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Found 6 results

  1. Bow n Idle

    Bow n Idle - Graphic store

    Hello and welcome to my store! About Me Hello my name is Ross and I am from the UK and I have been designing since the age of 13 so its been roughly 15 years I've been doing this for. Services & Prices • Signatures - 5M Animated 7m-8m • Banners - 10M due to size • Logos (Depends on what is required 5M-10M) If you require any other piece of work just ask and ill let you know if I can do it. ***I DO ANIMATION TO AN EXTENT*** Portfolio **** some names in the following images do not say Bow n Idle that is because I go under a Desig3er and Rossnufc14 **** Order Form Contact Info Please feel free to PM me on here and I will give you an email address to contact me. Orders Completed Sanguinary Spiral Pillowcantpk Jordy RULES 1) I have the right to decline work at any point 2) All work is not complete until you the client is happy 3) Images will be watermarked until payment received
  2. Lenin

    Recent Showcase/Work #1

    Figured I'd post em. Feedback appreciated as always. CLAN 187 AAO MONI (CJ/UB) KIM (SUP) NON-GIF VERSION GIF VERSION (at the end, needs 5 secs to reload) Sharkbrew COTM Hmu if you need something.
  3. Hello fellow clanners, I've been working on a small project to provide clans with resources and tools to help up with their performance and overall quality. Right now most of it is in BETA and the only two services provided are graphics and an experience tracker. I will not be providing time consuming services such as hosting websites or a community within. The features will keep on increasing as well as the overall quality of what Clan-House will provide. Here is an example of what the Experience Tracker results will look like: Preview 1 & Preview 2 The graphical portfolio also contains previous work: Link I will soon provide a memberlist, member cards and guide/tutorials that your clan members can have access to. I am hoping to develop a fully functional and safe client to play RuneScape based on clanning with many important features too, in around 4-6 months.