misfits decided to go random worlds Ghost Hut in an attempt to... Honestly I have no idea what they were thinking, but when they logged into a world, we were right there with them. We took over the fight with specs out and got a full clear on the bees. Phoenix vs Fatality We then found Fatality at Southeast graves. Upon sight they ran to multi. We happily followed, taking them down in a clean 1v1 south of graves. Thanks for the fight, FI. Phoenix vs Misfits Part 5. We then chased Misfits to Boneyard where we easily took over the fight, pushing them to corp and holding a +15 opt advantage before the fight got crashed. (lmao dude) Phoenix vs Misfits Part 6. To finish their trip, Misfits felt brave and decided to tele up to Chaos Alter. We immediately followed, taking over the fight and killing every last Misfits member. kurttumuari Too busy eating lol
  20. Today Apex massed up 90 sharks for for our weekly weekend P2P PK trip. The trip consisted of a few 1v2s vs the combined forces of FOE and BP. There were some fun clusters involving the entire pure community too. Thanks for the action all! Nixon POV Tyen POV Mewho POV Fight One Our first fight of the day was a 1v2 against Foe and BP at rune rocks. After a short engagement, FOE was wiped from the map and BP were left to face the weight of 90 sharks alone... Fight Two In our second fight, we crashed a cluster at bandit camp. Taking our position at the lava line, we fought back several clans as they came in 1 at a time. There were clumps on all sides of us for us to hit! Fight Three Our third fight was against the combined forces of FOE and BP again starting at dwarves. As the fight went on, FOE pulled to GDZ to get a regroup. We pushed north to continue a decent return fight. At a certain point, we pushed FOE to glory hill where we fully wiped them. FOE mass returned to GDZ where the fight then continued. IR eventually crashed making a 3 way cluster. After a few more minutes, FOE was wiped from GDZ again. Stragglers dragged west and we chased them down. BP then tried hitting us again and we pushed them all the way west. Fight Four Our final fight of the day was a 1v1 vs FOE at boneyard. As the fight progressed, several clans crashed. Maneuvering to different positions we stayed in the cluster throughout the engagement. After about 10-15 minutes of fighting, FOE re-rushed us. Taking advantage of IR rushing crashing and reacting quicker, we moved to the opposite side to sandwich FOE causing them to be decisively cleared off the map again. Before IR pushed on top of us, we teled out.
  21. On this fine Sunday, Supremacy massed up 65 Tigers, later peaking at 73 to massacre all who we came across. We fought many different beasts, but as usual, we showed that Tigers ALWAYS come out on top. - Shout outs - Ir for bringing Zerk clans to compete AAO for dieing to us and helping IR with their 20 man pull Px for being a great clan, sad about the closure, but glad you guys joined and hope you find your home with us here. Phil POV More to be uploaded Started off the year of the Tiger by hitting IR West of CA. We caught them in a few 4 man clumps before pushing onto them with specs. Our South side wrapped and found FOE South of IR. We pushed through and started hitting FOE. Fight was even with our South side dominating them, while their North wrap was dominating us. Another clan came from the North. So we teled out to re-group. Next hit was against the Green clans. We ran from Varrock ditch and pushed onto Apex from behind. We mopped them up with ease before pushing onto FI and dropping them all over the place. They teled out and @whisky decided to message our Supreme Leader that his standards where too low. Sorry for cleaning up the trash. Our next hit was against FOE and IR. We ran from East Bandits and hit FOE who was near the entrance gwassing Doom I think?? We hit them from behind but seen IR trying to be sneaky and hit FOE from behind. We decided to turn on them and killed a bunch and caught them in clumps. FOE then decided to stab us in the back, we killed a few before teleing due to being out numbered. IR ranks was then raging at AAO for being clueless in Discord. It was at this moment that AAO decided to go out with their 15 man unit for an unofficial but on an official Weekend trip. Next hit was against Apex and FI. We rushed from East Ruins into Boneyard and hit Apex first. We pushed through them, eliminating anyone in our path, straight into Fi who we crippled as well. We pushed their remnants into Single Strip. Next hit was against a few clans. We first started East of Bandits and pushed into Doom, killing them, along with some Misfits stragglers. ST proceeded to log in and rushed us with 20. We dispatched them pretty quickly, along with dead main clan AAO. At this point, we lost 0 people, but took out 4 clans. Some random OB kids teled up into Bandits so we killed them, just as IR rushed into us. We caught IR in like a 30 man clump and disposed of their numbers to low 40's. FOE rushed in from behind so we teled out while IR was getting cleared spams at Edge LOL. Heard Apex was at graves, we rushed there trying to get them to fight us. By time we ran there, they had already rushed into multi. We hit a group of them that was left while the rest of them teled out. While waiting for a cluster to start, we was spread at Sperm hill. AAO decided to log in with their snipe team and 12 of them got dropped on login. Thanks for free SOTD. 3 of them got lucky and teled out. Heard OB was at Sperm, we rushed in and engaged them pretty quickly, deleting as many as we could of the map. Doom then logged in on 26 hill, so we pushed onto them taking as many as we could out. Apex rushed from behind, we turned out attentions onto them and pushed them to CA where they teled out. FS then rushed us from the North, so we focused them, catching them in numerous clumps, along with AAO who stupidly ran through them to hit us. AAO bent the knee and 15 kids got buried alive. FOE soon crashed from behind FS so we teled out. Pretty much after disposing of the garbage (AAO) We hit Doom in the same place and cleared them up, and then hit OB while FS was focusing their other side. FS then turned on us, so we hit them and started catching them in numerous clumps. We lashed out with our daggers and specced numerous kids out. Before we could finish them off, FOE logged in and rushed, so we teled out. Set up a fight with Apex, we rushed them as they defended at CA. Needless to say, it was messy, but easy. We pushed into them catching a bunch in numerous 5 mans. We made most of them tele out when IR came crashing late. We teled out comfortable with our victory. We heard of a cluster at Sperm, so we rushed from CA and seen ST and Doom tussling it out. We erased them both off the map and pushed to sperm to see FOE fighting IR's zerk clan. We started scrapping with FOE, giving it our all, knowing we was down 20. We killed quite a few and gave them a fairly decent fight, considering the Opt difference. IR then rushed from our North, not wanting to be sandwiched, we teled out. Our last hit consisted of fighting IR and FOE at fally. We hit IR as they was clearing up ST and Doom. We mopped them up from behind as they was pushing towards fally. Deciding on a quick tactic, we teled into Fally and caught them running through the gate. Just as FOE hit them from behind. Most of IR died, the rest teled into Fally centre where they met their demise to us. FOE tried pushing through with like 80 people, so we held them off for a few minutes before pushing into fally castle and ending. everyone got dicked
  22. On this fine Saturday, Supremacy massed up 38 Tigers, later peaking at 42 to massacre all who we came across. Today consisted of 2-3 gwas's and clearing out the trash from Bandits aka AAO. Shout out to my clan for not vidding this weekend... Noel POV Supremacy started off the day with a 3 way gwas. We got intel that a fight was going down between Doom and Foe at hill's hut. When we got into position, MF rushed so we followed, we soon got MF/Doom/Foe into a big clump, but also dragging ourselves into it. We dropped like 5-6 of our own members in sacrifice of getting like 10 MF kids and numerous Foe/Doom kills. Was worth the hit. You will be remembered. Got word another fight was going down at Dwarves. We logged in East of ruins and seen like 5-6 MF stragglers. We single to multi'd them while Apex logged in underneath. Unfortunately, they never seen us and ran East into multi where we managed to drop a bunch of kids before they ran back. We teled down ready for our next hit. We fought Fi down 5 at Boneyard, we got a quick North - South spread and rushed East. We immediately took the South side down with ease while there North side wrapped round. We brought it down to even ops and it was toe to toe for a couple of minutes before AAO came crashing late. We killed a few dumb kids and teled down with Fi. Got word Foe was having a dance off with Doom at CA. We quickly logged in South of CA and rushed North. We quickly caught Doom in clumps and sandwiched them between Foe, we then transitioned through Foe while they was teleing up and their remnants that was left from the cluster. We teled down as we was low food when AAO came crashing. AAO finally grew a pair of balls and responded to us due to them finally reaching 45 ops and having a +5 on us. We set up a fight at East Bandits and stood waiting.. and waiting.. and waiting. When they didn't rush, we used our intel and hopped to them in single and just skull fucked them till they teled out. Showing them that their quality is garbage. For our final hit of the day, we heard AAO was fighting Fi. We teled up and ran to Bandit tele spot and gwassed like 20 AAO kids before they could rush Fi. They screamed on Discord for a rank to tell Fi to rush, so rush they did, only they ran into a choke point and got gwassed as well. Due to Fi peaking at 50 and having double our ops due to our fight with AAO, they soon overan us, even with dropping like 15-20 kids at the tele spot. We teled out after laughing about the hit on AAO.
  23. Supremacy headed out into the wilderness with 31, later peaking 37. We had some clean easy fights against FI including a 20 minute return fight at Fally. We dominated each one, F2P PvP worlds made things a lot more easier to have these nice fights. Ham's Pov: Noel's Pov: Supremacy's first fight of the day was against Fatality, they defended inside Wizard Tower. We rushed in and hit them with scims as they ran to the door. We used that focus point and deleted like 5 of them in seconds. They then rushed outside and we carried on pushing into them, chasing them all over. We had a +15 on them within 2 minutes and they kept hugging the single line. Due to Fi having a bad start, they called it off and wanted a re match at Falador. We accepted. Second fight was at Falador, we seen them walking south into the centre, so we chased them and hit them with scims at the main entrance. We took a 2-3 man lead within 10 seconds and never let go of the gas. We pushed them into the bar, furnace, round the statue. Eventually, we ran out of prayer and food and Fi took a lead on us. They had the lead for like 5 mins while we got a massive return group ready to re rush. We re-rushed them at furnace and pushed them up the stairs, we kept chasing them around and eventually they called off returning. Was a nice, clean 20 minute return fight. Final fight was at Al-karid. We defended inside but got a bad login, Fi instantly took us down 5 ops so we was on the bad foot from the start. We kept going back and forth for a good 10 minutes, going up and down the ladder as we was trying to gather members and waste Fi's food and prayer. Eventually, we managed to kill about 6-7 of them while the rest was upstairs and took a lead on them. We chased them around for around 5 mins till FI ran upstairs, we decided to wait for more returners but IR came down, so the remnants of FI and ourselves bailed to single before IR could kill anyone.
  24. StrikeTeam massed today 20+ later peaking 25 strong warriors We had couple amazing clusters Respect BP for for the clean 1v1 always a pleasure Thx evreyone for the action and i hope u had a good sunday trip Welcome Doom in the LPC scene Peace out and seeya next time Initiate POV
  25. www.px-rs.com | ts.px-rs.com | px clanchat Phoenix went out with around 55 firebirds, later peaking at 67 strong phoenixes. We heard IR sewer rats pulled around 55 pures with 25 level 60's and managed to clear them several times, this was really fun because they really couldn't do anything back with their lowtier members and leadership. Also had some nice hits on Misfits and Apex, managed to surprise MF with a GWAS clearing around 30 of their members in 20 seconds time. Came across DOOM around the Chaos Altar and fought them, FOC around Chaos Altar and made them tele - same goes for Fatality. IR sewer rats, thanks for the regen bracelets and ballista's l0l - was ez btw. Spiral Moatsem Uploading.. Turmoil Royce
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