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  1. http://tlp-rs.net/ #TLP ts.tlp-rs.net 'TLP Public' cc Pulled 65 homies to take on Imperial in a F2P Prep. Today we came out with the clean 3-0 win. Thanks for the clean fight today Imperial. Round 1: TLP Starting/ending: 52/37 Imperial starting/ending: 55/0 Round 2: TLP Starting/ending: 52/38 Imperial starting/ending: 55/0 Round 3: TLP Starting/ending: 51/40? Imperial starting/ending: 54/0 Dean POV: iObsession POV: Tesco POV: Ryan POV: Pajamas POV: Ben POV:
  2. Because all HPC's were scared to fight the #1 pure clan, we asked Poison for a fight, which we pulled 48ish for. The prep was 3 rounds of first to 50, in which we won all 3 rounds. Thanks for the prep, Poison. We had a prep vs Rage after. Thank you for the fight as well! Win CP Starting: 41 â–º Kills: 50 Poison Starting: 20 â–º Kills: 30 Win CP Starting: 46 â–º Kills: 50 Poison Starting: 21 â–º Kills: 30 Win CP Starting: 45 â–º Kills: 50 Poison Starting: 21 â–º Kills: 46 We 3-0'd Rage in a 40v40 f2p prep after this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3bCcIwlfXQ
  3. We had a scheduled prep vs Olympus so we massed up 34 Ruin warriors and ended up with the 2-1 We had some people dc ingame at the end of Round 2 but we still won! Thanks for the prep, op smoked. being up 5 near the end of round 2, we pulled it back 7v12 (lol how'd you guys throw that away) for the W. AYY LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO <@[CP]Jez> a lot obviously dced on both sides [18:01] <@[CP]Jez> obv more from ruin tho Ruin starting: 27 | Ruin ending: 22 Olympus starting: 27 | Olympus ending: 0 (WON) Ruin starting: 26 | Ruin ending: 12 Olympus starting: 26 | Olympus ending: 0 (WON) (LOST) it me acid codi
  4. On this day, Corrupt Pures, the F2P Champs, had one of our easiest preps ever, vs Fatality. We peaked at 24 ingame. Win Corrupt Pures Starting: 22 |â–º| Ending: 19 Fatality Starting: 22 |â–º| Ending: 0 They left They left Antonio: Image[http://august4th.us/uploads/2016/06/cptekstend.PNG] blocked. Upload At Approved hosts Want to join the longest running Pure Clan? Forums: www.cp-rs.com YouTube: CorruptPuresClan IRC: #Clan-CP TeamSpeak: Ts.Cp-Rs.Com
  5. Rage wanted these hands in 20v20 min, everyone says Vt is Dead so the care-bears thought they could come in for the final attack. We had 26 strong vital warriors show to tear the fuck out of those potato masher ass bears, we knew it would be an easy win. Thank you for the prep and the 2-1 victory, hope to do more in the future. Round 1 Fluke Round 2 Vitality starting: 21 Rage starting: 21 Vitality Ending: 7 Rage Ending: 0 Round 3 Vitality starting: 20 Rage starting: 20 Vitality Ending: 11 Rage Ending: 1 Snows PoV
  6. Thanks for the prep DV BV getting cleared by CD when they go out LOL BV trying so hard to win cotm past few months this is for hassan btw Plague of Pures headed out with 47 with much action ft. 3 ways multiple times with mpc and lpc but who cares we ain't about that topic life this month bv decided to end so devotion approached us for 3 rounds pkri in clan wars, we accepted. First time in over a month that another lpc accepted a prep vs us. (5-0 in preps) bvx15 has been open almost 3 months now in lpc and still avoid our preps f2p/p2p wat can u expect from a hassan clan Round 1 Plague of Pures starting - 34 Devotion starting - 34 Plague of Pures ending - 0 Devotion ending - 10 Round 2 Plague of Pures starting - 32 Devotion starting - 34 Plague of Pures ending - 27 Devotion ending - 0 Round 3 Plague of Pures Starting - 33 Devotion starting - 34 Plague of Pures ending - 26 Devotion ending - 0
  7. Massed 22 bisons to a scheduled prep against Striketeam. Thanks for the fight, always a pleasure. Loss STARTING Lithuanian Pures: 21 Striketeam: 21 ENDING Lithuanian Pures: 19 Striketeam: 0 STARTING Lithuanian Pures: 21 Striketeam: 21 ENDING Lithuanian Pures: 19 Striketeam: 0 ************* Esi brolis lietuvis? Nori kartu stoti į kovą už Lietuvos vardą? Prisijunk prie mūsų! http://lp-rs.lt/
  8. We pulled 35 Demons and decided to sit because we're the good guys to their 23 man pull to a 25v25 min prep. First round we slammed them as per normal but they complained and said they weren't ready but they had their prayers up and fought back the entire round. Second round we gave them a redo because again, we are the good guys. Third round they won fair and square. Fourth round we were sitting to their 23 pull and they decided to rush us while we were sitting and they got the win. So overall, it was a 2-2 prep but they decided to forfeit for the last round and give us a free win. Thanks for that I guess? Some IRC Logs of 3at agreeing to re-do the last round but their ranks were flaming him to not do it and try to get a win LOL. <Moni>30 that's actually sad 20<Moni>30 how we redo'd r1 20<Moni>30 for u 20<Moni>30 and then u scum bag 20<Moni>30 like that 20<Moni>30 lol 18<`3at> I apologize 18<`3at> want a redo 18<`3at> for round 3? Doom Starting: 25 Doom Ending: 20 Opposing Clan Starting: 25 Opposing Clan Ending: 0 Doom Starting: 24 Doom Ending: 10 Opposing Clan Starting: 24 Opposing Clan Ending: 0 "Swope" dropped (connection lost) "[sweng] sweng" dropped (connection lost) "NL_Ronald" dropped (connection lost)
  9. http://st-rs.org/foorum/l #striketeam l StrikeTeamCC We had F2P prep against Vitality which we won with the score of 3-0. Thank you for good and flame-free fight. ST starting: 20 VT starting: 20 - ST ending: 19 VT ending: 0 ST starting: 19 VT starting: 19 - ST ending: 16 VT ending: 0 ST starting: 15 VT starting: 16 - ST ending: 14 VT ending: 0
  10. Today we massed up 25 Bloody Vikingz for a f2p prep against Chaos Round 1 BV starting: 22 Chaos starting: 22 BV ending: 16 Chaos ending: 0 Round 2 BV starting: 24 Chaos starting: 24 BV ending: 22 Chaos ending: 0 Round 3 Chaos logged @Iceey pov @@krat0s Pov
  11. Today we massed up 30 Bloody Vikingz for a f2p prep against Chaos and Purge #1 Round 1 BV starting: 20 Purge starting: 20 BV ending: 17 Purge ending: 0 Round 2 Lost Round 3 BV starting: 24 Purge starting: 23 BV ending: 21 Purge ending: 0 Round 1 BV starting: 25 Chaos starting: 25 BV ending: 20 Chaos ending: 0 Round 2 Left Round 3 Left @ pov @@krat0s Pov @Iceey pov
  12. This late Wednesday's evening we massed up 27 Lithuanian Brothers to a set up F2P prep versus Sudden Death. SD for prepping us, was a fun prep. SD for having obvious AAO invites. AAO members for flaming a country clan. #Quality STARTING Lithuanian Pures: 26 Sudden Death: 26 ENDING Lithuanian Pures: 24 Sudden Death: 0 STARTING Lithuanian Pures: 27 Sudden Death: 27 ENDING Lithuanian Pures: 20 Sudden Death: 0 Loss
  13. My Lithuanian boys gathered up for a scheduled prep vs Glory. There was a 89combat cap set with three exceptions. We had to re-do a round because they claimed that somebody was ddossing their teamspeak, though they didn't leave their cc for good 5 minutes trying to hide in the woods. Shout out to the few rétards trying to flame and troll before the 1st round and keeping it quiet afterwards. Thanks for the prep Glory. STARTING Lithuanian Pures: 21 Glory: 21 ENDING Lithuanian Pures: 19 Glory: 0 STARTING Lithuanian Pures: 20 Glory: 20 ENDING Lithuanian Pures: 19 Glory: 0 STARTING Lithuanian Pures: 20 Glory: 20 ENDING Lithuanian Pures: 17 Glory: 0
  14. Forums | Memberlist | Teamspeak 3 ts3.pop-rs.com We asked SP today for a 20v20+ prep and massed up 29 people today 3/14/2016 and it turned out to be a fun event. SP for being the first and olny clan to accept a prep from us. HUGE RESPECT!! Bv for hiding from our prep requests. Stayez Round 1: Win Plague Of Pures: starting/ending: 21/20 SP: starting/ending: 22/0 Round 2: Win Plague Of Pures: starting/ending: 19/16 SP: starting/ending: 19/0 Flurky's POV
  15. Today we gathered 35 Tigers to smash this purple wannabe clan. & That's exactly what we did, in fact we smashed them so traumatically they left after round 1 to go practice. I would like to say thanks for the very easy win. Starting : 33v33 Ending : 28v0
  16. Ruin approached us for a 30 minute P2P prep in tournament worlds, meaning that all levels would be equal and that it would all come down to member quality, with that being said we massed up 37 men and took home the 2-0 win. Thanks for the prep Ruin. -Nish- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4x9aoeVhMI -Danny- -Pixel- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WoBmfqvcGkA R1: Start:28/28 Ending:20/0 R2: Start:32/32 Ending:24/0 Do you have what it takes to win? Query any @Op in #Clan-EoP to spy or join today! #clan-eop | www.eop-rs.org
  17. #Olympus | Olympus-rs.com ruin declared a 30v30 minimun prep in p2p we massed up 33 gods, after an hour long wait ruin finally got enough people to attempt to fight us and took the 2-1 win. Round 1: Win Olympus: 30/30 Ruin: 23/0 Round 2 Win Olympus: 30/17 Ruin: 28/0 Round 3: loss @@Trajan @@Tom Valor
  18. http://tlp-rs.net/ #TLP ts.tlp-rs.net 'TLP Public' cc February 4th, 2016 The Last Mains mass up ~30 strong mains to take on Eruption of Mains. We fought each other in the Tournament Worlds with gear cap rules. 55 Defence Cap (Items that are 55 defence or below) Max Gear for 3rd & 4th Round Spear Spec [OFF] Single Spells [ON] 1st Round f50 2nd Round f25 3rd Round Knock out (Max Gear) 4th Round Knock out (Max Gear) Round 1: TLP Wins 50-36 Round 2: TLP Wins 25-14 Round 3: We lost Round 4: TLP ends with 15? Braveheart's POV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1ADfX-NFxU Tyen's POV: Get Good Son's POV:
  19. Since no other clan wanted to prep us this week, Ruin approached us for a prep but unfortunately it didn't go through. We began the search for a new prep and Corrupt Pures accepted it with a 25 minute mass. Runescape servers were complete ass, so it took us a while to all log in and get started. Thank you to all the people who stayed through this cancer of a game haha. Pulled 34 to this prep, but runescape only allowed 29~ of us to log in ~Round 1~ We got carroted lmfao ~Round 2~ Supremacy starting: 27 Corrupt Pures starting: 27 Supremacy ending: 14 ~Round 3~ Supremacy starting: 26 Corrupt Pures starting: 26 Supremacy ending: 16 ~ First to 50 ~ After that, we did a friendly unmatched First to 50 Kills and came out on top. Thanks for the prep on such short notice. Supremacy Ending Kills: 50 Corrupt Pures Ending Kills: 39 Media ATID's POV of Prep w/ Scim Edits Danny's POV of FT50
  20. Today Eruption of Pures massed up 25 niggas to p2p prep Redemption. We performed well and came out with the 3-0. Gf rd and thanks for the prep. Eop Starting: 23 Eop Ending: 8 Rd Starting: 23 Rd Ending: 0 Eop Starting: 24 Eop Ending: 16 Rd Starting: 24 Rd ending: 0 Eop Starting: 23 Eop Ending: 20 Rd Starting: 23 Rd ending: 0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_v9sxqLa0DY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIlJtOMNE8c
  21. Forums | Memberlist | Teamspeak 3 (ts.foe-rs.com) After doing a few sets of inners, we arranged a P2P prep with EOP on short notice and beat them 2-1. Thanks for the fight EOP. Round 1: Loss Round 2: Win Final Ownage Elite starting/ending: 27/17 Eruption of Pures starting/ending: 27/0 Round 3: Win Final Ownage Elite starting/ending: 28/19 Eruption of Pures starting/ending: 28/0 ~Jack ~Combo
  22. www.clan-rd.com - RD.teamspeak3.com - #Redemption 1/18/2016- F2P Prep RD Starting: 28 EOP Starting: 28 - RD Ending: 17 EOP Ending: 0 RD Starting: 29 EOP Starting: 29 - RD Ending: 26 EOP Ending: 0 RD Starting: 31 EOP Starting: 31 - RD Ending: 25 EOP Ending: 0 Brexx's POV Horizons's POV Nik's POV Skills's POV TY FOR THE PREP EOP & GL ON WEDNESDAY
  23. Round 1 LOST Round 2 SV: 40 CP: 40 Ending Opts SV: 24 CP: 0 Round 3 SV: 39 CP: 37 Ending Opts SV: 38 CP: 0 2-1 Next time be sure you'll have 40 CP 3-0'd FO in 43v43 right before this, LMFAO Ghetto: Nick: Alcohol: Fear:
  24. At this Scheduled P2P prep today against Eruption Of Pures,Fatality massed up 39 warriors and Eruption Of Pures massed up 35 warriors and at the end of fight, Fatality came out with a 2-1 Win. Thank you for the prep Eop and to everyone who turned up. Round 1 [Defending] Fi Starting:35 Eop Starting:35 Fi Ending:0 Eop Ending:10 Round 2 [Attacking] Fi Starting:35 Eop Starting:35 Fi Ending:25 Eop Ending:0 Round 3 [PKRI] Fi Starting:36 Eop Starting:35 Fi Ending:17 Eop Ending:0 Videos(more to come) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqCkOd24bf0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccNfrgmb2UQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZTS5Z4YFSY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgTJhhfRrl4
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