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Found 5 results

  1. Rampage was originally founded by the ranks of Violence and has been a huge influence in the xLPC scene for years. Seeing the scene is slowly coming back we will be making our appearance giving clans clean action in the wild and in clan wars. Applications will be open under some strict requirements. Minimum Stats required to join: (Few Exceptions) Attack: 40 Strength: 85 Ranged: 83 Magic: 75 Current Ranks: Leader: Ryan, Sammy High council: Purp, Rapid, Papa Bear Council: Nate, Single Strip Officer: Ziggy, KosMigi Contacts: RyanTheG#5785 sammy#2994 Thug Nasty#9999 Single Strip#6302 Purp#1361 Rapid#2623 Koldkillaz#9376 Kos Migi#7834 Methh - Nate#5272
  2. Noxious | xLPC Clan | 50-65 CB Discord: https://discord.gg/DabJjrV In-Game Chat: "Clan Noxious" Clan Cape: Team-48 - Founder - BunBun - Leader - Scims - High Council - 5teel, Ryan - Council - Ebag, Tango Time, Marcus - Officer - Chaos - Option #1: N-Ranger - 40 Attack 85+ Strength 85+ Range 25+ Magic 1-5 Defence - Option #2: Binder - 40 Attack 80+ Strength 80+ Range 75+ Magic 1-5 Defence 10/20/18 - First Pk Trip: 11/20/18 - One Month Strong: 12/8/18 - Sharkbrew xLPC Tournament - Red Vs. Blue
  3. Clan Chat: "od cc" Team Cape: Team 29 REQUIRMENTS: 1-5 Defense, with 75+ Strength & 70+ Range. OR1-5 Defense, with 70+ Strength & 75+ Range. STAFF: Founder: AlanLeader: Alan | AustinHigh Council: [ SPOT OPEN ]Council: Scott | Dean | Zach OVERDOSE, an XLPC clan made up of experienced and new members alike. A clan formed by a dedicated staff to bring fourth nothing but clean, cancer free action to the scene. Started out in the summer of 2016, a f2p snipe team known as PANAHILL and later on OVERDOSE. Over time we moved on to becoming a big f2p team. 2+ years later a good portion of the core is still together, having its day one members active till this very day. OVERDOSE has been involved in action with some of OS Runescape's top clans & teams. Fast forward to present day 2018, A new era is here. OVERDOSE has reopened its doors as an XLPC clan. We look forward to being active, and providing action to all clans/teams within our combat bracket. OVERDOSE is a clan for players who want to enjoy the XLPC scene for what it really is. Everything from inners, minis, preps, and of course multi pking is what we will be focusing on. We currently have 4 guaranteed midweeks trips + Sundays for official XLPC weekends. (all official trips are set for 4:00pm eastern time) Our discord/clan chat is always active with something always going on. If this seems like the clan for you head over to our clan chat and introduce your self! Disclaimer:If OVERDOSE is to achieve and remain a top competitor in the XLPC scene, all ranks + verified members must commit to at least 2 or more official events each week. ©2016-2018.
  4. Welcome to Ascent. Ascent, has some history behind runescape from clanning either in W57 back in 2012, to W308 in 2017. We thrived off LPC and XLPC action every chance we had. This will be our 4th time opening under the XLPC scene so I won't bother posting anything unrelated to XLPC, but hopefully get the other clans back down to a decent combat cap, knowingly this scene is to grab newer people, and get them prepared for a larger scene, give them a taste of what pure clanning is all about. We are here to have fun, alot of us love just the aspect for F2P clanning, and were brought ourselves to clanning from F2P, we hope we can bring that runescape feeling to other recruits we bring around aswell. If anything happens to sprout off our community, we will adapt to it but for now we hope to just keep bringing in pures to our community and help put our milestone somewhere along the pure community. LEADER BRAD Warlord Dealla COUNCIL Neil Brock LUKE Fish Edgi 45-60 Combat 1-4 Defence 55+ Strength 55+ Range 55+ Magic website: http://clan-ascent.net/ teamspeak: Ts.clan-ascent.net irc: #Ascent cc: Ascent Youtube = AscentTube
  5. Welcome To Nightmare! Introduction: Nightmare was formed by previous xlpc clanners looking to dominate the scene. Our main purpose of opening is constant action and friendly competition, With a goal of reviving the scene/reviving w308. Leaders: Broxx Chalu High Councils: Dill Ic3d Warlord: Aysix Councils: Blktiger Str Book JohnC Eztocrypt 55-65 Combat 1-4 Defence 75+ Strength 75+ Range 75+ Magic Teamspeak3: Nightmare.ts3chat.com Discord: https://discord.gg/UURXuw CC: NightmareCC