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Ascent's Weekend of Fun

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Friday Ascent set out with a strong 25 man pull maintaining 20ish throughout the whole trip. Saturday we massed up a strong 20 Ascentians, both days were packed with lots of action despite the lower pull then other clans.











Our scouts found EOP at CA. We heard they we're heading north to 18 ports so we quickly rushed them from the east. As we rushed EOP north east into the trees, we immediately got on top of them with our scims and started to bang them out one by one. Although Eop being down 5 or so, they decided to fight back, Respect. with some great in-game calling our piles we're clean and we began to take control of the fight, EOP dipped to the trees west of 18 ports we followed them clearing up whatever members we're left.





We found EOP at ss around 26 hills trying to snipe whoever they could we juked it out with them for a while they ventually sniped enough of our members and thought they could come tussle but we slapped em about a little and sent them back to single we got bored with playinjg there little cat and mouse game and dipped.





We setup a fight with zerg unit at 38 alter we had roughly the same numbers. We sat in the alter ready to defend waiting for zerg unit to rush us as we waited, a wild supremacy appeared and we held our ground at the alter while zerg unit hit them from the alter entrance. It was not long before trauma crashed shortly followed by bv. They all duked it out in the alter while EOP/ZU sniped people trying to dip out of the alter door, we dipped out south because it was starting to get way too crowded.







We initially massed up at 3:30 eastern time thinking we were going to have some decent fights Hz & Z only to find out Hz was not going out and zenith was closed. We decided to head out at 6pm est right as the England vs Italy game started so our pull lowered to a respectable 20 strong 



We got word of dude's new clan aka envy V2 so we asked them to tussle despite them having 10 on us we decided to go ahead and hit them anyway. they had a DD at 26 hill. We rushed and immediately got on top of them. My fellow ascentians had zero fear and began to bang them out, one after another. Rebellion got extremely disorganized, half of their clan being north and half being south, we took advantage and focused on the ones south. After killing majority of Rebellion south, we rushed north to feast on some more. We killed who we could before they dipped out.













To daniel for being salty









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