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Found 5 results

  1. COTM *CWA* = Clan of The Month What is our goal? To put it quite simply our goal for implementing COTM for the main and pure communities alike is to increase acitivity for both scenes. How will it increase activity? Well, we hope to offer incentives such as a (Monthly made GFX that is tailored to the winner with the specs the would like, Hopefully money once we work out sponsors and most importantly bragging rights). We know at first things may not be perfect and there will be complications in the future but I guarantee if we all work together this can be the system that rivalries the CWA activity for both scenes as they've been lacking quite recently. Rules And Guidelines: These are the time-frames in which preps will be counted into the COTM system Start: The first day of the month at 12:00 PM (Noon) EST. End: The topic must be posted ahead of 00:00 AM, before the last day of the month finishes, for it to count. Preps done in the previous month will not count into the next month ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Conditions On Forfeiting A Prep or Getting DQ'd from COTM for that Month Leaving the prep after Rounds 1 or 2. Leaving the prep when your clan has the ability to continue it. (Example: If your Warlord/Leader is DCing or can't login and you have other ranks who have the ability to call there's not reason you shouldn't continue the fight) Any information given to us about a clan buying a prep will DQ that clan for the entire month from COTM. If you lie on a OPT count to gain more points in a prep you will lost x2 the amount of points the entire prep is worth for example, if Clan X says they did a 30v30 P2P Prep but the video shows 25v25 in 2/3 Rounds they will lose 5 points for that month. On the flip side if there's "Human" error that doesn't change the score we will not punish it, for example if Clan X says they did a 25v25 prep but the video show 24v24 we will not penalize you because you don't change the outcome of points. Disputing COTM What can you dispute? Below is quick rundown - You can dispute if the clan/team you're prepping doesn't show up to a scheduled fight *must provide FULL proof* such as ingame screenshots,timestamps,discord/irc logs and/or ingame PM's that the opposing clan canceled last minute in which you can receive full points for the prep if you wasted your clans time by massing etc. - Preps that break the rules as agreed on by both clans. MUST keep logs of rules or else dispute will not count. (Example: if the fight is 55 def CAP and someone of the opposing clan brings a ely or something of that nature you can dispute the individual round that it happened in) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What counts as a CWA Event and towards it Only two preps count towards COTM per day. The opt count must be met within atleast 2 rounds. Example, if 30v30 prep aftermath is posted, atleast two of the rounds must have been 30v30+. If one round is 30v30, and the other two are 29v29, this prep will be counted as 20v20. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DDos'ing and DC's Plain and simple, if one clan has players who are DDos'd or DC it is not required by the other clan to redo but if they choose to they can. That being said if we find evidence of the opposing clan DDos'ing your members to win they will be DQ"d from COTM for that month. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Teams & Clans There isn't much more to be said about this other then that there's not enough teams to create a completely separate bracket. So for teams and clans alike they'll be participating in the same ladder. Point System (How Things Will Be Tallied): F2P CWA Fights Why is F2P Worth More? The pat 2-3 years in terms of CWA Matched fights F2P has been extremely under-whelming which is why we're trying to encourage a bit more F2P to try to even out F2P and P2P activity alike. 20v20 -> 1.25 Point 30v30 -> 1.75 Points 40v40+ -> 2.25 Points Participating in a fight regardless of losing you'll receive .25 Points P2P CWA Fights 20v20 -> 1 Point 30v30 -> 1.5 Points 40v40+ -> 2 Points Special Points: We know 70v70 fights don't happened often but if they do you'll receive 6 Points Participating in a fight regardless of losing you'll receive .25 Points
  2. WCOTM *Wild* = Wilderness Clan of The Month Much like our goal for COTM, our goal for WCOTM is to increase activity mainly in the wilderness for the main scene. We're trying to encourage not only your daily pk trips/midweeks but scheduled and matched fights well. We know the system will not be perfect aswell but we hope to improve with the help and feedback of all you participating in it! Rules And Guidelines: These are the time-frames in which wilderness topics will count towards WCOTM Start: The first day of the month at 12:00 PM (Noon) EST. End: The topic must be posted ahead of 00:00 AM, before the last day of the month finishes, for it to count. Trips counted for a previous month will not count towards the next month (This is a monthly award) The bracket will reset every month. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Teams & Clans There isn't much more to be said about this other then that there's not enough teams to create a completely separate bracket. So for teams and clans alike they'll be participating in the same ladder. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Minimum amount of points required to win WCOTM Award The Minimum amount of points needed is 10, this can chance overtime if it's to high or low but for now it'll be trial and error. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How do we judge winners from either side of a setup fight? - Clear winners (Example: If one clan has 10 ingame and the other has 45 it'll be judged as a clear winner from the clan with 45) - No one from either of the two clans participating in a setup fight has any say in who's the winner. We want this to be as unbias as possible. - For wins that aren't clear we'll look towards Runite Ambassadors to help us with the matter (Voting/Feedback) - If a clear winner can't be drawn they'll be receive the same amount of points. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- One-Iteming/Ragging - If we see one clan start to return in one item it'll be the opposing clan that receives the win -Rag Wars don't count as "Setup fights" obviously Point System (How Things Will Be Tallied): F2P & P2P Scheduled Fights (Set Up) Set-up fights will receive 2.5 points (Regardless of Opts and Server you'll receive the same amount of points, we want to encourage clans of all pulls to have equal opportunity to win WCOTM) Participating in a setup fight you will receive 1 Point regardless of losing FRIENDLY FIGHT -> If both clans set up a "Friendly Fight:" regardless of the winner both clans will receive the same amount of points The clan AC'ing the fight will receive 1 Point (We want to encourage AC'ing which leaves a less likely chance of the fight being crashed and ruined for both parties so we will reward the clan that is AC'ing) -> Must provide us the name of the clan who AC'd. Regular Wilderness Trips (Revs,GDZ,Ports etc) Will receive 1 Point
  3. Hi everyone. Sorry for the latenes! We are hereby opening the new COTM system. To celebrate the announcement of this new system, we are giving 15m to this months' winner, on top of the regular LIT GFX artwork made by @Lenin. As announced before, this new system is the fusion of both COTM and WCOTM. TLDR: The system works with a table, 'naming' the clans on top, 'shaming' those on the bottom. At the end of the month, a play off between the 1'st and 2'nd clan on the table will take place, soo this will spice up things for sure! At the end of the month of may, this system will also be discussed with the clan representatives. Following this discussion, we will impliment changes where required / suggested. If there are any questions regarding this system, please contact @slushpuppeh , @Lenin, @Moni or myself. Reference to the rules: Point system & Rules COTM Ladder overview (updated on the start of each week). At the end of each week (on sunday / monday evening) the tracker and ladder will be updated at minimum. The tracker gives an overview of each aftermath topic (Midweek pk trips, preps, ...) for which points have been given. The ladder shows the standing of the clans, the win/loss ratio and much more! You can find the weekly updated tracker & ladder here: COTM tracker We hope that the community will like the concept as much as the representatives did. Best of luck to all clans! Kind regards, The COTM team @Overseer @Counselor @Mediator @Gatekeeper @Member @Veteran @Ambassador @VIP @Kingpin
  4. Points System & Rules Clan Wars scoring Only BO3s and BO5s (extra +0.10) count. 2 BO3s OR 1 BO3 & 1 BO5 counts per day. F2P and P2P wins give +0.50 points. No server difference. 25v25 minimum. 35vs35+ adds +0.25 45v45+ adds +0.30 50v50+ adds +0.40 . 80v80+ adds +1. The points do NOT stack up. The reward for a big opt prep should be the prep in itself. By giving to much additional points to clans that participate in the rare high opt events, the system essentially guaranteed they would win COTM off that prep alone. We want to assure that all clans have even odds of winning COTM, without punishing or favoring big pulling clans to much. Penalty Points//Feeding: 1 Prep vs 2 Clans per day max 4 Preps vs 1 Clan per Month Every Prep After 4 Preps: (*.50 Points) Every prep after the number of preps allowed vs 1 clan per month will count as half points. The sum of the highest total opt preps will count, instead of by date. Preps must be posted within 24 hours (Do not forget the IRC logs!) No participation or loss points given/taken for regular preps. This might be changed for the month of May or earlier, if clans want to see this change, to +0.10 / 0.25 points. Fullout We want to promote action. To stimulate that fullouts take place, we give +2.5 points for the winner of the fullout and + 0.5 points to the loser. No additional points for BO5 will be given. Wilderness scoring Verified Weekend Trips, F2P and P2P gives +0.40. Verified Midweeks +0.05. Minimum pull will be devised. Verified PKRIs +0.10. Minimum pull 25 PKRI For PKRI topics to be Verified, we expect to see good evidence of action against well-established pure clans. Randoms or Mains clans/teams will count as a Midweek. Examples of a verified PKRI are IRC/Discord logs including user info such as User1 #0000 etc. Logs required with client info or #'s, 25v25+ opts for PKRI. Example You can only get 2 topics Verified per day, Midweek and/or PKRI, one for EST and one for GMT. Logs should include /whois The Location. The initial heads up of when the attacking clan is going to rush. If you have no logs on your topic or if these guidelines aren't followed. It will be counted as Midweeks with fighting clans (an unplanned pkri). Breaking rules Within clan wars, usage of cape switching, breaking base rules etc. Other clans can dispute preps they weren't involved in. Declarations Maximum of 2 declarations per month. Clans can declare between 10th and 20th. Clans are given 5 days to respond. The declaration prep must occur within the month. Clans can only declare on a clan 1 +/- basis e.g. if A is first, B is second, C is third, and D is fourth, then B can only declare on A or C, not D. This prevents farming to a degree. Ignoring declarations -0.25. Ignored winners get +0.25 (server/opts etc. do not matter). Ignorers will have column between 1/2 and 2/2 on the table for shame. This prevents opt farming. Fighting and winning declarations leads to the base clan-wars points & an additional +0.20. End-of-month Face-off At the end of each month, Rank 1 and Rank 2 on the monthly COTM ladder will prep. The server is decided by the most preferred server out of the preps combined of both clans. If servers are even it is randomly decided at SB staff discretion if clans cannot agree. Rest of the details can be negotiated or base rules will apply. Disputes Must dispute through @Lenin, @Moni, @slushpuppeh or @Koed Beastly VIA Posting a topic in Ambassador Boards or VIA IRC OR Forum PM. Preps that break the rules as agreed on by both clans. MUST keep logs of rules or else dispute will not count. Must provide valid proof such as IRC Logs, Pictures, Videos etc. Remember that we rely on the information you provide, and if that lacks so will the quality and outcome of your dispute. Other clans can dispute preps they did not participate in. This is due to wins/losses affecting the COTM bracket, and so, other clans. However, they must have valid proof. No hearsay, fingers pointing towards coincidences or propaganda. Some relevant changes Other clans who weren't involved in a clan wars prep can dispute regardless - since it affects their standings +/-. We will not act or intervene until a clan decides to dispute. We expect strong evidence on any dispute. Default minimum for preps has been increased to 25v25. If a prep opt count is set to or below 50% of the smaller clans ML, clans are expected to pull the correct amount assuming the opt count was decided. If a clan fails to pull that and win they get -0.10 less points. But if they loose, the opposing clan gets an extra +0.10. If both clans fail to pull the amount before the agreed time, this rule is nulled, whether one clan's pull picks up or not. Everyone expects ranks to put effort in to pull. We will impliment changes where required.
  5. Massed up 30 Gods for tonights P2P & F2P Preps against Rage. We took the P2P but threw away the F2P in a close Round 3. Thanks for the fights guys! Round 1 Starting - 22 Ending - 6 Round 2 Starting - 21 Ending - 14 Round 3 got cock lol @%Overheads @H 4 Z https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFLF8RDVe1s The Infamous Cumchugger #Olympus Olympus-rs.com
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