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Found 25 results

  1. We Shall Never Surrender 1H+ of P2P Action 25v25. We easily obtained multiple staff smites and more. It was unfortunate other clans tried to crash and rag Thank you BP for Action & GF! OP PAIGE LATINO EDGI
  2. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Today, Fatality headed out with 20 of the most savage Fatalian members in the GMT time zone to take on Blunt Purez in a starting matched 20 v 20 30 MIN CAPPED PKRI at the Boneyard. Both sides peaking around 25. Blunt Purez defended east where Fatality rushed from the west. After 5 minutes or so, Fatality had almost cleared Blunt Purez leaving the cape counter empty, with not wanting to call it a day, Fatality pushed south to the return spot of corp hill and battled the rest of the fight out here. Blunt Purez recovered their numbers up to a respectable level and after 30 mins. Both clans said good fight and teled out. GOOD FIGHT Blunt Purez @Schweden @Sonic @Stella @TwallThePk
  3. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Today, Fatality headed out with 23 green men, peaking at 27 for a 30 min capped PKRI vs Blunt Purez. Blunt Purez set up on the east side of bandits where Fatality attacked from the west side. Fatality caught massive clumps at the start of the fight, pushing south towards the castle. The fight transitioned from location to location with each clan periodically repositioning south using the bandits teleport. Fatality started focusing on Blunt Purez 1 by 1 with them falling quickly with individual piles. After 25 minutes, Fatality and Blunt Purez decided to focus on the crashers, where they started dropping fast. With the timer for 30 minutes up, we said GF BP and teleported to Edgeville.
  4. This Friday, BP massed up 25 BLUNT-SMOKING PUREZ to our scheduled PKRI vs Fatality. The fight was capped at 30mins with BP defending with a 2 opt advantage at the start, the opt lead fluctuated back n forth with both clans leading at different times. As the 30mins ended, Fatality tele'd out and Vengeance crashed. We held our ground and pushed them back to singles and smited a +1, eventually Vengeance left leaving BP the last clan standing. Meanwhile 0g massed up 4 and attempted to 1-item crash and still managed to get smited, ty @Godfather! ~pics coming soon~ GF FI CC: BP PUB
  5. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Fatalily started off the day with a pre-mass PK trip at Slayer Caves / 26 Hill, managing to smite Hydra for a Staff and x3 Tome's and a few other whales. Afterwards, Fatality massed up 20 green men for a matched ops 30 min pkri with Supremacy at Bandit camp, Supremacy defended on the east side, while we rushed from the west. The fight went back and forth we Fatality focusing on the Lava and the tele spot with Supremacy on the south side and east side. After a clean 30 minute fight peaking at 27 Ops and with opts at 20 to 17 in game, we spammed GF SUP, and teleported out.
  6. supremacy rs cc / www.supremacy-rs.com / supremacy.verygames.net On this fine Friday afternoon, Supremacy set foot into the wilderness with 25 Golden Boi's ready to kill some Fatality. We set up just east of bandits and awaited their attack. With both sides having around 25 for the entirety of the fight, we capped the pkri at 30 minutes and went at it. We had a very strong start to the battle and got an insane lead on Fi, but they fought back stronger and returned fast enough to get their own lead. Being down numbers, we spent a few minutes moving around the return spot, only to re-gain the biggest lead we had the entire fight. After a few more minutes of duking it out, Fatality tele'd out and we followed them as time ran out with fairly even opts. Thanks to Fi for the nice and clean action.
  7. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord We massed up 15 Zenith Shooters for our daily PK Trip, We eventually peaked at 25 Zenith Members after we heard Legashit was trying to PK at lava dragons, We logged into their world and completely blew them up, They attempted to run east and flee and we caught them and fully cleared them up. After that we spent the next 5 hours clearing everything from the wilderness repeatedly. POV UPLOADING....
  8. Nearly 25 Spartans got together for a chill smoke sesh. Expecting to only hit it once, we ended up smoking not ONE but THREE fat Zenith packs. Suffice to say, we're on cloud nine while Elve harasses some poor future app's late into the night. Dumb doggy Scims was jealous from his view outside the window. While he bitterly wrote status updates... Legacy prepared for war... Another day, Another victory.
  9. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord What started like any other PK Trip eventually turned into a slaughter fest of broken mains, We massed up 20 Zenith and eventually peaked at 35 Zenith Members to destroy the wilderness on a Friday Night, We ran into Violent Resolution numerous times and had fights with them, Once they got cleared a couple times out came the #Anti-Zenith Alliance including REV/AF/LY. We began farming them and pushed them from level 30 down to level 4 wilderness, In a embarassing feat that not many pure clans have done we took on 4 Main Clans simultaneously and destroyed them. Once Anti-Zenith got in rag and 1 item we caught a couple spams and went back out. Thanks everyone who showed up and destroyed everyone. Hella fun, This is my wilderness.
  10. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord We massed up 10 and eventually peaked at 30 Zenith Members for our daily PK Trip. We had just finished up clearing Terror dogs when we heard Apex was out near 26 hill, We hopped around until we found them and than we rushed them from the south of 26 hill and the fight started. The fight transitioned through the wilderness moving from 26 hill to sperm to chaos alter and everywhere inbetween. After about 20 minutes of clean fighting, Terror decided to crash and once they got escorted out of the fight a couple times decided to call their alliance. We moved on top of 26 hill and cleared up all the crashers in game. We teleported to the bank with Apex and laughed and thanked them for the uncapped,unplanned fight. TERROR AND REV VICTIMIZED @Codi POV @lavas POV
  11. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord We heard some clans were out so we massed up 10 and eventually peaked at 25 Zenith Shooters to patrol our wilderness. Knowing every other pure clan was a beta bitch and inactive as fuck in this game we went hunting zerks and meds. We cleared up everything and made absolute bank loot. We heard Revenant was fighting and we quickly came and began farming them for over 40 minutes, We killed numerous of them and forced them to lose their second fight in two days. Nice fucking action losers. !LOC ANTI-ZENITH?
  12. Most Active - Best Community - #1 Pure Clan We massed up 10 Zenith members and had a 4 hour PK Feast, We eventually peaked at 25 Zenith Members and ended up clearing everything within the wilderness. We fought Onslaught and cleared them X3, We fought Green Army and cleared them at Lavas X2, We fought Sovereign before it was crashed at GDZ. We fought Ancient Fury at spider and cleared them up. We found Legacy at 26 hill and absolutely blew them up, We smited 2 Mains for over 25M+ of loot, TY Shitters. Try again Legashit, Grats on 2X Legacy Member's for 25M Grats on 5M PK @Mercy Grats on 10M PK
  13. On 11.12.2020 Swarm massed up 20 Scarabs later peaking to 25 for a PKRI vs DC First fight started of with us Defending at white plat, DC rushed from the east, we quickly wrapped around them and started clearing them 1 by 1, then they decided to go towards the telespot, but we just were dominating them the whole fight. The second fight happened at new gate, we've rushed from the west and and we've caught them in massive clumps really fast starting to clear them up, and then mains started to rush and we've decided to go north of new gate. third fight we've defended once again at white plat, dc starting to rush us from the east, we've quickly dominated the south side and wrapped around them, they run towards new gate we've followed them for another lovely clear. The Last fight we had was at CA, they logged on top of us so we've quickly started to wrap around them once again, and started to get them into clumps and kill them 1 by 1, And then BP started to crash our fight and we've teleported to edge. Thanks for the clean action DC!
  14. While we were doing some inners a little birdie told me that DC and Fatality were having a pkri. Us being the shooters we are we pulled up. Peaked at 25 gorillas and put in fucking work. They decided to have go at it again at GDZ. Onslaught Intelligence Agency is at an all time high and hit that as well. FI ended so we fought DC until Terror came. It became a 3 way cluster. We stayed on top the entire time. Terror dipped out and left us with DC. We fully cleared DC by 50 ports, came down to gdz got a few spams and dipped. Thanks for the action dudes! WHERE THE FUCK WAS BP AT? l0l ~Flower POV ~Pixel POV ~1800 POV TBA
  15. Most Active - Best Community - #1 Wilderness Pure Clan On this Tuesday, we contacted Damage Control for a clean 15v15 low opt fight and they gladly accepted at GDZ. However after we rushed DC, our intel informed us they had 22 in the channel hiding some opts. We quickly started gaining and dominating through DC for over 30 Minutes. We spawn killed them and pushed them every single direction. DC would run far east when they were on the verge of getting cleared so they could mass teleport up. We continued to smoke through them for some time until they decided to 1 item and call mains. We got 3 full clears on them at GDZ and eventually it was just 1 itemers and mains. We pulled far west and logged out with 25 Zenith Members. GF DC. FULL CLEAR OF DAMAGE CONTROL.
  16. Thursday, October 22, 2020: We massed up 25~ stoned vikings for our scheduled P2P Pkri vs Venom. After a few minutes of fighting around corp/18s, Onslaught decided to join the party prompting us to team on crash at first, but then agreeing to turn it into a cluster. Every clan took turns during the fight going up and down on the cape counter, however when all was said and done, we ended up getting a full clear on both clans and left the wilderness as the last clan standing. Thank you for the respectable action. https://gyazo.com/1cc16f9c5f5ea871da906728b82feea1 https://gyazo.com/d240355143f955dce846d65b942c0b2b
  17. The Rage Bears set out for a unplanned late night EST pk trip, starting with 15 and peaking at 25. Our first encounter of the night was with Simp Squad at lower slayer caves/CA (a large team of simps who adore a girl who names herself after a barbie doll). We quickly disposed of them, fighting them down in opps, but full clearing them 3 times. They generously donated mystic sets and crystal shields over and over to the bears, eventually becoming demoralized and attempting (but failing) to move their trip to other parts of the wilderness. After running into a few smaller teams in slayer caves, we decided to move our trip to lava dragons. We ran into final ownage, who were obliterated off the map within minutes. We ended their trip with complete ease and they instantly rejoined their public friends chat. Thanks for the free loot fo. Do better next time. We had numerous small scraps with other small teams at lavas, winning everytime (to no surprise) and walking away with tens of millions of gold in loot. After clearing lava dragons, we finally decided to move to 50 ports where we once again ran into Simp Squad, clearing them despite their increase in numbers, and taking their loot once again. The Rage Bears then heard that there were many teams active at Venenatis, so we got a quick regroup and went to 26 hill. Within a few world hops, we ran into both Team America and Chivarly Legion. Despite being down in opps, we quickly took control of the fight, transitioning on piles quickly and efficiently. The two teams attempted to utilize singles to regain in numbers. After a regroup, they decided to rush us once again, and once again we slaughtered them, claiming even more loot for our late EST squad. Was easy. What happened to no clean fights for Rage? Thanks Edgi for the POV (despite getting on very late into our trip!)
  18. Most Active - Best Community - #1 Pure Clan On this Thursday night, Zenith massed up 25 shooters to end Legashits revs trip in two swift clears + a quick gwas by the entrance. We were surprised their boyfriends didn't show up to help them but then again we remembered Fatality is fucking dead and legacy can't return for shit l0000l.
  19. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Massed up 8 big green dicks, peaking at 25, to go lava drags and see what trouble we run into. Quickly ran into a med/main team and quickly disposed of them. Ran into smaller groups of pures, meds, quickly. We then hopped into Rage and had a small tussle. We regrouped at the bank and teled up together. Had a small return fight against rage and eventually won. Ggs to rage. Was a fun time with the boys, #KRYPTONITE
  20. Legacy massed up 25 big dick Spartans on this late night Friday EST to totally demoralize and end Zenith's 25 man sad attempt at maintaining "Zenith Caves" (even opts BTW). Despite moving multiple kids innocent kids out and having little "staff" meetings they couldn't find our leak and we hit them constantly and relentlessly. Eventually they dwindled down to 10 opts with Mercy muted in the channel crying for his pathological lying leader Cookies to come save him so we called it a night. LY caves btw.. fucking idiots l000000000000000000000l. They tried to run away..... death markers on open btw.
  21. The Chads at Clan Rage gathered 15-25 strong lads to patrol our playground. The boys wanted to play our favorite vidya at the venny arcade, wack-a-mole, but unfortunately we used up all our coins from the last visit. Luckily, pencil-arm Timmy just so happened to be loitering in our territory - so we beat the shit out of him and stole all his lunch money. With the generous donation of coins made by Timmy, we headed straight to the venny arcade. With our hammers ready, we deposited coins in the wack-a-mole slots and wacked every mystic-wearing mole that popped up. The boys had so much fun playing wack-a-mole, we ran out of coins! So we went out patrolling the playground again and found pea-brain Billy and poverty-stricken Jose - we beat them up and took their lunch money too. And then we played more wack-a-mole, and then robbed a gang of rich-boys wearing Green hats. We repeated this proccess until our hands started getting tired from beating weaklings and playing vidya. So we collected our prizes from the arcade and went home. We also ran into some virgins wearing Light Blue hats and stabbed them with our knives. Gracias Amigos.
  22. We were scouting our wilderness when we found Exodus with 25 and Legacy with 20. We quickly massed up 25 Zenith Pures and went to smoke them real quick. We logged into Legacy's world every time they were regrouped. We stormed south and killed them repeatedly. Each time Paige would cry to teleport to edgeville and quickly hop out of our world at edgeville so we didn't laugh at them. Paige tried to plead with Swishers & Caws to mass up. However Legacy is dead as shit and could only muster 22 On TS. We heard Exodus had Legacy world so we waited for them to log in and lure our dogshit rivals to the middle. Once they were fighting in the middle we logged in north and started storming through both clans. We cleared up both clans and then the vennies that followed. We teleported to the edge and banked our looties. Edited 8 hours ago by Elve
  23. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Tuesday, 21st, Final Ownage Elite started a small revs trip with 10 elites later peaking at 25 elites to sweep the Rev Caves while collecting bank in the process. Knowing that few clans were out, we managed to scout Hydra while they were killing vennies, we quickly cleared half of them while the other half ran south and teleported out. Shortly after, while we were clearing a world, a white hat team rushed us from the north, we quickly took the upper hand and easily cleared them off of the map. While continuing to farm the vennies in the caves, we hit some protected worlds killing the revs pvmers and their protectors at the same time, making some bank loot to end a fun revs pk trip.
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